Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Hottie of the Week!

This weeks Hottie is a newbie to the tv screen. In fact looking at him you might think, Who the **** is this guy?! Well people this guy is on one of favorite shows right now. He is an absolute pleasure to look at . Ladies I give you Mark Salling, PUCK FROM GLEE!

Due to real life time constraints (KIDS!!) I wasn't able to find the pics I really wanted to have. But I will tell you this. There is a woman who claims that Puck is really hers. No, not Quinn, who is his baby mama. I'm talking about Marq. My SO CALLED Twitter buddy. It's the classic case of woman wants another woman's man. So to Marq all I have to say is: THE BOY IS MINE!!

You can check out photos of the other sexy men of Glee at Kitty's blog: and at that woman's (Marq) blog:


  1. I love his eyes, can he come over?

    Hope you have a good week, hugs!

  2. PUCK!! i loves him!!!

    Great hottie of the week Bells!

  3. LOL! Give it up! That boy is MINE! You really need to stop deluding yourself. It's so sad. I feel sorry for you.

  4. He is beautiful! Not many could have mohawk and still look hot!! ;-)

  5. Hey, Dom has a mohawk like that right now. haha

  6. I totally had something funny & witty to say, but I got distracted as I was staring at Mark so, I'll just settle for sitting here daydreaming. ;)