Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Tour: Melissa Ecker

I am very happy to be a proud sponsor of the
Blog Tour de Force today!


One lucky person participating in this wonderful event
will have the chance to win a Kindle that is fully loaded with
awesome books from the authors participating in this event!
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The wonderful author that I am sponsoring today is:
Melissa Ecker!


Her Seduction In Memory Grove series is wonderful
and I am focusing today on book 1 of the series:
Pull The Trigger

Rebecca Harper is making a clean break. The ink is dry on her divorce decree
and her dream job has finally come to fruition. In two weeks, she will be on
a plane to St. Louis. All her plans are set until sexy cop Justin Cain, her former high school crush, asks her to dinner. This one night out instigates a roller coaster ride of hot sex, serious soul searching and heart breaking decisions. Will Rebecca leave Justin behind to follow her dreams? Or will his love be enough to keep her in Memory Grove?

My review of Pull The Trigger:

After pulling over Rebecca for speeding one night, Justin is able to offer Rebecca the support and attention that she needs. She is going through a hard time and Justin is just what she needs to take her mind off of things. Not only is he a great listener, but he is able to help her through this difficult time in so many different ways. ;) Justin gives Rebecca the freedom to live out her fantasies and this leads to many great sex scenes. We also get to see their relationship grow and things become serious when Rebecca has to make a decision regarding her future.

I felt that Pull the Trigger was a great lead into the great series. I'm giving this novella *4* Bells!


I loved that Justin loved Rebecca for who she was and was able to give her confidence in herself. That was something that her ex-husband wasn't able to do and it just showed how much of a great guy Justin was. She was able to be open and honest with him and was able to enjoy their relationship much more.

Pull The Trigger was just the beginning to this wonderful series that I enjoyed so much. I did a review for the entire series if you would like to read it here.


Melissa Ecker is giving away a copy of her ebook to one lucky winner today!
All you have to do is:
  • Be a follower of my blog
  • Leave a meaningful comment!
  • Please include you email so that I can contact you if you win.

Good luck!

You can find out more info on Melissa Ecker's books on her website.
I enjoy her books very much and can't wait for her future releases.
Trust me when I say that once you read her books, you're going to want more!



  1. Bells, I was so glad to see you were a part of this tour when I opened my reader this morning. How exciting!! Sad to see that tomorrow is the last day. I like the sound of Pull the Trigger. Thanks for the review!

    Already a follower


  2. Nice review... I'll have to add Pull the Trigger to my wishlist. It's always nice to find another new to me author:)

    *Blog Follower

  3. Bells, you keep telling me how much I'd love Melissa Ecker's books. I'm sold. :)

  4. I've got this one on my wish list since I've seen lots of buzz about this series by Melissa on Twitter. I would so love to win it! Thanks for the great give-away


  5. Sounds like a great series! Book #2, a cowboy, Yummy! I seriously need more time in the day to read.
    I am a follower!

  6. I have been dying to get my hands on one of her books since you pimped out her book with the hot cowboy named Luke. I have been telling everyone that I know that is a cowboy book ho.. Us girls have to look out for one another. Right?
    Thanks for the chance to get ahold of a yummy alpha man.

  7. Melissa is a new author to me and this sounds like something I would enjoy reading.nice review

    I am a follower

  8. Hey Bells,
    Thanks for having Melissa on your blog and doing this giveaway... I so want to win this book!! So can't wait read.....

    Kelly M

  9. Great review. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read this book. It sounds really great.

  10. I really think we all need a Justin in our lives! Thanks for the heads up on what sounds like a very good read. (p.s. hope I win)
    Be well and thanks for your efforts.

  11. Nice review. Thank you for the giveaway. I would also love to read this book because it sounds interesting. Love finding new authors!

  12. I've already read Mount Up, and from what I've read, I'll definitely enjoy the other Seduction in Memory Grove books. Even though it didn't seem necessary to read them in order, I feel like I gotta read Pull the Trigger now!

    Thanks for the review, Bells and the giveaway, Melissa.
    PolarisGreen at gmail dot com