Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

This week's boyfriend is a new one! He is from the same series that was posted during last week's Smutty post. I gotta thank my girls Andrea and Donyale for introducing him to me because he is such a great guy!

Book Boyfriend of the Week:
Jack Travis


There was a feeling of unreality about all of it, the muted light and water sluicing over our skin, the frank sensuality that left no allowance for modesty. His mouth fastened on mine with met, sucking kisses, and his hand slipped between my thighs, the long fingers gently playful. I pressed my cheek against his shoulder, gasping.

"The first time I saw you," Jack murmured against my sodden hair, "I thought everything about you was so cute, I could hardly stand it."


"In a sexy way."

"I thought you were sexy in a jerky kind of way. You're---" I paused, my vision blurring as his fingers slid inside me,"---not at all my type."

I felt him smile against my scalp. "Really? Because right now my type seems to be working for you." He lifted my knees until my foot was propped on a cypress shower stool. I held on to him, weak with lust. His body pressed against mine, length to length, and the desire was a back-and-forth current between us. Careful and intent, he stroked me open, positioned himself, slid deep. His hands gripped my bottom and compressed it in his fingers. For a moment we stayed like that, my body motionless and filled and possessed.

I stared, blinking, into his dark wet face. There was no rush toward quick satisfaction, only this leisurely discovery. My flesh throbbed around him as he held me steady against a slow, rolling rhythm. I felt as if I were the only fixed point of the universe.

Each time he drove in, I shivered and held his shoulders, and he gathered me closer. The accumulating pleasure seemed to dissolve my bones. I felt his tongue licking the hot mist from my neck, my ear. I writhed, my body sliding in his grip, limbs slick and protean.

But without warning the rhythm broke, and he withdrew, leaving me trembling, bewildered. "No," I said, clinging to him. "Wait, I didn't...Jack..."

He was turning off the knobs, the waterfalls disappearing.

"I wasn't finished yet," I told him woefully as he came back to me.

Jack had the nerve to grin. Taking my shoulders in his hands, he guided me out of the shower. "I wasn't either."

"Then why did you stop?" Privately I excused myself for whining. Any woman would have whined in such circumstances.

He reached for a fluffy white towel and began to dry me efficiently. "Because you're dangerous when it comes to standing-up sex. Your let muscles give out."

"I was still standing!"

"Barely." He scrubbed my hair with a the towel, and reached for another to dry himself. "Face it, Ella---you're at your best horizontal." Throwing the towel aside, he pulled me back to the bedroom. In a matter of seconds, he had tossed me onto the bed as if I weighed nothing.


I chucked, and Jack pressed his cheek against the soft bounce of my breast. His hot breath rushed against the distended tip. Slowly his mouth opened over the rosy flesh, his tongue circling. Sliding my arms around his neck, I kissed the thick, damp locks of his hair. He lifted his mouth and took the nipple between his fingers, clamping softly while he moved to kiss the other breast, and my hips pressed upward into his weight. In a matter of seconds I was steaming. He browsed over me as if I were some lavish buffet, nibbling and licking and kissing, lifting and turning me to make certain there was nothing he had missed. I lay on my stomach, gripping fistfuls of amber quilt as he took my hips and hoisted them upward.

"This okay?" I heard him whisper.

"Yes," I panted. "God, yes."

His electrifying weight lowered over me from behind, and he nudged my stiff limbs apart. I groaned at the heavy penetration as he glided easily into the wetness. His hand slid beneath me, fingers going to the exact place I needed them.

Caught deliciously between his body and his hand, I pushed upward invitingly, and he went as deep as I could take him. His mouth went to my back, kissing the top of my spine. He waited until I pushed up again before he thrust. I realized he was letting me set the rhythm, his every motion a counterpoint to mine. I arched and gasped as I took him, worked him, feeling him shove deeper while those gentle fingers tantalized and teased. Sensations flowed together until I could no longer recognize their separate sources. I gripped his thick muscled wrists, one braced near my head, the other down between my thighs, and I held him there as I went over the edge. The climax was lush and brimming, and each time I thought it had died down, it gave another voluptuous kick. I felt Jack shudder, the heat of him flooding me in violent pulses.

When he finally caught his breath, he muttered a few curses. I had to bury a shaky laugh in the covers, because I understood. It felt as if, somehow, a thing that was entirely ordinary had been reinvented, and the two of us along with it.

I loved that last sentence. And I loved that scene. LOL! Jack is something special and I loved this book.
The whole series was so great and I'm so glad that I took the time to read it!



  1. Hi Bells:
    I'm so glad you got to read this book. The Travis Series is one of my favs. I love the shower scene....heaven! Jack is the perfect Book Boyfriend. Every girl needs a Jack in their lives. I'm still hoping for a book for Joe. Fingers Crossed :D

  2. *fanning myself* Damn it was like I haven't read that scene before! Thanks fir the shot out Bells ... I'm glad we were able to help add to the Book Boyfriend List!!

  3. *Squeeee* LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack!!!

  4. Whuh. I'm having trouble formulating coherent thoughts. These snippets should really be saved for Fridays Bells. Days when I'm already out in left field and don't have to think too much about work. How am I supposed to focus now? Dang it, that was so good!