Friday, January 14, 2011

Preparation for Shadowfever!

The release date of Shadowfever is almost finally here! I have been waiting for this date since reading Dreamfever and was so excited when the release date for Shadowfever was released. The original release date was in 12/09 and we were so excited to find out. Then came the dreaded news that the release date was being pushed back to 1/18/11, but, that it was going to be longer. We supported each other through this long time and it's almost here my friends.

I decided to start preparing for this wonderful day and I thought to myself, "Am I the only one (weirdo) that is going to actually get ready for this day?" HELLZ YES I am! So I decided to do a blog post about it. I told my Powduh Partner Marq what I was doing and she said, "Hey why don't you see if others are doing the same thing?" Great idea! I asked and am so happy to know that I'm not the only one (weirdo) who is preparing for this wonderful day!

Bells preparation and Release Day Schedule
  • I requested to have 1/18/11 off from work. If they would have denied my request, I'm not ashamed to say that I would have called out sick. Yup, they would have been short by one staff member that day.
  • I have purchased various items such as bottled water and snacks so that I don't have to leave the couch for anything. Wearing an adult diaper is not something that I want to do, so I guess I'll have to get up to use the bathroom eventually. LOLOL! (I'm a dork!)
  • Tylenol will be on standby just in case I get a headache and tissues for those emotional scenes. You know there are going to be some in this book!
  • I plan on being up at 3am release day. As soon as that book is downloaded to Aeva (my Kindle) the reading will begin! I have at least a good 3 hours to myself before waking up the kids for school. They take care of themselves every morning, so I don't have to worry about them.
  • My 2 year old. Yeah...she's going to be watching tv all day long. Wha? If she feels like playing with her toys, then she can play with them. Other than that, I'm hoping she takes a long nap at some time during the day. I'll take breaks to feed her and change her diaper. Quick breaks!
  • Dinner - My family is on their own. I will be locked away in my bedroom while they decide what to eat. More than likely it will be take out. Pizza probably. If hubs wants to make something, that is up to him. Would it be bad of me to say that I don't really care what they do? I mean my poor 2 year old daughter can't take care of herself. I'm sure one of them will feed her...right?

I hope to read throughout the entire day. I want to consume this book with my mind, body, and soul.

Here is what others are doing to prepare for Shadowfever and what they are doing on release day.

Marquetta (lovetoread4fun) - Self proclaimed wife of Barrons. Check her twitter page: Mrs. JZB

January 18, 2011 is a special day for us Fever lovers. On this day, the highly anticipated 5th book of the series, Shadowfever, will finally be released! *throws confetti and booty pops down the hall* The wait has been long, cruel and inhumane. So as we count down the days to release day, we Fever Freaks have been conspiring and planning on what we’re going to do on that special day. So what’s my plan of action? I’m glad you asked.

Since I will not be going to work on release day, I need to come up with a plausible excuse to take off the 18th after already being off for MLK birthday. I’m thinking about using the excuse that I need the extra day off to fully realize Dr. King’s Dream. Think that’ll work?

First, I will be waking up at 3am because that’s when my hubby, JZB, should be arriving. Then I’m going to snuggle up in my “Branded by JZB” t-shirt, put on my comfy PINK sweatpants and lock myself in my bedroom. I’m counting myself off from all outside communication; no TV, no phone, no internet. I won’t be tweeting sh*t until I have read the last and final word. I will leave my room until I am 100% finished with Shadowfever. I will limit all liquids and solid food so that I am not interrupted by those pesky bathroom breaks. And if I have to go, MacKayla will be coming with me.

I plan on coming out of my bedroom looking like a red-eyed zombie mad woman but hopefully, I will be a very satisfied red-eyed zombie mad woman. :D

My padded cell buddy Jenny!

I thought I'd share with you my plans for Barrons Day:) I don't know that I will be getting up early to read because I hold sleep in pretty high esteem, but I plan on doing nothing but reading that entire day. Hubs is under strict instructions not to speak to me or distract me in any way on threat of bodily harm to the parts he values most. I must have time to focus on my Barrons. I've built gaps into the schedule for freak-outs and general hysteria, as well as breaks for Tums and chocolate. Glorious combination. Then once done, I plan on getting on Twitter and DMing all of you to the best of my ability so we can all compare notes, and share in either the joy or misery of finally having answers.

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's plans!

Mandi aka Smexybooks:

Smexy's plan of action 1/18.

4:30am: Wake up to the alarm.

4:31am: Pour coffee, cling to Kindle and hiss at anyone who dares to question why I am awake at this hour.

4:32am: Read the first sentence of Shadowfever and immediately break out in hive-related jitters.

7:30am: Forget to wake up the hub and kids because I am in my fantasy world and can't be disturbed.

7:31am: Realize if I don't get the hubs and kids off to school/work I will not be able to read during the day.

9am: Beg my mother to watch my 4 yr old so I can read (She is a Barrons lover, she will understand)

3pm: Pick up various children in a book induced haze.

6pm: Order pizza

7:30pm: Put kids to bed, warn hubs that he is not to even look in my direction for the rest of the night.

Sometime in early am next day - Jump for joy and shed a tear at a wonderful conclusion to a series.

