Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Well it looks like it's that day again folks. Monday. But, for some folks this Monday is going to be a lot better than the other Monday's because a lot of people have the day off for the holiday! Cheers to those who get to sleep in! If you weren't one of the lucky SOB's that had the day off, I hope that my book boyfriend number 3 will help the day seem a little better.

Book Boyfriend #3
Ethan Sullivan - Master Vampire of Cadogan House

Scene setup: There is sexual tension between Merit and Ethan and they finally let each other know that they are interested in each other.

His first move was the deadliest, a smile of boyish, pleasure that transformed into the sexiest, most congratulatory grin I'd ever seen. It was a look of sheer predatory satisfaction, the look of a hunter who'd planned, schemed, and won his prize, who had the prey in his grasp.

How apropos, I thought.

"Be still, he whispered, then leaned in again, lids falling as he angled his head. I thought he'd kiss me, but this was just to tease, a prelude to whatever slate of activity, he had in mind. He pressed a kiss to my jawline, then my chin, then nipped at my bottom lip, tugging it with his teeth.

When he released me, he stared at me again, rubbed his thumb across my cheekbone. He studied me, looked at me. This time, when his lashes fell, he kissed me fully, dipped his tongue into the cavern of my mouth.

He fisted his hands in the hair at the nape of teasing my tongue with his, willing me to engage, to fight back, to do anything but simply aquiesce.

I fisted my hands in the lapels of his coat, pulling him toward me, bringing the warmth of him, the smell of him, the taste of him closer.

There was a moment of consideration before I decided I wasn't appalled enough by my actions to let him go.


It wasn't even a whisper, just the mental calling of his name, but he groaned triumphantly, sucked my tongue into this mouth, and tortured it with friction and the heat of his mouth.

I kissed him, let him kiss me, let him clutch my hips, curl his fingers into the fabric of my shirt, lide his hands around my waist and splay them against my back, pull me infinitesimally closer. He made a sound, a growl a purr, some predatory noise that rumbled in his throat, then said my name. And this time, it wasn't a question but a sound of victory, a claim on his prize.

He pressed in closer, fingers splayed and moving slowly upward. As he pressed against me, I felt the rise of his erection, the solidity of it against my stomach.

I cupped his face in my hands as we kissed in long, sensuous pulls and teasing bites, the thick golden silk on his hair falling around my fingers.

Until the knock at the library door.

I wanted to do a scene from the newest book of the series, Twice Bitten. But I know there are lots of you that haven't read it yet and I didn't want to spoil your fun. Let me just say this, there is a scene in that book that is so delicious, that I was panting as I was reading it. Yeah. So if you haven't started on this series, what are you waiting for?! It's awesome!!

I have to say I am loving this opportunity to revisit my book boyfriends. I'll be back next week with a new smutty scene. ;)




    Nom Nom NOM!! he can master over me any day!!! I can't wait to read Twice Bitten and chapter 8!!

  2. Thank you for making my Monday Morning. I so love Ethan.

  3. Hey ladies is this series YA?! I've stayed away from it for te most part but this is hot and everyone keeps talkin bout how awesome this series is. I want in!!

  4. I LOVE ETHAN!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow:):):)

  5. Damnit, duder, i gotta read these!! The Demonica series takes precedence though.