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Pervy foods that we love! Part 1

Since Mondays are sucky I thought we would have a little fun this Monday. Spice it up a bit to make the sucker go by faster. So I came up with this great idea to list foods that have been talked about or used in pervy situations. Therefore they are Pervy Foods! Here are some excerpts from books that include Pervy Foods! **DISCRETION IS ADVISED! SOME OF THESE SCENES ARE EXTREMELY HOT AND MAY CONTAIN WORDS THAT ARE OF A SEXUAL NATURE!**

Food: Strawberries

Book: Bound to Please by Lilli Fiesty

Scene setup: Mark St. Crow and Ruby Scott are having a sexy dinner at a restaurant. They are having strawberries and melted chocolate for dessert and Mark wants Ruby to get a little inventive with her strawberry.


She wanted him. Now. She took another unhurried bite of the strawberry and didn't care if her eyes were begging him for it, hot him.
But his hands were steady when he picked up another piece of fruit and dipped it into his glass of Champagne.
"Spread your legs a little for me, Ruby."
He handed her the strawberry. "Do it."
She was too turned on and too lost in the entire crazy night to eny him. So, pulse hammering, she inched her knees apart.
"Good girl. Now take the strawberry and touch yourself with it. Touch that gorgeous pussy of yours."
Her fingers trembled as she took the piece of fruit.
"No one is watching, Ruby."
How had he know she'd been wondering that? He always seemed to know what was on her mind, and she didn't even look around to see if he spoke the truth. She didn't need to. Instead she reached between her thighs and gently touched the strawberry to her damp flash. She nearly moaned.
From a fucking strawberry. But the cold bite of the champagne was a shock against her hot skin and she felt her body react, felt herself melting into the upholstered Ritz-Carlton dining chair.
"Now tell me, baby. Aren't you glad you took off your panties?"
"Don't," she managed, but she loved it and she spread her legs a tiny bit more.
"Then tell me. Tell me was I right."
She slid the strawberry a bit higher, her legs going slack. "You were right. You were so right."
"Are you wet, then, baby?"
"Yes." And it was true. She was slippery. Slippery when wet. The thought made her giggle, and she touched her clit with tickly tip of the berry.
"God, Ruby. You go so easily."
"No...I don't belong to anyone." But here she was, wearing no panties, masturbating under the table with a strawberry at one of the most formal restaurants in northern California. "You fucking bastard." She twirled the strawberry in her wetness, coating it, loving the way the tiny bumps caused her swollen clit, even loving the fact that someone might wonder what she was doing with her hand beneath the table. She could climax from just that, from him getting her to this point.
"Give it to me."
Her eyes fluttered open. "What?"
"The strawberry. Feed it to me."
"no," she said with a smile. "This feels too good to stop."
"You disobedient girl."
"Sometimes," she agreed. Then she waved the fruit under his nose. His shoulders looked tight, his biceps flexed as he watched her. The veins in his neck visibly pulsed. She paused with the strawberry just beyond his lips, and when she finally saw him breathe, she moved as if to feed him. His mouth opened, eager a baby bird. But then she pulled back. Bringing the strawberry to her own lips, she opened her mouth and bit through the tart flesh of the fruit, tasted her own juices mixed with the sweet berry.
She ate the whole thing, tasting, chewing, swallowing. Smiling. Her lips burned from his gaze. Yeah, she would pay for this later.
And she couldn't wait.

Food: Chocolate

Book: Bound to Please by Lilli Fiesty

Scene setup: While at dinner, Mark St. Crow unwraps a bar of chocolate and feeds it to Ruby Scott.


With a deep breath he picked up the small bag of chocolate they'd bought earlier at Ghirardelli Square. She'd brought him to the square on Sunday, during their mini San Francisco tour, and it was easy to tell that it was Ruby's favorite spot in the city. The scent of chocolate swirled though the air, and Ruby had closed her eyes in ecstasy, a look Mark wanted to see on her face more often.
Now, he felt her gaze on his hands as he took out a bar of chocolate and unwrapped it. He broke off a piece and brought it to her lips.
Her eyes were wide as he slowly pushed the piece of chocolate into her mouth. He followed the chocolate with his finger, sliding into her mouth until the pad of his finger rested on her tongue. He could feel the chocolate melting, warm and silky against his skin.
She started to suck.
Lust blasted through him, landing deep in his gut, where it throbbed like a base drum.
"Pretend it's my cock in your mouth. Show me what you'd do"
The pink flush that stained her cheeks made him burn. Her gaze locked onto his as she drew his entire finger into her mouth, slid him over her tongue, sucking him until the base of his knuckles hit her lips.
The chocolate was gone now, melted. Kind of like his restraint was threatening to do. He was so fucking hard, his erection throbbed painfully, every muscle in his body tight. She continued to suck him, take him. Her eyes were dark and glittery, and he knew she was getting off on it. Knew she was wet for him.
He wanted to feel that wetness; he wanted to bend her over the table and bury himself inside her.

