Sunday, March 13, 2011

Share The Love: I'm Looking For A New Love!

So I've decided to do my Share The Love Giveaway a little different this month!

I'm looking for new Book Boyfriends and I need your help!

Sing it Jody!!

I mean it's not like I don't have enough BB's, I just want more! A book addict can never have too many Book Boyfriends! Oooo, that is so a new motto that will be going on the sidebar. So this is your chance to recommend some of your favorite Book Boyfriends to me and if I pick yours, you'll win a prize! What's the best prize for a fellow book addict?  More books!

Help me pick my next Book Boyfriend and you'll win:

A $10.00 egift card to or a book of your choice
totaling $10.00 from the Book Depository!

So instead of me sharing a book with you this month, you're going to share a book
with me and I'm going to reward you for it!

Follow the instructions below to enter:
  •   You MUST be a follower of my blog, Hanging With Bells!
  • In your comment, tell me why I should choose your Book Boyfriend.  Describe what qualities would make him a candidate.  Don't be afraid to tell me your true feelings.   Make sure he's HOT and has it going on!  ;)  
  • Tell me which book that your Book Boyfriend is in that is your favorite. 
  • Make sure you consult my list of Book Boyfriends on the left sidebar so that you can know who is already on my list.  If you recommend someone that is already on that list, your entry will not be valid!
    • Please include your email so that I may contact you if you win.
    All entries must be received by 3/19/11, 12 PM EST.  I will then announce the winner and my new book boyfriend on 3/21/11. 

    So come on, tell who should be my new Book Boyfriend? Good luck!



    1. You have missed-- Jaime Fraiser from Outlander.
      Accent, devoted, in the past. Sexy , and was a virgin. He stood by claire when times were tough. He was my first book boyfriend.

    2. Couger Lovin

      Cole from Linger
      band boy, emo and werewolf, and wants to change into one and hide. Strong and silent type, but smart.

    3. Harry Li from the Oracle series by Alayna Williams. I can't pick a favourite out of the two books, so just start with #1 Dark Oracle.
      Harry is thoughtful, intelligent and a rationalist, but fierce when it comes to those he loves.


    4. Joe Morelli AND Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich! I DARE you to pick a favorite! Both of them have such great qualities! Joe is a police officer, family guy, tough and sexy. Ranger is a mystery man, sexy and dangerous. And both of them will drop everything to help Stephanie when she needs it! The series is one of the funniest I've ever read! I've dropped books from how hard I was laughing at times! Lots of action, humor and sexual tension! I HIGHLY recommend! H I G H L Y!! (If you were here, you'd be able to see just how animated I am and how loud I'm screaming at you!!) :-)

    5. Penny - Sounds great! I love your enthusiasm!

      Take note future commentators. Sell your man! Look at Penny's comment. This is what I want. I'm looking for someone hot and sexy y'all!

    6. I'm going to suggest Jace from Rachel Vincent's Shifter Series. He is HOT HOT HOT! He's also an alpha male who happens to be kind and loving as well as intelligent, fierce, and strong. The guy is loyal and protective. Can't help but love him.


    7. I was totally gonna say ford but I want him :-) than I was going Justin but I don't want you to steal him. So I'm going to go with wade! Slow heat by Jill shavlis. He's smart, good looking, a ladies man and he plays baseball :-) he's fun , caring and the oh so yummy. And don't touch pace or I'll kill u *winks*

    8. I say Dorian from Richelle Mead's Dark Swan/Eugenie Markham series. One good reason- he has his own kingdom. He may drive you crazy sometimes, but you'll always know you're in for a good time! Honorable mention to Marc Ramos from Rachel Vincent's Shifters- you can tell how loyal he is to Faythe, and I just picture him as super super hot.


    9. My favourite book boyfriend would be Bones from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost! He has a British accent, wicked sense of humour, is bad-ass, protective, possessive, cool & confident, devoted, drop-dead sexy (with a hell of a lot of experience in the sexy times department, if you know what I mean ;)) and best and swoon-worthy of all, he loves Cat for who she is and helps her to accept herself as well (her vampire half). How can you not love someone who makes you feel incredibly beautiful and loved?


