Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Releases: 8/17/10

Well folks we got slim pickings for book releases this week. But if you are a lover of TV shows, this week is for you!


After America
This book sounds really interesting. If I wasn't so wrapped up into reading smut, I
would totally read it!

August 20th


Will Netflix this one for this kids. I love movies with animals.

I will watch this even though Miley Cyrus is in it. I hope I don't stab my eyes out.

One of the best shows on TV! My boyfriend, Taylor Kitch, is in this show. Love him and Kyle Chandler!

Cougartown is so freaking funny! I missed some episodes so I'll Netflix this one.

Bye Bye Betty!

I included this cause I know some of my peeps love this show. I need to check it out.

I admit that I used to watch this show. If my Directv was on I still would.

Can't wait for next week's book releases! It's going to be an awesome week for books and music! You'll find out what comes out next week right here next Tuesday at Hanging with Bells!


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