Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Releases of the week: 1/24/11

Welcome to another great week of new releases!


Book 3 in the Guild Hunter Series.
I love you Raphael!

The wonderful Larissa Ione's short story
is now available for ebook download.
Click here to find out more info on her site.

Out for the first time in paperback!



I love Corinne's voice. She has a
remake of Wing's "My Love" on this EP.
I love that song!

Music DVD's

The two-disc documentary chronicles the entire story
of the New Jersey rockers career.


One of my all time favorite movies is out
on Blu-Ray! I'm going to have to make
the hubs buy this for me! I cry like
a baby every time I watch this!

Tell me what you are getting this week!



  1. Thanks for posting these releases! I didn't know that Marjorie M Liu already had another book from her series coming out....looks like I might have to go to the bookstore this week :) Happy Reading!

  2. *screaming* CEILLLLEEEEEEEEE!!!! NETTTTTTEEEEEEE!! You told Harpo to Beat me! YOU SURE IS UGLY!!! Needless to say I love The Color Purple!! And I'm offically BROKE!!

  3. Lover of Romance - You're welcome! Lot's of great stuff! My wallet is currently hiding in my pocketbook!

    Dren - LMAO!! My favorite part: "I's kill Harpo dead before I let him lay another hand one me!"