Monday, April 4, 2011

Envyious New Releases: Week of 4/4/11

This week's release post is dedicated to my Twitter buddy Envyious who curses and loves me every Tuesday. LOL! Apparently my New Release list makes her buy more books that just start to pile up. Don't worry honey, I am in the same boat, and this week's releases are just going to add to the TRB pile!

Book 3 of this wonderful series is finally out!
Envyious has her very own A-C named Robert
and I'm wondering if he is on the cover.
Hmm...I'm going to ask the Leader of the Alien Collective
Gini Koch if Robert played an important role in this book.  
P.S.  I love you Martini...and Reader!

Book 3 in the series and it was
really good!  Review coming up on
the blog this week. 

Another sexy cover from Lauren Dane. 

This book reminded me of Pam when I saw it.

This cover weirds me out!


Book 4 in the series and I can't wait to read it. JACE!

4 the kiddies!


I can't wait to see this!  Garrett will be this weeks
Hump Day Hottie. 

I loved this show so much!  

You know what to do.  Tell me what you're getting this week!



  1. You forgot one... Jackie Morse Kessler's RAGE... 2nd book in the Riders of the Apocolypse series (HUNGER was book 1). They're for teens, and AMAZING!!

    I've already ordered City of Fallen Angels, and will probably pick up Dark Enchantment. I haven't started the Annette Blair or the Laura Wright series yet, but they're both on my "to buy/to read" lists. :-)

  2. Awesome list of new releases! A lot of wallets are going to be screaming in pain tomorrow.

  3. Jennifer - Thanks for telling me. I had it on the post when I started it, but it got deleted somehow. :)

    Marq - Yes they are!

  4. I <3 you Bells! Robert is on the left of Kitty, he kind of worships Dan Dos Santos now for putting him on the cover ;D As for Alien in the Family, he won't tell me anything *shakes fist* and I tried to coax him of answers Bells, I TRIED *wink wink* haha

    AND OMG Garett is SO hot in Tron (trying not to let Robert & clones see me type I'm going to make a quick getaway lol)

  5. Oh great list here Bells. Running away though, my bank account is crying. :)

  6. Love your bloggy look by the way!

  7. *drools over all the hot covers* (Except the Tina Fey one.) I am going to have to try Deidre Knight just based on that cover alone.