Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Tempted Again by Cathie Linz

PhotobucketTempted Again
Author: Cathie Linz
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 9780425244548
Release date: January 3, 2012
Author's website:  Link
She'd been tempted before and this wickedly hot sheriff knows her weakness....

Marissa Bennett needs to start over, so she returns to her hometown of Hopeful, Ohio, and a new job at the library. After a painful divorce. she craves peace of mind and stability. Instead, the first thing she does is accidentally crash the Founders' Day Parade. To make matters worse, she has to deal with her menopausal mom, a sarcastic sister and a loony library board.

The last thing Marissa needs is a new man in her life. Enter sexy lawman Connor Doyle-the bad boy who took her virginity back in high school. She knows she should turn the pages on her past and get her life back on track, but Connor is irresistible. Has she come all the way home just to get her heart broken again?
Marissa Bennett never thought she would find herself back in her hometown of Hopefeul, OH living with her parents again. Unfortunately she does find herself in this situation and then runs into the man that broke her heart a long time ago.  She's not too happy with the male species and when she sees Connor for the first time and realizes that he doesn't know who she is, it makes her hate him more.  Connor is not the person he used to be and finds out that the new librarian in town is the girl that he once loved long ago.  Soon they are partnered up to help some of the teens in the town and even become neighbors.  Spending so much time together makes them realize that the attraction is still there and soon they become the talk of the town.  They can't deny that they still have a connection to one another and once they get their pesky family members out of the way, they finally let each other know exactly how they feel.

I'm giving Tempted Again a rating of:

Tempted Again had it's entertaining moments, but I was a little disappointed that the main characters didn't get a lot of alone time.  It seemed that every time they got the chance to be alone, a family member would interrupt them or something would happen and they would have to separate.   I really wanted to see them get the chance to know each other again and they were only able to do that with people all around them.  Connor's family are very loving individuals, but they just seemed to take up a lot of his time when they showed up from out of town.  That's to be expected since they are family, but I really wanted Connor and Marissa to have their alone time.

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