Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review & Giveaway: Crimson Moon by JA Saare

Title: Crimson Moon

Author: JA Saare

Author's website:

Available to buy at: Amazon

The Wild Rose Press

Here is a taste of what this exciting book is all about!

Trueblood vampires. Those set apart from commons by right of blood. Graced with extraordinary abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition - they are the most powerful and feared among their kind. The secret lies within, a legacy evolving from the truest form of magic, and their living bloodlines are the key.
An average routine morning is exactly what twenty-year old Emma Johnson hopes to avoid when she visits Joe’s CafĂ© for a steaming cup of coffee and freshly made donuts. She’s jaded by her small town, the community that has ostracized her, and the empty house that symbolizes what her life has become; a hollow shell. Yet things are not entirely as they appear, and Emma is about to discover she isn’t the normal girl she once believed. After she is rescued from a horde of demonic bloodthirsty creatures by Caleb, the most captivating and enigmatic person she has ever met, she struggles to accept the unimaginable truth he imparts. That he has been dispatched by the Father she has never known, a powerful vampire from the house of DeViard, to see her safely home. For Caleb is also unique, a werewolf procured to protect the invaluable royal bloodlines from harm. Soon, the undeniable connection Emma and Caleb share evolves beyond mere attraction into something more substantial. But their time together is short lived, forced to an end when she is sent to the trueblood vampires that claim her as one of their own.
(Excerpt taken from author's website)

When JA Saare offered me the opportunity to read and review this book, I jumped at the opportunity! I'm such a big fan of her writing after reading Dead, Undead, and Somewhere in Between. I know you guys had to notice that just couldn't stop talking about how great that book was. I love it so much! I love it so much that Jaime kept warning me, "Bells, Crimson Moon is nothing like Dead. I just want you to know that." And she's right. Crimson Moon is NOTHING like Dead, and I'm glad that it isn't.

Crimson Moon starts off with a little background info on the main character, Emma. You get the opportunity to hear all about her lonely life. She has no mother or father. All she has is grandma, and she can't even remember who Emma is. Emma's life takes a sudden change the minute an old classmate talks to her at a diner. From that moment on Crimson Moon is all excitement! Emma is pretty much thrown into a world that she never new existed. She learns all about vampires and werewolves and how both creatures are a part of her life. She also learns that she is a member of vampire royalty, and that her life will now change forever. Her life is also no longer safe, and she must be protected at all costs. She is surrounded by several werewolves who have been given the task of protecting her and one of those werewolves is Caleb. Caleb is a total gentleman. He risks his life to get her where she needs to go safely while filling her in on what her new life will be. There are times that Emma wishes that her life could go back to what it used to be. But there is no turning back now.

Along the way we meet lots of interesting characters. One such character is Trent. The minute Trent came into the scene I knew that things were going to get a lot more interesting. If you like bad boy vampires, Trent is the one for you. He also becomes one of Emma's protectors and teaches her lot of things about the vampire world. Trent also happens to be drop dead gorgeous and is very sexy!! When I read his dialogue I can imagine him talking to me and I like him even more. Trent as well as Caleb will be added to the Book Boyfriend list on the left.

I loved Crimson Moon so much that I'm giving it *5* Bells!!


Crimson Moon was the type of book that sucked me in from the beginning. I just didn't want to stop reading and when the end came, I was sad. I wanted the story to just go on and on. That my people is a sign of a good book as well as a great author. Jaime has told me that Crimson Moon was the first book that she ever wrote and all I can say is that I am impressed. I am a huge fan of Jaime's writing (obsessed fangirl is more like it) and cannot wait for what she has in store for us in the future.

To celebrate the release of Crimson Moon on 6/25/10, Jaime is generously giving away a copy of her book! Trust me you're going to want to read this book. Here are the rules of the giveaway:

  • The giveaway is only open to U.S. residents only. Sorry. :(
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  • The giveaway will be open for one week and will end on 6/30/10 at 11:59 p.m.
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  • Leave a comment and make sure you include your email address so that I can contact you to let you know that you're won this fabulous book!
Jaime will be personally sending the book to the winner. Good luck everyone!



  1. Oh yay...I actually skipped the review because I am reading this very soon...but 5/5..alright!

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    Can't wait to read more from JA Saare!!

  2. Great giveaway! I am definitely interested in reading this book. I'm entering the contest.


  3. Wow this looks like a really great book. I hope I win! :)

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  4. Bells ~

    You really are too good to me but I am glad you enjoyed the story and the characters. I warned you that it was entirely different from Dead but I did enjoy writing it very much and hope there are others who enjoy reading it as well. :)

    Thanks for having the contest too! Can't wait to see who wins!


  5. Please enter me in the drawing. Sounds like a winner.


  6. I agree with you Bells, Trent is an interesting character. I loved him but I also loved Caleb. I was really torn. This was a wonderful story! Nice review Bells!

  7. Crimson Moon sounds great. Count me in.

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  9. My book budget is tapped out, so I'm going to throw my hat in for Crimson Moon. I'm dying to read this and Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between!
    Thanks Jaime and Bells for the contest!


  10. Crimson Moon sounds like a fabulous story and I'm dying to read it.


  11. THis looks really going, thanks for giving it away :-)

  12. Awesome review, this book sounds incredible. With such a glowing recommendation how could I not want to read this book....^_^.

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  13. skyla11377 - Thanks for the awesome comment! I'm from MA originally! WOOT!

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  15. PICK ME, PICK ME (please,!!) This book sounds great. I'm going to be adding to my Wish List now! Thanks for the review and opportunity.

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  17. Please enter me. I love werewolves and vamps, so this would be perfect.

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    'cause I really do.

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  21. Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!

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  22. I can hear the bells ringing! 5 stars! Awesome. I'm definitely interested. Sign me up!

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  27. This book sounds fantastic I am really looking forward to reading it and possibly reviewing it for my site.

  28. I can't wait to read this book. Like you, I was very impressed with Dead, Undead, and Womewhere Inbetween!

    PS: I have a crush on Curran too! ; )

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