Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Josephine!

Today is a special day because it is my sister-in-law's birthday! Happy Birthday Josie!


Here is some random information about one of my best friends:

I was happy to introduce her to Twilight. I had no idea that she would become addicted to it like I did. We both couldn't stop gushing about Edward. When she started to read the book I reread along with her. It was so much fun!

But the fun wouldn't last. You see when Edward dumps Bella in New Moon Josie couldn't handle it. It was just too much for her. She called me and was crying and blubbering on the phone. She just couldn't take it if Edward was gone. I had to calm her down and let her know that Eddie would be back. She finally went on to read the rest of the book.

She is so much fun to talk with and always gives me great advice. Now I am the only girl in my family, but I have met many women in my life who I consider my sisters. Josie is one of them. So show her some birthday love! Her twitter name is @mjr3000. And please remember this, don't believe everything she says about me! LOL! Happy Birthday Josie!


  1. Thanks bookaholic and Smexi for wishing Josie a Happy Birthday. It means a lot to me. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Josie! Cute post, Bells!