Judi L.

have actually given this a lot of thought.
I am sure that I won't be able to concentrate at work knowing all my peeps are already reading the book and getting all the good 411 on Barrons.
I checked with Mandi @smexybooks about when Amazon would download a pre-order and she told me that it probably won't be right at mid-night. If I could be sure it would download then, I for sure would be staying up and missing work the next day (planned of course as a vacation day).
I think I will be getting up early - like around 300-400am and looking for my precious download. I am going to schedule the day off work so I can enjoy the full Barrons experience. And I can state that I have NEVER in my life planned a day off work to read a book.
It's a first for me and no doubt Barrons is worthy of being my "first".

Tigris Eden my Doode!

I wish I could do what everyone else who is smart plans to do.... That is STAY THE EFF HOME and READ and READ only taking minor breaks.... But its a payroll day so my ass will be in the office... So I will only get a total of 6 hours of reading done if even that.... For starters I will be up at 4am when that bad mamajama downloads to my Kindle.... Read for an hours... Convince myself that I need to go to work, struggle to do just that and somehow pull myself away from my Kindle to actually put that (going to work plan) in action.

Then at lunch I'm ordering in... Sitting at my desk, closing the door and going back to reading for another hour..... Once again will have to convince myself that I have to return to payroll.... Now here is a thought..... I could in essences leave early say, after all payroll is complete and therefore increase my time with Shadowfever.... This is highly highly LIKELY... That will give my an additional two hours of reading, once again increasing my reading to 8 hrs. A lot can be accomplished with 8 hours. I will not be tweeting...I will not be blogging.... Hell, I am not going to do anything but Read, eat, Read, potty break with my book, eat, read... and then go to bad at the last possible moment...

I will have the book finished by friday..... And ya'll will be hearing from Bells and I as we are giving away a Signed Copy of the book.... HELL TO THE MUTHAFLUFFIN YEAYA!

Till we blog or tweet again...
Tigris Eden

The wonderful Buck Eye Girl Reads, Colette!

My plans are to: Take a vacation day off on Tuesday, and still take my day off on Wednesday, because I'll need time to recover from reading it! I also am planning on making an Irish Dinner-I'm just not sure what yet. I also have to have my book snacks ready: Popcorn, Cheetos, and Swedish Fish. Very lame, I know....

Dren from DrensBSpot!

I may have to put in a vacation day for Jan 18th. SERIOUSLY and then head over to my fav 24/hr coffee shop and pop a squat and read. No kids. No hubs. Nothing but coffee and Barrons. I'll be there ALL DAYUM DAY!

Book Vixen

I'm a newbie addict to the Fever series meaning I just read books 1-4 last week. They owned my life. I was sucked right into that world. I'm pre-ordering SF on my Kindle and may (or may not) start reading at midnight. I cannot wait!!

Dee (kuuipo228)

Well I preordered but I won't have it release day... Luckily I'm off on that day so I will get up early head to B&N and buy another copy and then disappear into a silver of my own so I can read without interruption!! Stock up on red bull it's gonna be a long night.... If I start saving now maybe I can rent a room ;)

Pamela (SpazP)

At the risk of my hubs laughing his arse off at me, I am waiting at the book store when it opens at 9 AM, obtaining my book, and CALLING IN SICK to work that day to READ ALL DAY! Shhhhhhhh!

As you can see folks, I'm not the only one excited about Shadowfever! Are you ready?!!



  1. This is a great post Bells and friends! I see a theme running here. Days off work, hissing at people... I told my husband that he is not to look at me or touch me or try to have a conversation with me until I finish the book. He thinks that's a bit much. I reminded him of how he was when Halo2 came out. He no longer thinks it's a bit much.
    I can't frikin' wait for Tuesday!!!

  2. Did I mention I pre-ordered SF to Martini, my Kindle? So I also will be getting up at 3:00am. I'll have to remember to get coffee ready the night before. I'm also going to have allow twitter time and freak out time. I forgot about bottled water-good idea Bells!

  3. I already have it pre ordered to my e reader and have the hardback coming. I will be in my "special" reading room-aka the bathroom all day. Snacks and drinks are in a special cooler ready to go. Kidlet will be in school and hubs has been told to pretend that he is a care free single parent that day.

  4. *chanting* TUESDAY....TUESDAY....TUESDAY....TUESDAY

    Yeah, it's like that.

  5. I feel like a slacker as I have NO GAME PLAN! I'll get to it ASAP though. I'm sure you'll be sickened by this laissez-faire attitude! Unfortunately, I have a presentation on Tuesday so no sick/vaca day for me! *wimpers*

  6. My plans have changed! Wahhh!!!! :( I have to be at work Tuesday. I have crappy year end financial reporting that I have to send to management. My job sucks! *stomps foot* I'll still be up at 3am. I'll read until it's time for me to go to work. I need to stock up on Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy to get through the day. I'll be far away from the internet until I've finished Shadowfever so you guys won't be seeing me for a couple of days.

  7. *snicker* you all are awesome! I hope you have fun... I'm not a reader of the series, so I'll be doing my normal thing on Tuesday. Enjoy.


  9. I'm with you on that one on calling in sick but I babysit my granddaughter... can you get me out of that one??