Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Smutty Goodness: Fav Series Edition!

Since I've ran out of Book Boyfriends to write smutty scenes for, I've decided to move onto other hot guys that I love! So I've going to focus on scenes from some of my favorite series. First up is one of my very favorite series. I really can't stop talking about this series because it is so awesome! I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

I'm talking about the Black Dagger Brotherhood!  
Now I have 2 of it's members on my Book Boyfriend list and have 
already done their scenes, so I'll be doing the other Brothers in
order of the release of their books.  First up is HOLLYWOOD!!

Rhage aka Hollywood
Book 2
Black Dagger Brotherhood

She let him roll her over.  As he settled on top of her, the warm, heavy weight of him pressed into the cradle of her body where he was lodged.  He kissed her tenderly, licking at her with his tongue, cherishing her with his lips.  He was so gentle though he was immense inside of her and his body housed the kind of strength that could snap her in half.

"I won't finish this if you don't want me to," he whispered into her neck.  "I'll pull out right now."

She brought her hands up his back, feeling the shifting muscles and the expansion and compression of his ribs as he breathed.  She inhaled deeply and caught a lovely, erotic scent.  Dark, spicy, lush.  Between her legs she felt an answering rush of wetness, as if the fragrance were a touch or a kiss.

"What is that wonderful smell?"

"Me," he murmured against her mouth.  "It's what happens when a male bonds.  I can't help it.  If you let me keep going, it will be all over your skin, your hair. Inside of you, too."

With that, he thrust deeply.  She arched up to the pleasure, letting the heat flow throughout her body. 

"I can't go through tonight again," she moaned more to herself than to him.

Falling completely still, he took her hand and placed it on his heart.  "Never again, Mary.  I swear on my honor."

His eyes were grave, the vow as good a one as she would get from any living thing.  But the relief she felt at his pledge was trouble.

"I will not fall in love with you,"  she said.  "I can't let myself.  I won't."

"That's all right.  I'll love you enough fo the both of us."  He surged inside of her, filling her depths.


"Don't you fear pain?" she asked.

"No.  But I'll tell you what scares the hell out of me.  Losing you."  He looked at her lips.  "Now do you want me to pull out?  Because I will."

"No.  Stay."  Mary kept her eyes open and brought his mouth to hers, slipping her tongue inside of him.

He trembled and started to move in a steady rhythm, penetrating and retreating, each time the thick head of him teetering on breaking their connection.

"You feel ... so perfect," he said, punctuating the words with his strokes.  "I was made to ... be inside of you."

The luscious scent coming from his body intensified as his pumping did, until all she could feel was him, all she could smell was him, all she could taste was him.

She called out his named as she climaxed, and she felt him go over the edge with her, his body shuddering into hers, his release as powerful as his thrusts had been, his orgasm pouring into her.

When he was still, he rolled them over so they were on their sides.  He gathered her close, so close she could hear the great beating heart in his chest.

Gosh I love his book!  If you would like to read the scene that I picked for Wrath click here, and for V click here.  Make sure to come back next week for Z's scene! 



  1. Rhage is probably my favorite brother. This scene makes me puddle all over the floor ;) I love the whole monster with-in hero. Thanks for the morning eye opener :)

  2. I haven't read any of this series yet, though I plan on it. I actually read this post at 3:20 this morning but was afraid of waking up my sick hubby with typing. So that said, what a great way to begin my Monday. Thanks!

  3. OH MY GOSH BELLS I LOVE YOU! And Rhage:) This series is so ridiculously good, I can read them again and again. Thanks for this snippet, it made my Monday. *swoon*

  4. This book made me CRY!!! The first one I didn't, but this one DID. Thank GOD for HEAs cuz their journey to one got me. Oh, and holy shit is the snippet HOT. Thank you!

  5. Did you have to do me like that! YO! Leave me hanging on the edge I will never be the same we need to have a whole week featured of the BDB on the Blog YO! Order Style ya feel me!

  6. I so love Rhage I am going to be doing a reread of this series soon.

  7. Sharon - I love how each of the Brothers are special in their own different way! I love Rhage!!!

    Victoria - OMG YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES!! You will LOVE it and then kick yourself for not reading it sooner! Promise me you will!

    Jenny - I love you too! I wanted to do a reread so bad but just didn't have the time.

    Pam - I did as well when I read what happened between Rhage and Mary. I loved how he reacted to her when he first saw, well didn't see her. lol

    Doode - LET'S DO THIS YO!!!

    BLHmistress - I hope you enjoy and I can't wait for Lover Unleashed!

  8. *fangirl scream* RHHHHAAAAGGGEEEE! oh, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE HOLLYWOOD! my car is named Rhage and I talk to him every day! "Good morning, Rhage! How YOU doin, sugar?!" Ahem. Don't judge me! :-)

  9. Bells - I promise to read this series. I just have to get a little more caught up on my TBR pile, you know how that is I'm sure ;).

  10. Oh, man. I need to read these books again!!!!!!!!!!