Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Smutty Goodness!

This week's smutty scene involves a naughty professor that likes to quote poetry and talk dirty.


"Want more?" he growled, his face stark with pleasure.

"All of you."

"Yes!" A hiss sped from his lips and he thrust deep.

Her hips vaulted to his, her fingers digging into his skin. She never wanted to let him go. His eyes slid closed.

God, he felt good. Nothing had ever felt better. Until the second stroke.

His voice came, the phantom edge that now had a hot, hard body attached to it. '"My true love for you,"' he rasped.

The third stoke bordered on sheer heaven. '"The love of my verses..."'

The forth was perfection. '"The love of my eyes for your strange luring eyes..."' He moved again. '"...comes blowing over my soul like a wind of spices.' Oh Nora."

Their hips slammed together, hands laced with one another's, eyes locked. They rocked and delved and battled toward a shared goal, a precipice he pushed her up. Clamping down on his driving shaft, she invited him to fall over with her.

Mouths and hands and whispered endearments were the only things left between them. Nora lost tracks of the words, the kisses--nothing existed but Jarod moving deep inside her. She thanked God there was nothing flammable nearby. He picked up speed, and she wrapped her arms around him, her hips rolling with some primitive answer, some message she needed to convey with her body.

He leaned back, dove deeper and harder, rode higher against her. She looked into his eyes. He made her feel invincible, beautiful and more powerful than any biological equation could explain. Passion defied explanation. Jarod was her passion.

At the edge, the honed-fine razor's edge, every nerve twanged with need. She raked her nails across his skin, sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, mewling in want.

"Tell me." His voice shot through her.

"Talk to me." Her tongue slicked across his. "Talk dirty to me."

Holy hotness Batman! Oh Jarod, you naughty Professor! I enjoyed this novella and will be reviewing it on the blog later this week as part of my Instant Gratification feature!

A big thanks to the wonderful Inez Kelley for providing this week's smutty entertainment. Please show her some love by visiting her site here. She can also be found on Twitter here. Thank you Inez! *mwah*



  1. I'll have what she's having! What a wonderful snippet to wake up to.

  2. Jarod is a naughty naughty boy.. and aren't we glad?

  3. Whuh. I certainly want to hear him talk dirty. Thanks for the snippet as always Bells, I look forward to smutty Monday goodness every week!