Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Smutty Goodness: Fav Series Edition!

Next up is the man with the amethyst eyes and mohawk.  He is just too cool for words and loved when he hung out with the brothers.  I hope we get to see him more in the future books.

Rehvenge aka Rehv
Book 6
Black Dagger Brotherhood


Triggered by the feeding, his vampire nature plowed over everything, a male's need to mark what he wanted, to establish sexual territory, to dominate, taking over and driving him to rip down her slacks, pull up one of hter legs, position his cock at her entrance of her sex---

And push his way into her.

Ehlena let out another keening cry as he penetrated her.  She was incredibly tight, and fearing her might hurt her, he fell still so her body could accommodate him.

"Are you okay?" hje asked, his voice so guttural he didn't know if she could understand him.

"Don't...stop...."Ehlena wrapped her legs around his ass, angling herself so he could get in ever deeper.

The growl that came out of him echoed around the bedroom--until he latched back onto her throat.

Although, even in the fury of the feeding and the sex, Rehv was careful with her--nothing like he was with the princess. Rehv slid in and out gently, making sure Ehlena was comfortable with his size. When it came to his blackmailer? He wanted to impart pain. With Ehlena? He'd castrate himself with a rusty knife before he hurt her.

Trouble was, she moved with him as he drank his fill of her, and the wild friction of their bodies soon overwhelmed him, his hips no longer surging carefully but pounding--until he had to release her vein or run the risk of tearing her open at the neck. After a couple of laps at his puncture marks, he dropped his head down into her hair and went for it hard and deep and strong.

Ehlena orgasmed, and as he felt the draws gripping along the shaft of his cock, his own release shot up from his sac...which he couldn't let happen. Before his barb engaged, he pulled out, coming all over her sex and her lower belly.

When it was over, he collapsed on top of her, and it was a while before he could talk.

"Ah...shit...I'm sorry. I must be heavy."

Ehlena's hands slid up his bak. "You're wonderful, actually."


His erection was hot and hard against the back of her thigh, and he was rubbing it against her. She knew what was coming next, and she welcomed him as he rolled on top of her, mounted her, found his way between her legs.  As he sank in deep and moved with sleepy instinct, her body echoed his rhythm and her arms went around his neck.

There were bite marks on his throat. A lot of them.

Bite marks on hers as well.

She closed her eyes, losing herself once again in them.

"Oh, God, Ehlena...I'm coming..."

As Rehv's body jackhammered against her, she held on to her mate and let the sex take over, knowing that hard thoughts and sharp anxiety would be waiting for her on the other side of the orgasm. She heard her name being called out as Rehv released and then felt that exciting, rushing grab as he engaged deep within her..

All she had to do was think of it and her own orgasm erupted, carrying her over the edge.

When they were both satiated, Rehvenge rolled to the side, being careful not to try to separate them too soon. As his amethyst eyes focused properly, he brushed her hair back from her face.

"Perfect way to wake up," he murmured.

"I agree."

Gotta love the barb. *wink*



  1. excuse me, I need a shower to get the smut off me before I head outside ;)

  2. I forgot how sexy Rehv was, it's been a while since I read his book. It's all coming back to me know though;) I never tire of these boys! Are you going in order? Is John Matthew next? He's my favorite:)

  3. Have I mentioned that I NOW love Mondays :)?

  4. Sharon S - Hehehehe!

    Jenny - I am doing them in order and yes, JM is next. Ford will be making an appearance after the BDB. ;)

    Victoria - Hey we gotta have something to get us through Monday's right?!

  5. I am gonna have to do a reread Rehv, at first wasn't sure how much I would like Rehv but fell in love with him after a few pages.

  6. Rehv instantly became one of my faves after this book. He became competition for Z as my favorite until Lover Mine happened. :P