Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Happy Monday folks! Now I know you are asking me what is so happy about it right? Not a whole lot, I know. So I have decided to do something smutty on Monday here on Hanging With Bells. I'm going to post a smutty scene from a book to help you get though the day. Last week I gave you a smutty scene from Skin Tight that featured one of my newest book boyfriends Foster. What I have decided to do is start at the top of my book boyfriends list and give you a smutty scene from one of their books. That way you can get an idea of one of the reasons I choose them to be on the list. I'm going to start and the top...and work my way down. WHOO HOO!! Ladies I give you:

Book Boyfriend #1
Raphael - Guild Hunter Series

The scene below comes from book #1 of the series Angels' Blood. I'm hoping this scene will help you realize why Raphael is my #1 and why he has stayed on top (YES!!) for a while.


Scene setup: Elena and Raphael have decided to take a bath together. The bath becomes foreplay and leads to more interesting things.

Raphael clearly knew how beautiful he was, how he affected mortals. But seeing him like this, she realized that beneath the arrogance was a lack of vanity--it made sense when she thought about it. Strip away the layers of civilization, and h was, at the core, a warrior, his looks simply another tool in his arsenal.

Without warning, he snapped out his wings, showering her in millions of fine droplets. "Hey!" But she was already wrapping the towel around herself and reaching for another with which to pat his wings dry.

He watched her approach. "They'll dry on their own"

"But will it be as much fun?" She glanced meaningfully at his erection, sliding the soft material over his wings with extreme care.

"Hurry up, Elena." That cobalt lightning had returned. "I'm ready to fuck you into oblivion."


What if he wanted to keep her? "Did you ever have a slave?" She asked.

His lips curved slightly, but it was an amusement tempered with sensual demand. "Many." He gripped her ankles, spread her legs. "All very eager to serve--in every possible manner."

She tried to kick out but he hauler her closer, face drawn in a way that was intrinsically sexual. "Some of them had spent years learning to drive a man to ecstasy. The vampires had had hundreds of years to practice."

"Bastard." A cutting denunciation but her stomach was tight with anticipation, her breasts hot.

"However"--he pulled her up to meet his thrust as he buried himself inside her in one powerful stroke--"none of them did I forbid from taking other lovers."

Her back arched as she tried to assimilate the impact of his entry into her body, the extreme fullness, the stretched ecstasy. When she could finally draw breath, she found him in the same position, as if he, too, was fighting for control. "You don't strike me as the sharing type." Her voice was raw.

"No. If one went to another man"--he began to pull out with slow deliberation--"there were dozens ready to take her place. It mattered little to me."

She was almost beyond thought now, her entire being focused on the point where their bodies joined. What reason remained collapsed under the heady, seductive force of his words.

"If you take another lover, Elena"--he trust back in, making her gasp"what I do to him will become a nightmare etched in human memory." And then there wer no more words, only movement--the slick motion of body against body, the thrust and parry of male and female, the lush, erotic explosion into ecstasy.

The last thing Elena remembered was thinking that maybe she'd underestimated the force of their combined hunger.

She woke to the realization that she was sleeping on something warm, soft, and silky. Spreading her fingers, she found herself petting--"Oh!" She jerked upright, horrified. A heavy male arm pushed her back down.

"Your wings." she whispered, stroking her hand down the splendor of one.

"They're stong." A lazy masculine statement, full of...something.

She was about to turn and look at him when she saw the state of her body. "Oh, no, you didn't!" She glittered from head to toe, angel dust in her pores, on her eyelashes, in her mouth. The special blend.

He caressed his hand over her hip, along the dip of her waist, over her breast. "It was...not on purpose."

Was that embarrassment she heard in his voice? Frowning, she licked some of the glittery stuff off her lips. It made her body all warm and tingly--as if she wasn't already burning up from the inside out. "Is this like--um--being a little quick off the mark?"

She smiled, realizing she was right--the archangel had lost control.

I don't know about you, but I would love to bathe in some of his angel dust. Sigh. I hope you enjoyed that scene. If you haven't read this series already, you need too. That way you can get the full understanding as to why the very intense Raphael is book boyfriend numero uno!

Don't forget to come back every Monday to read a smutty scene involving one of my book boyfriends. My list is on the left sidebar so you can get an idea of who is up next. Let me know the names of some of your book boyfriends.

See you next week.



  1. I.LOVED.THIS BOOK. Srsly. And you picked the bestest, smuttest, scenes. Hoorah!!

  2. Meeee toooo I loved this book AND this scene ESP after all the tension buildup between them before this point. Gaaaaah, hottt.

  3. Ok, so I haven't read this one yet but these scenes really make me want to move it to the top of my TBR pile!!

    Great job! Those are some awesome smutty scenes, and I will definitely be back next Monday for more! ;)

    My book boyfriends? Disco & Roarke top the list. And Tohr, Rhage, V, and Z (shut up, you knew I was going to add him)...


  4. I LOVE this series too... and Raphael is such a bad boy!

  5. "Hurry up, Elena." That cobalt lightning had returned. "I'm ready to fuck you into oblivion."

    DAYUM that did it for me. Whoo saahhh

  6. I refuse to comment because anything that I say may be used against me!


    I can't deny that he's sexy though!

  7. Wow, I haven't read this series, but now I'm just about ready to run out and pick it up. My current favorite book boyfriends are Curran, Z (always), and Eric. I love how they are so stunned when they actually fall in love.

  8. I haven't read this series - yet. What's angel dust?