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Author Q&A: Karin Tabke

PhotobucketI'm so excited to have author Karin Tabke on the blog today! I had the great pleasure of meeting her at Authors After Dark this year in Philadelphia! I attended a few of the panels that she was on, including the Men in Military one and enjoyed her knowledge on this subject.

Welcome to Hanging With Bells Karin!  Why don't you tell us a little about yourself.Thank you for the invitation to stop by, Belinda!  I’m happy to be here.  So, you want to know a little about me? Well, I absolutely adore what I do.  Writing romance is my dream job.  I have a great husband who has inspired more than a few of my hot cop heroes (he’s a retired cop), four kids, a granddaughter who is my bliss and a grandson on the way.  Life is good!

PhotobucketBloodright is your newest release!  Congratulations!  It's book 2 in the Blood Moon Rising Trilogy and features a very complex relationship between 3 characters.  At the heart of this series is Falon, a woman torn between having feelings for 2 men that are brothers.  I loved that Rafael and Lucian were complete opposites and had different qualities that attracted Falon to each of them. When you started this series did you realize how complex the relationship between the 3 of them would be? 

I had an inkling, but I had no idea how complex it would become.  I had no idea that Lucien would be so--emotional.  In so many ways, he is the most human of them all because he is so emotional.  Add to that his primal lycan and you have one hell of a volatile cocktail.  I love him.

Back to the different qualities between Rafael and Lucian.  They can best be compared to light and dark. Is it challenging to write characters that are like this that also have issues with each other? 

Not at all.  While they are twins and have many of the same qualities, they act them out in completely different ways.  Rafael adheres to a strict code of honor, while Lucien just does what needs to be done, honor be damned. One is controlled, the other not so controlled but each is bound to pack and his way.   They have two things in common, their hatred for all things Corbet and their love for Falon.  One unites them, the other tears them apart.

Your books have have an extremely high heat level to them which I absolutely love!  Like seriously on fire!  Your Blood Moon Rising series involves shifters and there are moments in the books where their actions can seem a bit taboo to some people that are reading it. Did you anticipate that you would react a certain way to these scenes and did how important was it for you to include this in the books?  

I wrote a whole blog on this subject the other day.  (link)  I had had issues.  I had them when I wrote BLOOD LAW and while that book is certainly sexy, I pulled back.  Not because of my personal feelings on the issue, but because I have been trained not to go there not only by some editors but by my upbringing, and on the off chance one of my kids got a hold of that book, I didn’t want them to look at me like I was from a different planet.  I started to do the same thing as I wrote BLOODRIGHT, but Lucien was having none of that.  He is wild and wicked and insisted that I expose all of him.  And so, I just went with it.  It’s funny because in her way Falon had some of the same issues as I did, but, as readers will learn, you don’t say no to Lucien.  And at the end of the day it was right for them.  They are Lycan, half human, half wolf, and somewhere sometimes those two shall meet.

PhotobucketThe last book in the trilogy Blood Vow releases in December of this year.  Is there anything that you can share with us about the book?  
(She got me guys! But hey, I tried!)

Do you have anything else releasing in the future? I loved your novella in the Men Out Of Uniform book and hope you'll have more stories like this one! 
I have a few sexy hot cop novellas simmering on the back burner as well as a contemporary series I’m developing. I also write as Karin Harlow and have the third book in my paranormal romantic suspense L.O.S.T. (Last Option Special Team) series, ENEMY SWORN releasing next year.  I’m also going back to work on my Blood Sword Legacy series.  I love the tumultuous passion and upheaval of  the medieval time period and hope to have book four, MASTER OF DECEPTION, out by the end of the year!

Thanks Karin for stopping by the blog and I looking forward to reading more of your work in the future!
Thank you for inviting me, Belinda!

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  2. Great interview! I just picked up BLOODRIGHT yesterday and am DYING to dig into it...soon!!! smiles...

  3. Seriously! A nope on the Blood Vow teaser. GAH! LOL. Glad to see there will be more LOST books. I still tell people about Jax and that fork! Great interview, thanks for sharing.

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