Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 3 of Tigris Eden's Shadow Unit Takeover! Win a date with Enri!

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Day 3: Win a date with Enri! 


Enri is single and ready to mingle!  You may not know a lot about Enri yet in the Shadow Unit series, but trust me, you soon will!  Enri is a Fallen Angel turning Demon and its better to date the Demon you want than the Demon you know!   He's looking for the right lady and if you think that you are the one, you can win a date with the hot Demon!  Go to his dating profile and see if he's right for you! page:  Link 

Next make up a character by posting a pic of who you think Enri would like.  Be creative!  There's lots of stuff on the internet that could be found.  Put the pic on the Shadow Unit Takeover page on Facebook so Enri can get a good look at it.  Facebook event page:   Link

In the comments below, tell Enri a little about yourself.  Why do you think that you're the right one for Enri.  This is important because the winner...WILL BECOME ENRI'S HEROINE!!!!   That's right, the heroine will be named after you!   You will be immortalized in a book, how cool is that?!   Bells and I have to make sure we pick the right woman so tell us why you are the one!

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway below for an ebook copy of Burned In Shadows and the chance to win Bells' signature fragrance!

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Line Up for the Next Six Days:

July 25th:  Welcome, Feature, Excerpt
July 26th:  How Well Does Bell Know Her Men
July 27th:  Win a Date With Enri
July 28th:  Interview With Royce and Ronin
July 29th:  Interview with Stefan Dravaggio
July 30th:  Winners announced and Enri's Heroine Revealed
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  1. I wish I could come up with a photo for him but since he's the most beautiful creature ever I have no idea who to use ;). Maybe Chris Hemsworth - I do think he's sexy as hell :).

    1. Too cute! Gotta tell ya when I picture Enri I see a dark haired blue eye devil a more of a Brooding Zac Efron from The Lucky One :)

  2. Oh now for why I should be his - ummmm let's see. I'm smart, pretty, sarcastic ( he should enjoy that) and really strong (I lift every day) so I think I could handle him. And I have experience with demons as three of my past book boyfriends are demons - Wraith Seminus, Maddox and Niol. Other than the fact that I will NOT be obedient we should get on just fine.

  3. Why I should be Enri's heroine? *puts down plans of kidnapping and holding him hostage* I'll save those for later.....
    I'm spontaneous, some say random I say spontaneous, sarcasm and humor basically define me. *looks at qualities Enri's looking for* Willingness to kill? If someone else gets you before I do...then yes. I'm very willing to kill them. Obedience {such a strong word, depends...I might be}. I'm very career driven, fit {....haha..I'm a size 12 in dresses...this sexiness works on boxing and such}, and also very trustworthy.