Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Dark Wolf Protector by Rhiannon Ellis

PhotobucketDark Wolf Protector
Book 1 of Love On the Wild Side series

Author: Rhiannon Ellis
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Genre:  Paranormal, Shifter, Erotic Romance
Format:  ebook,
Book length:   Novella
Available to buy at:  Cobblestone Press
Author's website:  Rhiannon Ellis

Received book from author for review.
Animal rescuer, Jaci Waters, has her hands full when a rogue wolf invades her small, backwoods town of Tall Oaks, Alabama. Her goal is to not only protect her neighbors and fellow townsfolk, but to capture and relocate the trouble-making canine who's worn out his welcome. Little does she know, the wolf is more than meets the eye. He's here, in Tall Oaks, for Jaci. But he's not the only one...

Dolton Freye has come to the speck-sized town with one goal in mind: kill the blood-thirsty bastard who's stalking and out to get the woman he's sworn to protect.
There is a wolf on the loose in Tall Oaks, Alabama and it has been terrorizing the residents as well as animals in the town.  After attacking one of the residents, the rest of the town wants the wolf killed.  All except Jaci Waters.  She is an animal rescuer and wants to do the same for the wolf.   When a wolf specialist by the name of Dolton Freye arrives to the town and agrees that the wolf should be killed, Jaci tries to get him to see her point of view.  There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Dolton and soon he and Jaci are spending more time together as they try to solve the wolf problem.

What an entertaining read!  There were lots of surprises in this book and I found it to be extremely well written!  Rhiannon Ellis did a great job in keeping the storyline moving so that it remained interesting.  I enjoyed the pair up of Jaci and Dolton as well.  Jaci had some secrets of her own and I enjoyed how those secrets were revealed.  Dolton is very mysterious and sexy.  When he first shows up in town you know this man knows what he is talking about.   I loved his sarcastic attitude and natural feeling of protection that he had for Jaci. 

I'm giving Dark Wolf Protector a rating of:

I thought Rhiannon Ellis did a great job with this novella.  I didn't feel as if any facts were left out and the storyline felt complete when I reached the end of it.  I can't wait to read more of the author's work and how it will be as entertaining as this one!

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