Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh

Title: Archangel's Consort
Book 3 in the Guild Hunter Series

Author: Nalini Singh

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Genre: Parnanormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0425240137

Author's website:

Release date: January 25, 2011

Received book from publisher to review.

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and her lover, the lethally beautiful archangel Raphael, have returned home to New York only to face an uncompromising new evil…

A vampire has attacked a girls’ school—the assault one of sheer, vicious madness—and it is only the first act. Rampant bloodlust takes vampire after vampire, threatening to make the streets run with blood. Then Raphael himself begins to show signs of an uncontrolled rage, as inexplicable storms darken the city skyline and the earth itself shudders.

The omens are suddenly terrifyingly clear.

An ancient and malevolent immortal is rising. The violent winds whisper her name: Caliane. She has returned to reclaim her son, Raphael. Only one thing stands in her way: Elena, the consort who must be destroyed…
(synopsis from author's website)

Nalini Singh's superb writing stands out once again in her latest release Archangel's Consort. Family is the main focus in book 3 of the Guild Hunter series and Elena and Raphael truly have their hands full in this book while dealing with so many personal issues. Their relationship has reached a new level and Elena has been given the title of Consort. Elena must deal with the father that she is not close to all while trying to protect her younger half-sister. It's not an easy situation, but Elena does not back down easy and this is not surprising at all because of the type of woman that she is. Raphael also has to deal with family issues due to the fact that his mother, Caliane, the most powerful Archangel to live, is awakening. Because she is waking up from her slumber, there are natural disasters happening all over the world. This worries the Archangel counsel as this shows that she will be even more powerful than she was before. You know that must be a bad thing if the Archangel's are worried. Raphael realizes that he will have to face his mother and it will not be an easy task.

Elena and Raphael's relationship becomes even stronger as they are able to console each other during this hard time. We get to see a more vulnerable side of Raphael as he shares his past and thoughts with Elena. This leads to some intense, steamy, erotic love scenes that had me on the edge of my seat as I was reading them. We know how intense Raphael can get, but there are times that he gets so intense it's frightens Elena. Raphael begins to realize that he is also becoming more powerful and that this may not sit well with some of the other Archangels.

Elena feels the need to train harder and we get to see some wonderful sparring scenes between her, Raphael, Jason, Dmitri, and Illium. Oh Bluebell! Everyone seems to love Illium and we get the opportunity to learn a little more about him and how he was also a part of Raphael's past. We also get the chance to see more of Dmitri in this book and every time he was on the page I got the feeling of chocolate silk. I cannot wait to read his book which will be the next book Guild Hunter that will be released in September.

I have to say that this book had a different feel to it for me than the previous books in the series. It was darker and more complex, but at the same time, showed the incredible love that Elena and Raphael share. There was so much intimacy between them. It was in the way that they spoke to each other. In the way that they touched each other. You could feel it in their lovemaking and there were times that I felt like a peeping tom because some scenes were just so intimate. That my friends is a sign of good writing!

I'm giving Archangel's Consort *4* Bells!


I felt that Archangel's Consort was the most emotional book out of the 3 in the series. Nalini Singh did a wonderful job capturing her characters feelings and conveying it into her writing. I truly felt the anguish, pain, and frustration that they felt. I could also feel the hope of what the future may bring. I for one can't wait to see what challenges this couple will have to face next. I know without a doubt that they will be able to face them head on because of the trust they now share and the strength in their relationship. They are a part of each other now more than ever.



  1. Elena and Raphael are awesome! Can't wait to read this one. Nice review Bells!

  2. Thanks for the early review! I'm so excited to read this one.


  3. You're making me really want to read these books!! I'm bumping it up on my personal TBR pile.

  4. I'll be reading this one in a day or two. I'm glad you liked it!

  5. I agree Bells! This one did have a different feel and was definitely more emotional, I love that we got to see them figuring out their relationship and becoming equals when Raphael is used to being so dominant. Love this series! Fabulous review:)

  6. Wish my pre-ordered copy was sitting in front of me right now, thanks for the wonderful look into what I have in store for bk 3 Bells! I am so happy to find out that the relationship is stabilizing and getting stronger, despite all the pitfalls they have to overcome from the sound of the book!

    jackie >_<

  7. Julie - I love them as well!

    Kirstin - Thanks for the comment. :D

    RRR - Doode thanks!

    Spaz - Squeeeee!

    MK my PIC - I think you would enjoy this series. Can't wait to hear what you think.

    FV - Can't wait to hear what you think.

    Jenny - Thanks. I loved that they became equals.

    jackie b - Not much longer and you'll be able to read it. I hope you enjoy it! :D

  8. I loved the darker feel...and I LOVED how she handled Raphael's mother waking up. That was so cool. And angel dancing - swoon

    Nice review!!

  9. Great review!

    I loved the sparing too. I thought it reveiled more of the Seven and their interplay. It has me looking forward to Dimitri's book, ARCHANGEL'S BLADE, and all the juicy gossip we're bound to get on these guys. Can't wait!