Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

I don't know about you but smut on a Monday makes the day a little better. This week's Book Boyfriend is one hardcore mofo! I love this series so much that I get a smile on my face when I see the books on my bookshelf. May I present to you: The Blind King!

Book Boyfriend #9
Wrath, King of the Vampires
*shouts* BDB4EVA!


Scene setup: Beth decides to lavish some attention on Wrath, and he enjoys every second of it.

"I want to do you." she whispered.
In a silky rush, her tongue entered his mouth. Penetrated him. Slid in and out as if she were fucking him.
His whole body went rigid.
With each one of her thrusts, she got further inside of him, into his skin and his brain. Into his heart. She was possessing him, taking him. Leaving her mark on him.
When she left his mouth, she move down his body. She licked his neck. Sucked his nipples. Raked her nails gently across his belly. Tested is hip bones with her teeth.
He gripped the headboard and pulled, making the whole bed frame shift and creak in protest.
The second she took his erection into her mouth, he nearly came. He cried out, body spasming. She pulled back, gave him t
ime to settle.
And then she put him through torture.
She knew just when to bring it on, just when to pause. The combination of her wet mouth at his thick tip and her hands moving up and down his shaft was a one-two punch he could barely withstand. She brought him to the brink over and over again until he was reduced to begging.
Finally, she straddled his hips and hovered above him. He looked down between their bodies. Her thighs were wide open over his swollen, throbbing erection, and he almost lost it.
"Take me," he moaned. "God, please."
She slid him inside of her, and his whole body felt the sensation. Tight, wet, hot, she enveloped him. She began to move in a slow, pumping rhythm, and he didn't last long. When he came, he felt like he'd been ripped in two, the bursts of energy creating a shock wave that went through the room, shaking the furniture, blowing out the candle.
On the slow float back to earth, he realized it was the first time anyone had ever taken such care to pleasure him.
He wanted to weep that she would still have him at all.

*sniffling* Does J.R. Ward know how to write a love scene or what?! I love me some Wrath! I was going to do the infamous "you taste like peaches" scene, but I thought this scene was more touching. But I love that scene so much, I'll give you a little taste:

"Do you want to know what you taste like?" he said against her breast.
One long finger dipped into her body. As if he wanted her to know he wasn't talking about her mouth.
She gripped his back through his silk shirt, scoring him with her nails.
"Peaches," he said, shifting her body, moving downward with his mouth, kissing the skin on her stomach. "Like eating peaches. Silky flesh on my lips and tongue as I suck. Smooth and sweet down the back of my throat when I swallow."
"Just like peaches," he said, stripping off her panties. "And I love peaches."

OMG! *squeezes legs together* Um...have a great Monday! ;)



  1. Omg indeed. Love me some Wrath and Beth. Mondays rule just because of this.

  2. SWEET GAWDS ABOVE! *gulp* I think i just squealed. out.loud.

    Ohhh i heart the blind king, Wrath is such a badass with a sexy romantic centre, i cant ever see peaches without thinking of him, and you're right Bells, Ward writes the best love scenes evah! EVAH! it's like she's in my head writing my thoughts LOL!

    Im going to swoon all day now thinking of Wrath,
    great post Bells-a-mia!!


  3. Oohhh....smutty BDB scenes to start the week; THAT'S WASSUP! :-) love the post! Thanks!

  4. OMG I forgot about the Peach scene!! I'll never look at another peach again without thinking about this ROFL WHOOOOSA.... Thanks again gurlie!

  5. I love Wrath! What a great way to start the week . ;D

  6. OMG why am I so behind on this series. I'm a ding and must catch up and quick. See what I'm missing! Yeesh.

  7. I love Wrath and Beth! They are the best couple out of the entire series IMO! Nice way to start off the week.

  8. OH, I LOVE!! I have read those books a few times already and Wrath is THE man!

  9. That was great! Thanks for that Monday dose of goodness. :)

  10. Love both scenes but the peaches scene gets me every time. I instantly go weak in the knees and melt!

  11. Um. I need to read this book again. Right now. *runs upstairs to find book* Thanks Bells!

  12. Oh god, I love the BDB! I can't even look @ a peach without thinking of the Brothers. Wrath was the 1st *swoony sigh* all hail the King!

    P.S. you owe me a fresh pair of panties ;p

  13. Wrath is still my #1... Thank you!