Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Releases: 9/14/10



Zombies are the new Vampires.

They are totally taking over. *BRAINS*

Gosh! What are Elizabeth & Darcy doing now?!

I love to read this every year to see what the Winter will be like. I'm
too cheap to buy it, so I always sneak a peek in the supermarket line.

Now you can knit your very own "vampire" inspired clothing *chuckling*
That sweater looks nice though.


4 the Kiddies

WERE-WIENER! *giggling* I am SO buying this for my boys.

A new book for Colin and his momma (Twimom) to read.




By the time you read this, my dearest Smexi (smexybooks)has downloaded
and listened to this entire album...twice!

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

I just had to include this album cover. Freaky!


I can't wait to see this! I love Queen Latifah and Common is fine!

Oh Jake, I will try my best not to drool as I watch this with the family.
I'll be Netflixing this one. I want to see what happens to the older couple.

This DVD contains all of the episodes from Season 1.

This DVD contains the remaining episodes that were not on Vol 1
that has been released already.

Let me know what you are getting this week.




    Hell yes it is downloaded...AND I'm awaiting my new BFlow shirt....it's a good day Bells, a good day indeed.

    I <3 you :)

  2. *goes to order Harry Potter cookbook*

    Thanks so much for making me aware of this :D

  3. Harry Potter Cookbook? That sounds interesting! I'm glad that Wicked Appetiate is releasing today-I ordered it for my mom, and she's in deseperate need of a new series to start.

  4. I want to see Just Wright because my Boo Mehcad Brooks is in the movie! Yum! I also want to buy the first season of Glee. And I'm reading Hard to Hold for TLC Book Tours. Yay! Great list! You da best!

  5. We are going to the library to check the book out this week! :-)

  6. \m/\m/ Happy Flamingo Day! :P

    I can honestly say I've not heard of ANY of the adult books you listed - gots to go check that itz out! :D

  7. Janet and Julie look good to me but Yikes are Elizabeth and Darcy chasing ghosts?

  8. I think I need to buy the Glee DVDs. I NEED TO!

  9. Wow...
    I am totally impressed with Vampire Knits! Now I want it. *g*
    And I put a lot of these books in my "to-read" list!! :)

  10. First, I watched Letters to Juliet Friday and that guy is a terrible actor, but Amanda Seyfried is awesome. Second, I love Queen Latifah and have wanted to see Just Wright for awhile...(ever wonder what her friends call her?)

    Third, Zombies ARE the new vampire although, they scare the hell out of me in a "I need the lights on while I sleep" kind of way. And, I would love some inspired vampire clothing *giggles like a schoolgirl*...no, seriously, I would. Although, clothing in general might work too.

    Fourth (yes, I'm still going) Linkin Park is the BEST band and I {heart} them.

    Lastly, Jake Gyllenhaal in the Prince of Persia deserves to be licked and THIS POST was fabulous.

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