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Day 4 of Tigris Eden's Shadow Unit Takeover! Interview with Royce & Ronin!

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Day 4: Interview with Royce & Ronin

Bells here!  I've taken over my blog once again to interview 2 of my favorite guys that are in the Shadow Unit, Royce and Ronin.  When my buddy Tigris Eden told me that she was going to name a character in her book after me I not only feel honored but excited to find out who I would be paired with.  When she told me it was the twins, I thought YAHOOOOO I can totally get with that!  

Bells:  Thanks for taking the time to talk to me guys, I know you’re really busy, lets jump right in, shall we?

Royce: Snap crackle and pop it girl. *winks* How you doin?
Bells:  I am doing great baby!  *winks back*

How did you first learn about the Unit? When did you join?

Royce: *looks over at his brother and grins* It was all my fault really. Had it not been for my superman heroic’s saving the little girl out of a burning building. The captain would have never contacted us. I think I got like a gazillion hits on youtube for that stunt.
Ronin: Dumbass
Royce: Ignore quiet the boy wonder here, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be social. Well the captain called me up and I went down for the initial meet and greet. He’d only wanted me at first, but told them I wouldn’t join if I couldn’t bring the twin with me.
Ronin: *smirks*

What are your roles in the unit?

Royce: Roles? Good question, I don’t know exactly how to answer that, we all have our roles, but if I had to pin point it I guess you could say me and my brother do the interrogations. We have a way of making people talk.

Is it true what they say about your blood?

Ronin: How about sitting this one out and taking the fifth on this one?
Royce: Dude, that’s so rude, we can tell her she’s trustworthy, Tigris wouldn’t let just anyone interview us. *smiles big* Bells, its true our blood is blue and it has the power to bring any women to their knees, except for our intended. There is a saying among my past conquests. Bring in Blue and out with the Batteries. *laughs*
Bells:  *giggles*
Ronin: Not funny.
Royce: It sounded better in my head.

I’m excited to know more about you two in Burned In Shadows!

Ronin: Well I’m excited to know why Royce is your book boyfriend and I didn’t make the cut?
Royce: That was like a whole sentence Ro, you’re making records here.
Bells:  Ummm...well...I knew more about Royce at the beginning and you know he's quite the character.  You're just so quiet Ronin.  But now that I know you better (yeah a whole lot better) I am so going to put you on the list.
Ronin: I’m three minutes older and I know when to shut up.
Royce: Hey, I know how to keep quiet punk ass.

I understand the heroine Bells enters into a relationship with the two of you and that happens to be my namesake. 

Royce: Maybe it is you *winks*
Ronin: Have you even read the book? This chick is human, or Belinda is a Phoenix. Don’t get it twisted. *grunts* Nothing against you Belinda, you’re a very lovely person.
Bells:  Gee thanks Ronin.  *sigh*

Technically since I’m dating the both of you what would each of you do on an ideal date with me?

Royce: Easy peasy, I’d tie you to my bed and worship you… That’s any woman’s ideal date with me. Can’t go wrong there. Cha Ching!
Bells:  OH YEAH!
Ronin: I’m going to have to say pass on that one.
Bells:  *sigh*  So quiet.

These next questions are rapid fire just say the first thing that comes to mind.

Coke/Pepsi - Royce: Coke
Boxer/Briefs - Royce: Boxers gotta let it hang
Leather/Jeans - Royce: Jeans, leather makes your balls stink  Bells:  EWWWWW!
Rock/Rap - Royce: both
Suck/bite - Royce: Definitely both
Royce: You gonna answer her questions bro?
Ronin: *Takes a deep breath and sighs.* Fine, Coke, Boxer Briefs, Jeans, Blues, and both. There are you happy?
Royce: Eternally happy douche.

I’m a huge move fan, I learned something interesting from one of the members of the unit. Ronin why does Dietrich refer to you as Riddick?

Ronin: That’s easy, the guy lacks imagination. I look nothing like Riddick. For starters I’m taller and no one would ever have the chance to do half the shit that fool went through. I like movies too, but that isn’t one of my favorites. Maybe it’s my shitty disposition that has D so hard up for me. Next time Interview D and ask him why he is stuck in the 90’s. Better yet, remind him that Gangsta Rap is dead.
Royce: Bells, you’ve worked a miracle, you’ve gotten Ronin to speak for more than a minute. I’m proud. I’m getting all emotional here. *fake wipes a tear from his eye*

Who is next couple to hook up in the series and why?

Royce: I gotta tell you there’s this new chick that just started, I think her name is Xee but anyway I see her and Dietrich hooking up those two are inseparable.
Ronin: You’re wrong. But whatever.

As always, it was a pleasure guys.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to answer these questions.  I hope that everyone who loves you as well has gotten to know you a little bit better.  :)

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  1. Bells - I am as amazed as Royce that you got Ronin to talk so much :). Loved the interview with the two of them.

  2. Great post. Loved the interview. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I love this interview, Ronin...always the really quiet one! YOU MUST TALK MORE!!

    Thank you for the giveaway :D