Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

This weeks Book Boyfriend if very popular and loved by many.

Book Boyfriend of the week:
Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5

Thanks to the wonderful people at HBO, this weeks Book Boyfriend is on a little show called True Blood. ;) For the first time I can actually post a pic of my B.B. to go along with the scene. Ladies I give you Eric, played by the breathtaking Alexander Skarsgard:

(keep this pic in mind as you are reading the scene)


I took the soap from the niche and lathered up my fingers. As I stepped very close to him, I kind of folded Mr. happy up against Eric's stomach, so I could reach around him and get my fingers on that absolutely gorgeous butt. I couldn't look him in the face, but he let me know he was delighted that I was responding. He spread his legs obligingly and I washed him very thoroughly, very meticulously. He began to make little noises, to rock forward. I began to work on his chest. I closed my lips around his right nipple and sucked. He liked that a lot. His hands pressed against the back of my head. "Bite, a little," he whispered, and I used my teeth. His hands began to move restlessly over whatever bit of my skin they could find, stroking and easing. When he pulled away, he had decided to reciprocate, and he bent down. While his mouth closed over my breast, his hand glided between my legs. I gave a deep sigh, and did a little moving of my own. He had long fingers.

The next thing I knew, the water was off and he was drying me with a fluffy white towel, and I was rubbing him with another one. Then we just kissed for a while, over and over.

"The bed," he said, a little raggedly, and I nodded. he scooped me up and then we got into a kind of tangle with me trying to pull the bedspread down while he just wanted to dump me on the bed and proceed, but I had my way because it was just too cold for the top of the bed. Once we were arranged, I turned to him and we picked back up where we'd left off, but with an escalating tempo. His fingers and his mouth were busy learning my topography, and he pressed heavily against my thigh.

I was so on fire for him I was surprised that flames didn't flicker out of my fingertips. I curled my fingers around him and stroked.

Suddenly Eric was on top of me, about to enter. I was exhilarated and very ready. I reached between us to put him at just the right spot, rubbing the tip of him over my nub as I did so.

"My lover," he said hoarsely, and pushed.

Thought I'd been sure I was prepared, and I ached with wanting him, I cried out with the shock of it.

After a moment, he said, "Don't close your eyes. Look at me, lover." The way he said "lover" was like a caress, like he was calling me by a name no other man had ever used before or ever would after. His fangs were completely extended and I stretched up to run my tongue over the I expected he would bite my neck, as Bill nearly always did.

"Watch me," he said in my ear, and pulled out. I tried to yank him back, but he began kissing his way down my body, making strategic stops, and I was hovering on the golden edge when he got all the way down. His mouth was talented, and his fingers took the place of his penis, and then all of a sudden he looked up the length of my body to make sure I was watching--I was--and he turned his face to my inner thigh, nuzzling it, his fingers moving steadily now, faster and faster, and then he bit.

I may have made a noise, I am sure I did, but in the next second I was floating on the most powerful wave of pleasure I'd ever felt. And the minute the shining wave subsided, Eric was kissing my mouth again, and I could taste my own fluids on him, and then he was back inside me, and it happened all over again. His moment came right after, as I was still experiencing aftershocks. He shouted something in a language I'd never heard, and he closed his own eyes, and then he collapsed on top of me.


His eyes on mine were intent, and I knew he was waiting for me to speak. "I wish," I said, "I could save orgasms in a a jar for when I need them, because I think I had a few extra."

I wish I could too Sookeh!!!! I would have a couple of jars!!! I hope you Eric lovahs enjoyed this weeks scene.



  1. *faint* Thank you for sharing one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite books! If I'm deserted on an island, I better have this book with me ...or have Eric. ;-)

  2. Fanning myself, yep Eric is why I watch True Blood, but we are so behind over here .... love that scene!

  3. Eric is definitely one of my favorite characters!

  4. What! Get out of town! Now you're gonnna make me go and read ALL those books? Why did I stop at 1? I love me some Eric.

  5. WAIT... Sookie and Eric?! (you know I've never read the books and only have watched Season 3 of TB)... So how long do I have to wait to see this scene on TB?!

  6. OMG I love him and Alexander Skarsgard is perfect, he is just how I imagine my viking!!
    I am dying for the new season, hopefully they will follow the books more closely... I need more Eric!

  7. I LOVE ERIC (and Alexander)! So much better than Bill:) I hope they follow this book next season though they seem to be straying farther and farther from Harris's actual content:( This was my favorite of the books, they started to go down hill a bit after this one for me. Thanks Bells!