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Review & Giveaway: Ripe For Pleasure by Isobel Carr


PhotobucketRipe For Pleasure
Book 1 of The League of Second Sons 

Author: Isobel Carr
Publisher:  Forever Romance
Genre:  Erotic Historical Romance
ISBN:  9780446572750
Release date:  May 1, 2010
Author's website:

Received book from publisher for review.
Second in line, first in love
A secret society of younger sons, sworn to aid and abet each other, no matter the scandal or cost.... Their fathers and brothers may rule the world, but they run it . . . and when it comes to passion, they refuse to accept second best.

Searching for hidden treasure, finding forbidden fantasy.
London's most sensual former courtesan, Viola Whedon, is incapable of being seduced-she does the seducing. Until she meets Leonidas Vaughn. Her salacious memoirs have made her the target of half the lords in England, and Vaughn is the only man she can turn to. When he promises to protect her-and to make her beg for his touch-the alluring beauty finds both offers impossible to refuse.

Leonidas Vaughn secretly believes Viola possesses a fortune given to his family by the King of France. So the strong and sexy Vaughn charms his way into Viola's life . . . and her bed. But when their arrangement is consummated, he'll experience pleasure far beyond his wildest fantasies-and realize his heart may need the most protection of all.

Viola Whedon life is in danger because she has many secrets.  She used to be a courtesan and has decided to write a memoir that includes details on some very important men.  Someone is after her memoir and after her house is broken into one night, a man comes to her rescue. He is Lord Leonidas Vaughn.  He just happens to be in the right place at the right time and steps in to help Viola.  He offers her a deal to protect her if she will allow him to seduce her.  She goes along with it because she is attracted to Leonidas.  Leonidas has his own reasons for wanting to protect her.  He believes the house that she lives in is housing a vast fortune that was owned by his uncle.  He wants to get his hands on it and puts his plan into action.  What he doesn't realize is that soon his own life may be in danger and he must call on his fellow members of The League of Second Sons to help him. 

I have to say that I thought this concept of second sons was interesting.  While most of the first sons and fathers in the families had the prestige and honor, these gentlemen also made decisions that were important and are just as honorable by some of their decisions.  Leonidas truly did an honorable thing by keeping Viola as safe as he could.  He began to have feelings for her pretty early on in the book and I loved his touching moments with her.  He was not afraid of letting her see his true feelings.  This made me like him even more.  I didn't really connect with Viola's character, but I liked reading the scenes between the two of them.  She thought that this deal would be an easy one because of her previous profession and I enjoyed seeing her fall of Leonidas.  He was extremely dashing and she really just couldn't help herself when it came to her true feelings for him.

I was disappointed that there was not more love scenes between the two of them.  These two were extremely attracted to one another and I couldn't wait to read the first time when they were together.  There was just a scene of foreplay and then a mention of them making love in the next chapter.  *gasps*  I wanted to read the fire and burn between them!  Because this is a book that contains erotica I expected more and I felt that there just wasn't enough.

Overall, I thought the writing was enjoyable and hope that Ms. Carr gives the readers a little more fire in the future releases of this series.  The concept of the secret society is interesting and I think making the books more erotic will add more intrigue to the books.  These dashing men and passionate women deserve the chance to show the readers just how erotic they can be. 


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  1. Nice review. It kind of reminds me of the first romance books I read 30 some odd (yes - I'm old) yrs ago where so much was just stated. Like you, I hope future books give the reader more ;).

  2. This sounds really interesting :)

  3. I really enjoyed your review. I like that you give your views of the pluses and minuses, as well as the overall gist of the story. Thank you for sharing and the chance to win the giveaway - Secret societies and second sons and all of us lovely ladies can never know too much :) - OH MY.

  4. I'm hooked on the premise of this! But I am surprise to hear that there aren't that many love scenes given that this is billed as an erotic historical...

    Anyway, I enjoyed your review! Thanks for the chance to win a copy :)


  5. I like the idea of this story! Glad it's not another wealthy virgin finding her scoundrel story. Those secrets will always get a girl in trouble!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  6. I love the idea of a series on the younger sons!
    Love the cover.


  7. I have this book as a giveaway, but after reading your review I wish I had read it first! lol

  8. Ripe for Pleasure sounds like a fantastic story and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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  11. Ripe for Pleasure sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. First, I have to say that the names make me giggle a little... Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame and King Leonidas from 300... just sayin.

    Still, the book sounds interesting. Usually it's all about the first born, or the second born's plot to kill the first born, so it's cool to see second borns do something with their lives other than plot death and destruction. LOL.


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