Food: Peaches

Book: Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Scene setup: Wrath (one of my book boyfriends) and Beth have just had a tension filled dinner. They have made up and decide to have hot, scorching sex. Wrath tells Beth how he truly feels. ;)


"More," she demanded. "I want more."
"And you'll get it." His whole hand disappeared under the black lace. She cried as he came into contact with her hot, we core. "But Beth"
She was barely conscious,. Completely consumed by his touch. "Umm?"
"Do you want to know what you taste like?" he said against her breast.
One long finger dipped into her body. As if he wanted her to know he wasn't talking about her mouth.
She gripped his back through his silk shirt, scoring him with her nails.
"peaches," he said, shifting her body, moving downward with his mouth, kissing the skin of her stomach. "Like eating peaches. Silky flesh on my lips and tongue as I suck. Smooth and sweet down the back of my throat when I swallow."
She moaned, close to orgasm and far, far away from sanity.
With a quick motion, he scooped her up and carried her over to the bed. As he laid her down, he parted her legs with his head and put his mouth over the black lace between her thighs.
She gasped and pushed her hangs into his hair, only to get tangled up. he yanked away the leather tie. Black waves fell down across her belly, like the flutter of a hawk's wings.
"Just like peaches," he said, stripping off her panties. "And i love peaches."
That eerie, beautiful illuminations from his eyes washed over her body. And then he lowered his head again.

Food: Cherries

Book: Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Scene Setup: Rhage is showing Mary a trick that he can do with a cherry. Now this scene is not really pervy. But if you think about about how well Rhage is working that cherry, you might think of other things like I did. ;)


As he gasped in surprise, she kissed him on the mouth. "Let's see the cherry thing. Come On."
The men standing around them were stunned; she could feel it in their stares. Rhage was shaken, too. But when she just looked at him pointedly, he stared chewing, working the stem over with his teeth.
*The brothers are worried that Rhage will turn into his monster*
"Mary, I don't want you to fear me"
For a moment, she watched his mouth and jaw work the stem.
"I'm not afraid. V and Phury might have been in a little trouble, but you wouldn't have hurt me. No way. I'm not sure how I know that, I just do."
He took a deep breath. "God, I love you. I really, really love you."
And then he smiled.
She laughed in a loud crack that brought every head in the room around.
The cherry stem was tied neatly around on of his fangs.

Food: Garlic Butter

Book: Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Scene setup: Valerius and Tabitha are having dinner and decide to get a little inventive with some garlic butter.


Tabitha sucked her breath in sharply between her teeth as Valerius licked the salted garlic butter off her breast. He laughed playfully with her nipple between his teeth as he looked up at her. He pulled back long enough to dip another piece of shrimp in butter before holding it up for her to bite into. Tabitha licked his fingers sensuously as she ate from his hand. "I think we set a record for longest meal in history." Valerius smiled at that as he placed another shrimp on her right nipple. The butter ran down the side of her breast. He licked it off her skin before he went after the shrimp and devoured it. Tabitha smoothed his hair back from his face. "See, I knew you Romans were raw with this kind of stuff. I was right, wasn't I?" "You were right," he said as he squeezed a lemon over her stomach. Her toes actually curled as he lapped the juice off her. His whiskers gently brushed her stomach, sending chills all over her. "You are so wonderful," she said quietly.

(This excerpt was provided by the extremely perverted Twimom227. Bless her!)

