Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Releases: 8/24/10

Happy Tuesday folks! This is a very exciting week for new releases. Check out what's out this week!


Sin Undone
Sin and Con's book is finally out. This is the last in the Demonica Series! I've read this one already and trust me, it's a HOT one!

Demon From the Dark
The newest book from Kresley Cole. I can't wait to read it!

Lot's of people are eagerly anticipating this book. I have to read this series one day.


Usher has a new CD out that has 9 tracks. It's a continuation of his previous CD, Raymond v Raymond. I loved that CD and will be picking this one up.

I love the first track off this CD, Bittersweet. I don't know if I"m going to pick up the CD though.

Katy Perry's new CD is titled Teenage Dream.

I had to include this because I love the Disney Villains. In fact I like villains in general.


I'll be Netflixing this one, but it looks pretty funny.

Just seeing this makes me want to cry. OMG that last episode! *sniffles*

Oh Ben Barnes be still my heart. You shall be a Hottie one week.

Another zombie movie. I'll have to check this one out.

For the kiddies! Ugh...is that Ming, Ming. *runs away*

So there you have it. Very exciting! Let me know what you are picking up this week. Next week has some great releases as well so make sure you come back to see what's new!



  1. LMAO - ming ming scares me too

  2. I cannot wait to read Demon From The Dark!!!!!!! One of my favorite series. And another zombie movie? Heck yeah!