Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Blood of Eden by Tami Dane

PhotobucketBlood of Eden
Book 1 in the Sloan Skye series
Author: Tami Dane
Publisher: Kensington
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9780758267092
Author's website:  Tami Dane
Sloan has a sky-high IQ, a chaotic personal life, and a dream: to work for the FBI. Her goal is within reach until an error lands her with the FBI's ugly stepchild: the new Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. She'll get to profile criminals, but the pool of suspects is a little more...diverse. Yet even as Sloan tackles her first case--a string of victims, all with puncture wounds to the neck--she can't silence her inner para-skeptic.

To catch the killer she'll have to think like one. That means casting aside her doubts, and dealing with the bizarre nightmares that started with the job. But the strangeness is only beginning, as Sloan pieces together the shocking truth about a case that's more personal than she ever would have guessed.
When Sloan finds out that her dream job of being an intern at the FBI doesn't work out the way she thought it would, she just can't believe her luck!  But when she is approached to join a new unit within the FBI she jumps at the opportunity.  Then she finds out that the unit specializes in dealing with cases that have paranormal elements to it. Sloan has been told all her life that vamps and things that go bump in the night don't exist.  Now that she knows that they do exist she uses her intelligence to help the team try to stop the murders that are popping up over the area.  She has to do all of this while dealing with a mother that is battling dementia as well as a roommate that can't seem to stop blowing up things in their apartment.   She's partnered with JT who's been with the team for a while and they have a growing attraction to one another while collection clues.  She also has to deal with an old classmate by the name of Gabe who has been her competition in just about everything since they were in school together. He's now a part of the team as well and while their relationship starts out rocky, they soon come to realize that they may have to rely on each other after all.  Throughout the book Sloan has been dealing with some weird dreams that have been intensifying as the book progresses. 

What I liked most about this book was the witty writing by the author Tami Dane.  I found myself chucking often while reading the book and I love books that make me laugh like that.  My favorite character of the book ended up being one that didn't fully show up until the end of the book.  Without giving too much away, the character had been watching Sloan for a long time and knows something about her that she doesn't.  He wants her to do something and the scenes involving the two of them along with her roommate Katie were hilarious.  It seems like his character will be in the next book of the series and I'm looking forward to read more about him. 

I'm giving Blood of Eden a rating of:

While I enjoyed this book I found some parts of it to move a little slower than what I wanted. Solving crimes can be hard and in this particular case it was a hard one to solve, but the pace of the book made me put the book down a few times. Regardless of that I was wanted to find out exactly what was going on. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see exactly what Sloan is going to do to get herself out of the situation that she has put herself in. I also want to see if the attraction between her and JT deepens into something else and whether the attraction that Gabe seems to have with her catches her attention. There's something more there that she doesn't seem to realize and I hope he lets her know how he truly feels.

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  1. This seems interesting- I might give a try. Thanks for the review X