Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stuff I Want To Buy. Part Dos!

I'm back with more stuff that I want to buy. First up we have an item that I came very close to purchasing on Amazon. I'm afraid it will fry my face off! It's Rejuvenique!

Doesn't that look awesome! *sound of crickets chirping* Okay, it does look a little freaky. I am so not buying that mask after seeing videos on youtube of it actually burning people's skin. Now you may have noticed that my very first blogger icon is of the Rejuvenique mask. See: Photobucket That icon is under my first user name Bellie7. I replaced it with a pic of The Boss Lady because she told me to do it! I'm going to throw in a special video of my 1st Hump Day Hottie Jason Batman with a Rejuvenique mask on. That's how he stays so young! For all you Jason lovers out there he shows up at the :50 mark.

Next up is a favorite of mine. I mean look at all the delicious food it cooks. It's the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven.

Yummy! You like that don't you Jules? Now that oven wouldn't be complete without the Ronco Flavor Injector. This video is a birthday present for Jen! Happy Birthday sweetie! Be the way, that Ronco dude sells a lot of sluff and I want to buy it all! Does anyone else giggle when they hear the word "injector"? *hehe* I'm so immature.

I'm going to continue with the food theme for my next video. Now this video is not the original. I think the remix is way better. It's The Slap Chop!

I love that video. LOL! So tell me if you own any of these products or would you buy them.



  1. Holy shit, I loved the slap chop video!!! HAHA. The Shamwow guy. Didn't he die or get arrested or something?

    Great post. I want a slap chop... and the meat spinnin' thing. LOLOLOLOLOL. Why did that make me laugh so much!

  2. Jules he did get arrested. He was with a hooker and he went to kiss her and she didn't want him to so she bit his tongue and he beat the shit out of her. Yes, I know too much useless information. That meat was hilarious spinning around in that oven. lol

  3. LOL. No, saying meat spin made me laugh. haha. oh gosh.

    I knew something crazy happened to that doode, I just couldn't remember!

  4. You are too good to me! Thank you for the flavor injector... When I hear the word injector I think "hot beef injection" from The Breakfast Club! *snicker*

  5. what the F?! ahahaha. This videos are funny. Did you buy any of them? I would very much love to read you review one of them!