Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Welcome back to Monday Smutty Goodness! I have taken a break from doing this post and am now excited to bring you a great scene from one of my newest Book Boyfriends!

Book Boyfriend of the Week:
Andrew Copeland (Cope)

He crawled over her, kissing all her best parts until her reached her mouth and settled in. She traced her fingers up his back, digging into that solid muscle to urge him closer, to urge him inside.

"You got a place to be?" he asked, teasing around her entrance with the head on his cock until she whimpered. "What's your hurry?" At that, he slowly pressed inside her as if he had all the time in the world and wasn't ready to explode like she was.

"My hurry? I'm going to die if you don't just get in there and start moving. It's really rather unfair of you to break my sex fast and introduce this diet of you and stuff, and then expect me to be patient about getting more." She furrowed her brow, and he laughed, pushing all the way in at long last.


She squirmed and caught the strain on his face.

"Ha! You want it too."

"Darlin', of course I want it. It's pretty much all I think about all day long, every day. Being in you, hearing your squeaks and squeals and the occasional sex high. I like those too. Now, let me do my work here."

He began a slow, deep rhythm, his gaze locked on her face, her eyes.

"You feel so good. So hot and tight. Make being in you like this totally torture, but the best kind. It feels so amazing it's almost too much."

It wasn't enough. Just not quite enough. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and adjusted her angel, getting him in deeper. That was enough.

It was even better when she noted the sweat on his forehead and the strain in his muscles. He was getting closer. She tightened herself around him, making his gasp, and she did it again a few more times for good measure.

He whispered in her ear. "Make yourself come around me."

Now that was wanton.

She slide her hand between them, her gaze still locked with his. She'd never in her whole life done this in front of everyone else! But she wasn't embarrassed, especially when he groaned once her fingers found her clit and she began to circle it.

He hissed. "So good, so good..."

She wasn't long this way and when she hit her peak, he groaned her name, following her into climax.

I need more...

"Hot and wet. My favorite things on you."

"Mmm. She put her hands on his shoulders and levered herself up and then down again, rolling his hips as he began to thrust so hard her boobs bounced. Pleasure flooded her system as he fucked into her body.

Where she gripped his shoulders she could feel the tremble of his muscles. "Don't hold back. I'm, oh god, I'm fine, and I want this. I want it all."

He groaned, ragged, needy, and pressed deep and hard, his grip on her hips tightening, sending a wave of delicious sensation through her.

"I want every bit of you, Ella" he ground out through a clenched jaw.

"I'm right her. Take me."

*sigh* Cope has got it going on! There is more hotness in this book and I suggest you read the entire series cause it is wonderful!



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  3. Stacy - Cope is hawt!

    Nikki - I hope you get to read this soon.

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  4. ROFL Book Crack Kills .... wallets and bank accounts ROFL

  5. *sigh* such a good book Lauren Dane is Awesome!!

  6. I'm in need of a cold shower Bells! I've missed your Monday smutty goodness, and this was a heck of a way to bring it back:) Yum!