Saturday, April 2, 2011

Awesome BDB news!


*shouting*  BDB4EVA!!

So we learned on Saturday night that the next BDB book will be Tohr's book!  HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THIS?!!!!  This book is easily going to be one of the most wanted books for 2012!!   All signs point to No'One being his mate.  They both deserve to have an awesome HEA!  Wicked L Pixie is gonna hurt someone if they don't!

We will have something else to obsess over other than the end of the world coming!  Right?  Here are some ideas I came up with for the title of Tohr's book.  (Ok I was kinda high on some Popeye's chicken fumes when I came up with some of these.) 

Lover Embraced
Because Tohr will be embracing a new love.  Self explanatory.  Hehe!

Lover Renewed
Because his love for someone else will be renewed.
Pam says this sounds like a magazine subscription.
She's kinda right. 

Lover Another
This could totally work!  It makes sense, it rhymes, it's
perfect!  It would describe his story for that is what will
be happening.  The love of another.
It sounds pleasing rolling off your tongue.
Try saying it out loud a couple of times.
Make those rrrr's roll of your tongue.
It would sound so sexy if Antonio Banderas would say it.

Lover Anew
Sounds like something that Shakespeare himself
would come up with.  I thought it sounded good, until
Pam told me that it sounded like it belonged in a
douche commercial.
HAHAHAHAHA!!   Refreshing!

But, my favorite so far was thought up by
Trish on Twitter:

Lover Restored

I love it!  I think it would be perfect for the storyline.
His love for another is restored!  Ahhhh!
My poor heart.  Wellsie!  But I think she would want him to find love again.
I'm sure she will make a visit in the book and tell him so.

So what do you think about my choices?   What do you think the next book should be called and what do you think will happen in it?   I love this series so much and cannot wait to read this book.  I also can't wait to read Qhuay's story so let's hope that is coming up in the near future as well.  *wink*



  1. I like the first one, Lover Embraced! That's the one that would get my vote. I said I was taking a hiatus from the BDB books but dangit, couldn't she have picked a non-brother so my hiatus could stick? Grrrrr/yeaaaaaa!

  2. YAY!!! hee hee hee! This was fun. I really don't have any suggestions, I just like to critique them :)
    I am sooooooooo excited for him to get his book finally!! now we wait a year but it'll be worth it.

  3. Awww thanks! I know she would definitely want him to find love's just her nature. I have a feeling I will be doing some serious sniffling through his book,his story is just so painful. Him finding love and feeling ok about it is going to be just as painful. Just like you said "AHHH MY POOR HEART!"

  4. LOL If I was shopping for a douche, I would definitely buy one called LOVER ANEW.

  5. OK... maybe Lover Reborn (like the Brooks & Dunn song... "I'm born to love again...")

    Or... maybe Lover Unbroken... cause... well... duh, lol

    I really like yours too... these are just a few I think would work for Tohr. :-) I'm sooooo happy he's finally getting another shot at a Happily Ever After. :-)

  6. Peep - I like that one as well. Get back on the BDB horse girl! Yeehaw!

    Pamela - I have so much fun discussing stuff with you! I think it'll be worth it as well.

    Trish - It really was a great suggestion. Thanks for allowing me to put your idea on here. LOL

    Carolyn - I laughed so hard reading your comment that I cried a little. LOL

    Jennifer - I like that one as well. He deserves an HEA for sure!

  7. Lover Embraced! I like that one :)

  8. LMAO @ Carolyn!!!!

    I need coffee before I can think of a title. This excites me though.


  10. Yesterday when I stopped by I thought there was something going on w/my computer. Nope - you changed the site. I love it!
    As for a title I kinda like Lover Restored.

  11. I totally squeed. I think I'll do it again. *SQUEEEEEEE* Tohr is my favorite. Always has been. I cannot wait for his book!!!!!

  12. EEEEEEEEE What a great thing to wake up to , I have been wanting Tohr's book like forever.

    I love either Lover Embraced or Lover Restored

  13. I don't care what it's called, just excited tohr is gonna have an hea. *insert squeeeeeeeeee here*

  14. YEA! Poor Tohr. He totally needs this HEA.

    I personally love Lover Anew!

  15. BV - Thanks! That was the 1st one I came up with.

    Smexi - I love the new look as well ;)

    Victoria - Thanks!

    MamaKitty - PIC I can't wait to read it either!

    BLHMistress - I am glad I could be the bearer of good news to you.

    Turbi - Squeeeeeee!

    Ash - I liked that one too, until Pam made me laugh so hard over it. LOL!

  16. Bells! I love your new header, it's gorgeous! And I'm already getting excited for Tohr's book, I love that we're getting one of the Brothers that we've known for a long time and we're already pretty attached to. I liked Manny and Payne, but I wasn't all that connected to them since they were both pretty new to the BDB world, but Tohr has been around for a while and I'm ready to see him happy. And don't even get me started on Qhuay. Padded cell Bells, padded cell.

  17. What a great post! Great names, too! Lover Embraced kind of seems like a very WARDen name - it falls right in line with all the others. :)
    I'm so excited for Tohr to finally be happy - we only barely got to know him, then he disappeared, then comes back ravaged... He needs some happiness- I'd also like to see more of the relationship between him and JM evolve and get better. :)

    Hello, Qhuay!! Anytime soon would be perfect for me... :) I know they only get a novella - but she could publish that like yesterday... :)

  18. Jenny - Thank you. I love it as well. Larissa did a great job. We would have a ball discussing Qhuay in our padded cell. I can't wait for their novella!

    mpyff - I can't wait to read more about Tohr and JM. I am happy that they had the chance to mend their relationship somewhat.

  19. I am not good at picking names. All I know is that I am sure whatever gets picked will propably totally surprise us!

    I was just about finished with Lover Unleashed and was just thinking that Tohr was completely missing and how disappointing that was. Then I read that he is next to get his book so what I want to know it next March yet? Damn the wait for Tohr is going to be killer!

    Oh I agree I NEED more Qhuay!!! I have a feeling this is being dragged along on purpose now. I just hope when we finally get a conclusion it is written worthy of all the build up!

  20. I'm surprised there wasn't more Tohr in LU if his book is next. Give us a little something to look forward too.... I can't wait for more Qhuay, there was not enough for me in LU although I loved seeing more of V. :)