    10. I am torn between two. Jamie fraiser is a 6' 4, muscled, highland warrior swordsman who is so devoted to his woman he refuses to have sex even when he thinks he will never see her again. He kills in an instant but loves his family and subjects with so much tenderness that you can't help but love him. I now love scars bc he has them....then there is Jean Claude in the Anita Blake series. This guy oozes sexy from the power he has, his body, hair and French accent. Did i mention he in an incubus? He is a sneaky vampire who gets his way because he is master of all, he is super strong magically and physically and he is hot, but antias needs usually come first;0)

    11. OMG I had this Jodi Watley album on cassette!! I heart her so much.

      I've wracked my brain and it's been so hard to think of a series you haven't read yet that I can recommend for the boyfriend material! Curran, Raphael, Barrons, Bones, Ethan, Terrible, the guys of IAD and Lords of the Underworld - you've met them all!!

      But HERE is one I don't think you've read yet!! Adam Black of the Highlander series by Karen Marie Morning. He is a farmer Seelie consort to the Queen (you met him very briefly in Shadowfever!!) and he can be such an arrogant dick! But!! When he meets his woman, he is insanely persistent and shows his gentle and kind side without losing the dominating confidence. He is sex on a stick, and you WILL be all riled up once you meet him! ;) His book is the 6th in the series, and honestly, you'll want ALL of the men in those books, including the MacKeltar brothers (who were also in SF)...

    12. Max Savoie from Nancy Gideon’s Moonlight Series. There are 3 books in the series so far with a 4th scheduled for release later this year. Max stole my heart plain and simple. His relationship with his #1 lady CeCe Caissie reminds be a bit of Roake and Eve from JD Robb’s In Death series.

      Max is a prime piece of grade A succulent beef. He’s the muscle to a local crime boss who’s been like a father to him since he raised him from a small child. Max is devoted and loyal to a fault. The most appealing part of Max is that the author portrays him with a child-like innocence and vulnerability depending on who he is interacting with and turns him into a tenacious and unstoppable killer when someone he loves is threatened. And there is more to Max than meets the eye…he has no idea who or what he really is. He’s an alpha-dog literally…he’s a shape shifting werewolf. He was my book boyfriend in 2010 and I hope I convinced you to choose him as your new book boyfriend.


    13. Oh, how I love my Book Boyfriends! Two hotties that I don't see on your list:

      Jack Hamilton from Alice Clayton's Unidentified Redhead series (luuuvvvv him so big!)

      Clay from Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series (such a delicious Alpha male *rowr!*)

    14. Oh I thought of another one for you, Bells!! (Dont' count this as trying to get a second entry, add it to my one above!!)

      Mick in Allyson James's Firewalker series. OMG he is so hot. I can't really tell you WHAT he is because that will spoil the first book for you, but he is MAJOR ALPHA. Like dominating Alpha hotness and he growls!

    15. My book boyfriend is Lord Mason from Joey W. Hill's Beloved Vampire. He is as deadly as a tiger and is written as such. But he's also tender when necessary. The way he caters to Jessica (his heroine)had me in tears. He's also super sexy, with his bronze tinted hair and gorgeous tattoo on his back. Totally full of yum. Let's put it this way, I've read Beloved Vampire over a dozen times and it NEVER gets old. Love me some Mason.

    16. Okay Bells, two that have not made your list.

      Jack Pallas from Something About You/Julie James. He is one sexy, alpha, FBI agent and he aims to please!

      Mark St. Crow from Bound to Please/Lilli Feisty. Now that is one fine, caring dom and musician who will make your heart and panties melt! Sooo freaking HOT!

    17. Alright i can't just pick one so lets go ahead and do this Tigris style and just pick like eh three maybe four hell one for each day of the week yo!

      Monday: Adam Black KMM Highlander Series...
      Tuesday: Ares Larissa Ione LOD
      Wednesday: Than Larissa Ione LOD
      Thursday: Logan Mills: Sydney Croft ACRO
      Friday: Doc E Larissa Ione Demonica
      Saturday: Caleb Black JA Saare Crimson Moon
      Sunday: Brother Rhage Jr. Ward's BDB

      Now you have a steady rotation and for Holidays use the following

      New Years: One Big Boyfriend Bash YO!~
      Martin Luther King Day : Brock Lara Adrian's Breed
      Easter: Mick Riley: Jaci Burton Play by Play
      Memorial Day: Illium Nalini Singh Guild Hunter
      4th of July: Daegus MacKeltar KMM Highlander Series
      Thanksgiving: Gramham Winters Christine Warren's Other Seires
      Christmas: Adam Black

      There are your list of willing Men yo!

      For super secret special occasions throw in some Lora Leigh Breed any will do or one of her fellow's from Bound Hearts they come in two's Hehehe ROFLMAO!