Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Skin Tight by Ava Gray

Title: Skin Tight

Author: Ava Gray

Author's website:

I was kind of skeptical to read Skin Tight because I was one of the few people that didn't enjoy the first book Skin Game. Skin Game was just alright to me. So when I heard there was going to be a 2nd book, I wasn't to excited about it. That was until I heard that the book would center around Foster, a character that was introduced in the 1st book. Foster had an air of mystery to him and I was instantly drawn to his character in Skin Game. I didn't buy Skin Tight right away because I was trying to read some other books in my TBR pile. But I just couldn't wait any longer. Everyone kept talking about how hot the book was! I just couldn't wait any longer and went out and purchased it; and was I glad that I did! I was not disappointed at all when I read it.

Readers were introduced to the 2 main characters of Skin Tight, Mia Sauter and Addison Foster, in Skin Game. They didn't spend too much time together in that book, but I could sense a connection with them. We know that they are attracted to each other, but nothing progresses beyond that. Skin Tight starts off with a prologue of a scene that has happened in book 1. We then see that a year later Mia and Foster are now working for the same company in Virginia. Foster has assumed a new identity under the name of Thomas Strong and has no idea that Mia is working there until he sees her one day. They both have their reasons for working at this company. Mia is trying to discover which employee is stealing money from the company, and Foster is their for his own reasons. We discover later on why Foster is there and I found his storyline to be extremely tragic. He has had so much tragedy and heartbreak that you can understand why he has kept his life a mystery. He and Mia decide to team up and help each other in accomplishing their goals. Foster manages to keep Mia in the dark about his true intentions, but she is one smart cookie and figures out everything all on her own. While working together Mia and Foster manage to get closer and they give into their attraction to one another. That allows us to read some extremely hot love scenes that were dripping with sensuality! I don't think I can stress how hot these scenes were! Foster has a way with words and the things that he says makes me smitten with him!! He will definitely be added to the boyfriend list! Did I mention that the sex scenes were great? I did huh. I'm getting excited just thinking about them! You know what I mean by "excited". ;)

I'm going to give Skin Tight 4 1/2 Bells!


I loved this book! I didn't enjoy the background story at the beginning, but once I learned more info about it, I enjoyed it as well! Mia and Foster are definitely a couple that are meant to be together. I could feel their attraction as well as their love for each other as I was reading. I was sad when the book ended. This story pulled me in and I didn't want to let go.



  1. awesome review! I also didnt love bk 1... nice to know that you didnt either and you enjoyed this one... it gives me hope LOL =)


  2. I did love the first book, and I am excited about reading this one as well. Loved your review, but, what about the sex scenes??? *g*


  3. *raises hand* Yeah, I was one of the SKin Game lovers too LOL I'm glad Foster got to deliver it for you Bells :) He definitely popped up on my reader with bed scene in SG and I've read a few quotes that made me go hubba hubba for his story. Which reminds me I still have to buy Skin Tight...*eek*

    Yeah, I'm with Stacy, can't you give example sex scene...we wants smut!!!

  4. LOL, I am the opposite. I thought the chemistry in Skin Game was more sizzling than Skin Tight. I'm not sure what it is about this series that makes me heart it so much...

    Nice review ;)