Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Welcome to another Monday folks! This Monday is so exciting because my boys go back to school today! Wheeeeee! *throws confetti* Okay, let's get to todays smut shall we! You'll notice a change below that there are no more numbers. Thanks to my love of this weeks Boyfriend, all of my Book Boyfriends are loved equally by yours truly. There is freedom on the B.B. list now. *sings off key* "Let freedom ring!"

Book Boyfriend of the week:
Jeff Martini a.k.a. Martini
Alien Sex God
(well that's what Kitty says)


I felt his smile against my skin, "I told you, I take my time with this." His tongue slid up my neck to tickle my ear. "How badly do you want to get out of this chair?" As he asked, he slid one hand under my T-shirt. He stroked my stomach while I tried to remember how to form words.
My inarticulate moan of pleasure and desire must have been comprehensible in alien-speak, because he moved away from me. This was not what I wanted, but the separation didn't last long. He got out of the chair and picked me up, stripping my T-shirt off at the same time.
Martini spun us around, deposited me on the bed, and slammed the bedroom door shut. It wasn't all that dark--I could see him looking at me. He slowly ran his eyes up and down my body as he moved onto the bed on his hands and knees, between my legs.
"You are so damned sexy," he growled.
I tried to share that he wasn't a slouch in this department himself, but my brain and mouth couldn't get their act together. I just reached for him and managed to make a sort of mewling sound.
He grinned and slid on top of me. "Is this what you wanted, baby?" I arched against him, loving the feel of his skin against mine, and he grinned again. "Me too."
He grasped my wrists and moved my arms out and then down, holding me captive. Then his tongue slammed into my mouth and cause me to writhe against him as if we were in an earthquake. His body held mine in place while he rubbed himself again me, so close to entry but prevented by two thin pieces of cotton.
The kiss went on until the final aftershocks of my orgasm passed. Then he pulled away and sat up on his knees. He slid my pajama pants off slowly, oh, so slowly, until they were at my knees. He moved to my side, his lips and tongue traced my stomach, as he pulled the pajamas the rest of the way off.
My hands were clawing at his back while I wrapped my legs around his torso. If he wasn't going to come inside, I was going to do my best to force him.
He chuckled and moved up on his forearms, "Do you want something, baby?" His tone was erotically teasing and it made me want him even more which I wouldn't have thought possible by now.
I wrapped one hand around the back of his neck while the other tried to rip his pajamas off. I also finally got a clear sentence out. "Make love to me, right now, or I'm going to go insane, or kill you, or both."
His eyes locked with mine, and he thrust inside me. I tried to keep eye contact, but I couldn't. My back arched, and I leaned my head back as his full length entered my body. He was hard as steel, but it didn't hurt, he felt perfect, as I'd always fantasized someone would. His movement created erotic friction, and each thrust moved me closer to another climax.
I wrapped my legs around his and he moved up onto his hands, his thrusts increasing in intensity. I stroked his chest and arms, feeling his muscles, his hair, and the heat of his body, enjoying every sensation.
I was able to look at his face again. Martini was watching me, his expression a combination of desire and conquest. As our eyes me, he changed the rhythm, moving faster and harder. My body responded to his, and we slammed against each other, each hit making me cry out with pleasure.
I was at the edge of orgasm, and I could tell he was finally ready to join me. We were both panting, our bodies in perfect time. My hands tightened on his upper arms as the explosion of pure ecstasy started. I could tell I triggered him as my body contracted around his. He exploded inside of me...
He moved my head and kissed me, another tender kiss. "I'll do whatever you want, whenever you want it"
I had a somewhat evil thought, but, this statement had sounded like a firm commitment. "How about making love to me again, right now?"
Martini grinned as he shifted me completely on top of him. "Have I had time mention that our double hearts give us a great deal of stamina and rejuvenation capability not common to Earth men?"
I was right on top of him, and it was clear he wasn't lying. "Suddenly, I can see you weren't bragging--once you go alien, you really do never go back."

I don't know about you but I am down for some alien lovin' if it's going to be like that! WOOOOOO!! Now I hope you can see why I have such a huge crush on Martini. In fact you can read how I was practically drooling all over him during the Q&A from last week here. There was so much more to that scene and I hope you get a chance to read it. If you haven't read this book, pick it up because it's a great one and the author Gini Koch is one classy chick.

Now excuse me while I go have a martini to cool myself down. ;)



  1. I do love Martini a little bit...but I am more of a Chris girl myself....he can glare at me anytime.

  2. I'm keeping an eye on you and if you get too close to Martini I'll clobber you. No one is coming between Kitty and Martini as long as I can interfere.

  3. Sullivan McPig: Oh don't get your panties in a bunch. Do you really think I would come between them? I mean hello, Kitty will like kick my ass!

  4. '...our bodies in pefect time'. This book is on my shelf and my pants just caught on fire. Must read this soon. Wow!

  5. I just traded for this book on swaptree.... CANT WAIT.

  6. I need to read this book damn it!

  7. This book is on my shelf and I need to move it on up to read soon!

  8. This book was not only hilarious but HAWT AS HELL!!! Thanks for sharing that scene...I need to go re read that part again. ;)

  9. I've been debating on reading this book... now you've sealed my fate. Add another one to the TBR pile on Precious!! Thanks gurl!

  10. Woah boy that's a lot for so early in the morning. Whew!

    Congrats on the boys going to school.

  11. Sign me up for the alien lovin':):) Can't wait to read this one!

  12. I have to read this book! Thanks for sharing!

  13. @Bells: I'm a pig, I don't wear panties!

  14. OH I am already on this wagon. I even sport a nice Team Martini coffee cup to prove it.

  15. I loved that!! I am so on Team Martini. December can't come quick enough!