Friday, October 1, 2010

Review: Hunger Undone by JA Saare

Title: Hunger Undone

Author: JA Saare

Publisher: Amira Press

Genre: Erotic Romance (Shape-Shifter)

Can be purchased at: Amira Press

Received book from author to review.

Three months ago, jaguar shifter Marshall Mackenzie met his mate. Sultry witch Mira Jones is beautiful, smart, and everything he wants -- there is just one problem. Their introduction was orchestrated by his employer, which meant Marshall was forced to break Mira’s trust in order to uncover the secrets of a magical coven responsible for killing innocents. Mira fled from him when she learned the truth -- both angry and afraid -- but Marshall’s determined to teach the alluring female that while she can run from the hunger that now consumes her, she can never hide.

Hunger Undone is part of a anthology about a group of men that work for a covert company called Bad Boys Inc. JA Saare's story focuses on a shifter by the name of Marshall who has located his mate that fled. He finds Mira in a place he did not expect. Mira on the other hand, does what she has to do to survive.

Hunger Undone is the first novella that I have read and to be honest, I wanted more story. I don't have a lot of experience in reading novellas, novelettes, and quickies. Because of that I need to realize that I won't know more about their back story. JA Saare warned me that it was short, and that I shouldn't expect a full length book, but as a reader I'm so used to having the full package. I am used to reading full length paperbacks and sometimes I still don't feel satisfied reading those. I'm a greedy reader and I wanted more after I finished Hunger Undone. *chuckles* My mother should have given me the middle name of "instant gratification".

I'm giving Hunger Undone at *3.75* Bells!


Why 3.75? Because it's not a 3.5 or 4 for me. Yes I am weird!

Hunger Undone is a hot quick read. Even though I wanted more from the story, I liked the characters and was able to feel the attraction and connection between them. Marshall is not afraid of telling Mira that she is his. He gets right to the point that he wants her and wants her NOW! I like that in a man. I also like that Mira will not compromise who she for others. I found that to be a strong part of her character and she stands up to Marshall and let's him know her true feelings.

JA Saare has written several other novellas and I plan on reading them all to get a better feeling for this category of books. I can definitely see myself reading more novellas in the future. I hope they help me with my "instant gratification" problem. ;)



  1. Ahhhh don't we all love a little instant gratification? haha great review :)

  2. I like novellas cos they get to the nitty gritty really quick! haha

  3. Thanks for the review, Bells. Novellas are a love/hate thing with me. If "I" can choose the length, I love them. If I can't, not so much. It's tough to fit an entire story into 15k words. :)

    With that said -- there are a LOT of great novellas out there. Now that you've discovered them, you can start to explore. Have fun and keep a glass of ice water handy!