Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gena Chat on Twitter!

Gena Lovah's rejoice! The Great One has filled us in on some of her future book info and secrets! I am taking a quick break from worshiping at my altar to fill you in on what we have to look forward to from the wonderful Gena! *chants* Gena, Gena, Gena!

Lord of the Underworld Series
General Info

No set number of the Lords, but more than the original 12.

Don't know how many Lords books there will be. And yes, I am in talks to do a spin-off series!

So far we know that is the is the order of the books that will be released in the near future: Amun, Strider, Kane, Paris, William (?)

More female Lords are on the way. (Awesome)

Lords spin off would be angels, harpies, William, and the side characters you've met (and will soon meet).

New demon keepers will be coming on the scene and they will be main characters.

Favorite Lord to write so far has been Sabin. Love the hardasses :)

Ash's babies will come in one of the 2012 books.

The book after Strider's will be Kane's.

Her favorite Lord is Strider.

The Lords are trying to wait till after war to have babies, but as we all know, trying doesn't mean succeeding.

I would like to write a happily ever after for Legion.

Atlas and Nike don't show up in the 11 books, but maybe the 12th.

Individual Characters


Paris will get a book in 2012

Paris's heroine is a wee bit up in the air. I ~think~ it will be Sienna, who is currently being tortured.

With everything that's happened to Sienna, she is a totally different person. I think you will be surprised.

Sienna is now Keeper of Wrath.


Torin's heroine hasn't been intro'd yet.

I do know the name of Torin's mate -- Keely.

Torin's heroine does not appear in the upcoming 2011 books.

Torin's book will probably be last.

William (YAY!)

William does have a big part in the upcoming books.

William will get his own book (but Anya still has his precious).

I see William and Gilly together, but I saw Torin and Cameo together too, and look what they did to me.

I'm still figuring out William's relationship with Lucifer, but lots of goodies revealed in Darkest Secrets.

You will probably meet people from Anya's past in William's book. they are besties, so need some page time together.


Baden will get a book, yes, have learned something VERY cool about him, and can't wait to share in upcoming Darkest Secret!

Baden and Pandora might be a couple.

I don't see Baden with Legion. I've been seeing her with Galen, but again, always subject to change


Cameo's man hasn't yet formed in my mind yet, not in any way.

Cameo's book will be one of the last.

Alien Huntress
Loved writing the car scene with Ava and McKell! One of my hottest.

Ava was very hard to write, and the reason I struggled writing the book.

Ecstasy was also one of the hardest books I've ever written. I really struggled with some of the scenes.

Devyn is one of my top favorite characters. I love his attitude. (I LOVE DEVYN!!)

Seduce the Darkness was a blast to write! Devyn still makes me chuckle :)

McKell got over Bride completely the moment he met his Ava.


Haven't written Dallas's book yet, but he's major player in Hector's book.

Dallas currently realizes there are more to his visions of the future than he realized.

Dallas's vision realization will happen in Hector and Noelle's book, Dark Taste of Rapture.


No more Atlantis books currently in works. I don't yet have solid idea 2 write another played with some ideas but nothing yet works


Trinity is trying to survive :)

I don't yet know what going to happen in final Intertwined book, but it will be a happy ending. That's a must have for me.

Fave Intertwined character probably Riley.

Other Gena info

I do have an idea for another YA series -- currently in talks with publisher about that!

In the works is non-fic, alien huntress, just finished twisted, just wrote a nocturne, & lord book is up next to be written (kane)

I had a blast writing Ecstasy in Darkness! All the scenes with Ava and Noelle had me laughing out loud.

I would like to write a 3rd Tales of an Ex Girl, but nothing is currently in the work

Writing influences -- Kresley Cole, PC Cast, Karen Moning, Johnna Lindsey, Linda Howard, and more, they are ground breakers!

Kresley Cole and I have talked about doing a con together!

Don't stone me, but I've never had writer's block. The characters just kinda lead me to where they want to go!

I'm writing a non-fic with Jill Monroe, so that's another genre to conquer.

We plan to merchandize!

That is all I could catch! If you want to read more you can head over to some of my blogger buddies who were just as excited as I was! The wonderful Prego Smokin Hot Books and one of my favorite Gena buddies JoJo's Book Corner!

Now excuse me while I head back to my altar to worship The Great One! *chanting* Gena, Gena, Gena!



  1. I think I am the only one who doesn't care about Sienna!!!! I hope Paris gets someone else. There, I said it! :P Thanks for taking notes for the rest of us, Bells!

  2. Spaz - LOL! I really don't care for Sienna either.

  3. Thanks for getting me all caught up since I missed the chat!!

  4. THANKS BELLS! I couldn't keep up with the chat - it was giving me a headache!

    to Pam and Bells: I *heart* Sienna... she's gone through hell... she deserves an HEA. so there! LOL *sticks out tongue* :-)

  5. Sienna HAS TO BE WITH PARIS! Or I'll cry or something.