Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Dark Enchantment by Anya Bast

PhotobucketDark Enchantment
Book 3 of the Dark Magick Series

Author:  Anya Bast
Publisher:  Berkley
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9780425240533
Release date:  4/5/11
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Received book from publisher to review.

A sultry dream can become a real-life nightmare…
Tax consultant Charlotte Bennett isn’t the type to lose control. Until she’s seduced in a dream by a handsome, rugged man named Kieran. In her dream state, she decides to let loose, letting pleasure and desire lead the way. But she quickly discovers her “safe” night of passion has dangerous repercussions.
The lust-driven dream was in fact a magick illusion that’s left Charlotte indefinitely bound to a controlling fae named Kieran. Under his order, she must find the last piece of a powerful relic. Only Charlotte knows the location of the bosca fadbh, but the knowledge is hidden deep within her bloodline—and only wicked magick can draw it out.
Forced to work with the enticing Kieran, she finds it hard to escape their seductive chemistry. Even though he’s harboring a deadly curse, one that puts Charlotte in danger—and could make this attraction fatal…
In book 2 of the series Cruel Enchantment, we are introduced to Charlotte, a woman that is hearing a voice in her head.  This voice is telling her to leave her home and job and travel across the world to Piefferburg, the city where Fae live.  She feels a strong compulsion to obey this voice and leaves immediately.  Charlotte has also been having sensual dreams of the man with the voice.  When she does finally meet the man with the voice, Kieran, she realizes that she was dream sharing with him.  Kieran is a very powerful Fae that uses his power to bring Charlotte to Piefferburg because the Fae need her help.  Charlotte soon learns that she has Fae ancestors and that the memories of her maternal line need to be searched to find the last missing piece of the bosca fadbh.  When all the pieces are put together the Fae will finally be able to be free.  But Charlotte has to go through a journey of her own before this will happen.  Since she was little girl, she has been fed lies about the Fae from her father.  Through the help of Kieran and his friends, Charlotte finally begins to see the truth and realizes how wrong her father was and how it has affected her judgment when it comes to the Fae.  She is also able to learn more about her father and her mother that died when she was a little girl.  The truth is finally revealed and it's not all good.

I thought that Charlotte was a great female character.  She was strong willed and wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind.  In fact the first time she sees Kieran in person she punches him in the face!  I loved that!  This man pretty much forced her to come to Piefferburg and she let him know that she didn't appreciate that.  As the spend more time together they learn to get along and soon they cannot fight the attraction to one another, especially when they start dream sharing again. As they give into their attraction we get to read some smoking hot scenes between the two of them.  Anya Bast does a great job at writing these scenes and I found myself fanning my face while reading them. 

I'm giving Dark Enchantment a rating of: 


I love this series and it's characters.  They are so multidimensional whether they are the fae or goblins.  Each book gives the reader another chance to learn more about them and their unique world.  Dark Enchantment did just that and more.  I am anxiously awaiting another opportunity to visit this interesting world that Anya Bast has created.



  1. Damn you Bells. Now I have to buy this series. Great review.

  2. I LOVE this series!!! Can't wait for Niall's story. Great review Bells.

  3. Thanks for the review. Like Tori, I love this series as well and feel that each book gets better and stronger!

  4. I can't believe I haven't read this yet. I'm such a loser. It is on my kindle waiting for me too. Le sigh. This is my favorite cover of the series too.