Food: Honey, whipped cream

Book: Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Scene setup: Kyrian and Amanda enjoy some time together finding inventive ways to use honey and whipped cream.;)

Slowly, seductively, she walked to the bed and climbed up his body again like a sensuous cat as her breasts trailed from his stomach to his chest. Kyrian hissed at the feel of her stretched out over him, of her breasts caressing him.
"How are we doing, General?" He swallowed."Fine." Smiling, she traced the line of his jaw with her lips and tongue. "I'm better when you do that," he whispered, his body on fire from her touch.
She pulled back with a laugh. "How about I make you blind with ecstasy, then?"
He strained against the ties. "It would appear I'm all yours, sweeting."
How she wished that were true. Amanda left the bed and moved to the tray. As she picked up the warm honey, she remembered the boiling oil the Romans had used on Kyrian.
Remembered the look on his face as they poured it over his skin, scalding him.
Her heart constricting, she moved back to where he lay at her mercy. She held the bottle over his chest and saw the shadow pass across his eyes as he too remembered.
Kyrian involuntarily cringed as the warm honey first touched his bare skin. But there was no scalding pain. No blisters forming or skin burning. It actually felt good.
Relaxing, he watched as Amanda drew small circles in the honey, smearing it around his nipples where she dragged her nails, sending chills over him, and then down to his stomach.
She set the honey aside,then slowly licked every bit of it from his skin. He writhed in blissful pleasure as she laved him. Her tongue delved into his navel, making him even harder for her.
She laughed low in her throat as she looked up at him from his lower abdomen. Then she moved up his chest with one long lick that culminated at his Adam's apple. Hissing, he leaned his head back to give her greater access to his neck, and when she lightly bit his skin, chills shot through him.
"Amanda," he breathed.
Smiling at him, she left the bed and grabbed a small bowl.
Amanda didn't know where her boldness came from. Never had she behaved this way, but she wanted to save Kyrian at any cost. Besides, something strange was happening to her as she did this for him. It was as if some part of her were gaining its freedom.
Shaking the thought off, she dipped her fingers into the bowl of whipped cream, then brought them to his lips. She traced the outline of that poetic mouth with her thumb.
Kyrian licked the whipped cream from his lips as Amanda straddled his waist. Oh, the feel of her wetness on him. It drove him wild. And when she moved, grindingherself against his swollen shaft, he thought he would die from the pleasure of it.
"Let me feed you, Commander," she whispered,then slowly she used her finger to feed him the whipped cream.
Kyrian swallowed as his emotions swirled. She was re-enacting Valerius's cruelty. But there was no pain from her. Only an ecstasy he'd never known before.
Locking gazes with her, he offered her a tentative smile. "Why are you doing this?" he asked.
"Because I care for you."
"Because you are the most wonderful man I have ever known. Granted, you're stubborn and infuriating, but you're also kind, strong, and giving. And you make me feel so..."
He arched a brow.
Amanda sat back and eyed him. "Now what's that supposed to mean?"
"What?" he asked innocently.
"That look."
Kyrian frowned. "What look?" He tried to reach for her,then remembered his restraints. How odd that he could have forgotten them.
Amanda dipped her head down to kiss him.
Kyrian moaned at the feel of her lips on his, of her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, carrying with it the taste of whipped cream.
She pulled back. "Do you like that?"
"Yes, I do."
"Then you're going to love this."
He watched as she scooted down his body, then took the whipped cream and made him a loincloth with it. Her fingers grazed his erection as the cool cream coated him.
Kyrian moaned at the sensation that sent heat all over his body. Amanda nudged his legs apart and stared down at her handiwork. She locked gazes with him, then laid her body down at his feet and took his sac gently into her mouth.
He growled at the feel of her tongue licking the tenderest part of his body. Her mouth closed around him as her tongue swirled, licking and delving as she worked her way to the other side, where she sucked him in tenderly and rolled her tongue around him.
Kyrian clenched the ties on his hands as waves of pleasure racked him. Nothing had ever felt better than her mouth on him or her tongue darting over his skin.
When she was through licking the cream from his sac, she started on his shaft. Kyrian strained against the ties as she closed her mouth around him, all the while watching him watch her.
She dropped her head down to tease the tip of his shaft with her tongue. His breath caught as she swirled her tongue around the tip, then took his entire length into her mouth. His head swam from pleasure while her hand stroked him from underneath.
He hissed and jerked at how incredibly good she felt. Instinctively, he arched his back, sending himself deeper into her mouth. She didn't protest.

(This excerpt was provided by the extremely perverted Twimom227. Bless her!)

Whoo! *fans face* Was it as good for you as it was for me? My favorite scene was Wrath's scene. I just love that man. What was yours? Well I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Pervy Foods. I will be searching for more pervy foods in books and if you know of any, please let me know so that it can be included in a future post. Credit will be given and you'll be called a pervert as well. Trust me, that's a good thing. Thanks again to Twimom227 for providing some of the scenes. Until next time.



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