Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Crappy, I mean Happy Monday folks! I'm back with some more smutty goodness to get you through the worst day of the week! This weeks scene involves boyfriend number 2! Since this is my buddy Mar's first day back to work, she is going to need something to get her through the day. So I'm going to give you 2 scenes! You heard it right, 2 scenes! Enjoy ladies!

Book Boyfriend #2
Disco/Gabriel - Rhiannon's Law Series
(by my boo JA Saare!)


Scene 1: Rhiannon is about to be marked by Disco and that leads to other things. ;)

I lifted my lids and his face was there, his breath soft and sweet in my nose. My throat constricted as brown eyes clashed with blue. He pulled mt hair teasingly, angling my head to the side so he could place his mouth against my left ear.

"Where do you want your mark Rhiannon?"His words were sensual, husky, and filled with underlying promises.

"On my wrist, maybe" My voice cracked. "Like Goose?"

His breath teased the skin on my throat. "I don't think that suits you."

"Then where?" I groaned, anxiety changing to something else, skin tingling and sensitive.

"Here." He pressed his mouth against my throat, and my entire body erupted in heat, flames licking beneath the surface of the skin.

"Okay," I agreed rashly, bringing my left hand up to grasp his back.

He twisted his body ever so slightly, teasing the skin along my nape with his fingers, lightly skimming the surface. Soft lips replaced them, rubbing in a delicious friction on my throat. I felt teeth follow the same path, gently scraping the top of the skin, stopping above the pulse on my neck.

He moved his left hand down to grasp my arm firmly. The right remained entwined in my hair, pulling me closer. I felt his body surge forward and I tensed, unable to resist the urge to avoid the inevitable pain from his bite. My breath stuck in my throat as he sank his teeth deep, scoring the pulsing vein cleanly.


Disco held me close and I looked into his eyes. Something I couldn't explain overcame me in that instant and I reacted.

My lips brushed Disco's as I ran my hands along his solid stomach, fingers skimming the contours of his chest and shoulders. His initial shock was short lived. He rolled me on his chest, rotating our bodies so I rested against the tapestry cushions, pressing his hips between my legs.

I tasted the metallic bitterness of my blood on his lips and shared his lingering essence by pulling the tip of his tongue into my mouth and sucking softly. He growled, hands rough against my hips, dragging me downward. Uncontrollable warmth spread through my body in places I wanted him to touch, and I ground my hips deliberately against his pelvis, moving my hands lower, latching onto that perfect mound of flesh on his ass to pull him against me.

He ripped his lips away. "You don't know I badly I want this," he groaned next to my ear, kissing the tender spot just behind. I didn't speak, using actions to convey my agreement, bringing my hands up to cradle his face and draw his lips to mine.

But it wasn't enough, not nearly enough...

I raked my nails up and down his back, bringing them around to his chest. The skin was cool and firm, and I arched my back, pressing my aching nipples against him, desperate to ease the burn.

"Rhiannon." He pulled away, hands holding either side of my face to prevent me from interrupting him. "I want to take you to my bedroom, and love you until the son comes up. But if I do, you'll hate me in the morning. I would despise myself for allowing that."

Scene 2: Umm...they are getting it on! WHOO HOO!

He released my breasts, kissing each softly, and made a trail of kisses along my stomach. His tongue dipped into my belly button and I groaned, reaching for his plush blond hair and threading my fingers through it. He moved lower, pausing to graze his lips across each scar along my pelvis.

Fingers crept up to pull the panties from my body, easing them down each let. His face continued past my hips and the first wave of unease overtook me.

"Wait," I gasped, experiencing my first tinge of uneasiness .

"What's wrong?" He paused with his fingers around the delicate bones of my pelvis.

"I've never..." I flushed. "No one has ever done that before."

"You've never been with anyone like me before. Why should this experience be anything but new? Trust me Rhiannon. I've been dying to taste you."

He continued his chosen path, blond head going lower as I stared at the ceiling, trembling uncontrollable. His hands parted my thighs, his cool breath brushed the folds of sensitive skin, and his face descended.

I head heard stories about oral sex from women at the club; most of them swore they preferred it to the actual thing. I never understood what the fuss was about until I experienced the first touch of his tongue, parting me, exploring, where no one had ever dared kiss before. Disco's mouth settled over me and I sucked in air, making mewing sounds in my throat, arching my back and grasping the sheets in my fists. The pleasure was unbelievable, so good I wanted to scream.

"Disco." I moaned his name, unable to remain still.

A pressure started to build in my stomach, a summit so close that all I needed to do was reach out to take it. Each flick of his tongue brought it closet, then closer. I clenched my fists, closed my eyes, and embraced the climax that was surfacing, wanting to know what waited for me at the other side.

I was almost there.

His tongue flicked my swollen clit and sent me over the edge. My body felt as if it exploded, becoming pure light. I thrashed with each new wave of pleasure that assaulted me, soft whimpers escaping my throat. I road the high until it left my body limp and sated. A wave of euphoria swept through me and I stilled lax and breathless.

"Delicious, like warm vanilla sugar," Disco growled against my stomach, kissing the scars again, lavishing attention on each one.

Sigh...Disco. There is more to this scene of course. If you'd like to read it, the book is called Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between by JA Saare.

I hope you have enjoyed Disco this week. Don't forget to come back every Monday to read a smutty scene involving one of my book boyfriends. My list is on the left sidebar so you can get an idea of who is up next. Let me know the names of some of your book boyfriends.



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