Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuff I want to buy!

I love commercials. I'm a huge sucker for them. I'm actually worse than a kid when it comes to seeing stuff that I want on my tv. So I decided to do a post on some of my favorite commercials that sell what I want.

First up is Big Top Cupcake. My mouth literally fell open when I saw this one. I mean how cool is a giant cupcake! My kids then proceeded to beg me to get this one. I saw it at CVS and I actually picked it up. I was so ready to get it. But then I had a vision of me sitting in the corner of the kitchen. I was 100 pounds heavier and my face was stuffed into a giant cupcake. I put it down right away. I mean I'm not baking that many cakes now so it would just be sitting in my kitchen. Along with all the other things that I forgot I had. I'm still tempted to pick this up:

Next up is another bake type of commercial. It's for The Perfect Brownie Pan!
I don't know about you but my brownies never look that perfect. Or good. Now my brownies usually don't last for 5 minutes in this house. They are attacked and eaten right from the oven. Apparently everyone is my house likes everything warm from the oven. I do all this hard work for nothing! They don't appreciate all the hard work...Okay, let me stop. I'm complaining and I'll keep going at this. I'm really good at it. I saw this pan at CVS and picked up to buy as well. Then I remembered that it would be sitting under the cabinet right next to the Giant Cupcake pan and thought it would be a waste of money. Here's the video of pan that makes awesome, gooey, perfect brownies:

Last but not least is my newest obsession. Pillow Pets! I did not even know these things existed until @LynetteCurtis mentioned it on twitter. She tweeted a link to the commercial and it was love at first sight to me! I looked at this wonderful creation and was instantly transformed back to childhood. It's the perfect creation! I was so excited that I sent a link to Jules and then she became excited. I'm so glad I am not the only adult who wants one. We then listed which ones we wanted and big suprise! We chose the same ones. I mean she's not my twitter soulmate for nothing! So you're probably wondering which ones are my favorites right? ::Don't shake your head NO!:: Well I'm going to tell you anyway. I like the unicorn and the giraffe. The alligator is calling to me as well. It's so cute! Now I've been obsessed over giraffe's since I was a little girl. I have a giraffe stuffed animal that I loved like crazy. But like all children I used to throw it around and didn't take care of it. So my mom decided to take it from me and give it to my little cousin Brenda. *makes sound of disgust* I cried and cried. I still am not over it. Brenda will never hear the end of it! She took my giraffe! My poor mom is still traumatized over it because whenever we see a giraffe stuffed animal anywhere she says "I'll buy that for you." LOL! Yes people Little Bells was a terror sometimes. Here's the commercial:

So I ordered the unicorn from Amazon. I'll be getting it next week! I'm going to have to fight Faith for it. IT'S MINE!! That girl better go get her own.

So that was just 3 things that I want to buy. There are many more, but, that's for a future post. I'll share a pic of my unicorn when I get it!

Now I know I'm not the only one who has succumbed to the power of the commercials. Tell me if there is anything that you have ordered or want to. Don't worry, I won't laugh at you.



  1. I have the big top cupcake! I will make you one ;)

    My kids are dying for pillow pets..I think they will be for Easter.

  2. Thanks Smexi! Haha! I really think I'm going to get it. And the brownie pan. And the BareMinerals. See! I can't stop!


    Stop showing me all these awesome things. I'm poor enough as it is!! So this is going to be a new feature right, because I totally want you to be posting this shit all the time. Haha.

  4. First: YEA! my button is on your blog! thank you!!

    Second: I want that "flavor injector" where you pump stuff right into the meat before you cook it! LOL!

  5. Jules you know I will continue to share all my good finds with you. LOL!

    Jen - I want the flavor injector too! LOL! Stay tuned, it may be in a future post.