Monday, November 22, 2010

New Releases: Week of 11/22/10

A really interesting week for new releases. Some good books, some good music, some good movies! WIN, WIN, WIN!!


I'm not all about the smut you know!
*I totally am*

4 the Kiddies


Kanye West is back in the building y'all!
Title: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Original recording remastered. For my Boo JA Saare!

Music DVD's

The complete collection of all 35 of the short films produced by Michael during his career as a solo artist - 10 of which are appearing on DVD for the first time. Bonus DVD includes 7 additional videos including “Enjoy Yourself” with The Jacksons, “Say Say Say” with Paul McCartney and the Previously Unreleased video for “One More Chance”.

R.I.P. Selena!

Available at Walmart on 11/26. Everywhere else on
11/30. I am so getting this. You know I'm a Stan!


I can't wait to see this! I see you Jason Statham!

Halleluyer! Madea is out with another play!

Video Games

OMG! This is the first ever video game that I have added to a New
Release post! Once you see it you will understand why!!

IT'S MICHAEL!!! You can dance like Michael Jackson!
This game is available for all the game platforms. Here is a
link to Gamestop so you can get more info on this game!
Wicked L Pixie, I know you are going to be dancing like

Tell me what you are getting. Any music? There is some great music next week as well. ;)



  1. I say Janet, Jay-Z, Kanye and Karen.

  2. TAKE TWO! This is the post that never just goes on and on my friends...some people started posting it not knowing what it was...and they'll continue posting it forever just because.......THIS IS THE POST THAT NEVER ENDS....IT JUST GOES ON AND ON MY FRIENDS......

    Ok...I like Nicki Minaj...but she is STRANGE.
    And I totally saw that Micheal game on tv tonight and looked at the hubby and said I WANT THAT...I want to moonwalk in my living room lol