Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa, please bring me...

With Christmas right around the corner I would love to thank Santa for all the wonderful gifts I would like under the tree. You see, I would love my gifts to be in the form of men. Yes, men. My current book and movie boyfriends. I now give you my list of who I want under my tree...

Photo 1: Raphael. What a naughty angel!

Photo 2: My current book boyfriend is Curran. Who doesn't love the king of the jungle.

Photo 3: Tyrese Gibson. Chocolatey Goodness. Mmmm mmm mmm!

Photo 4: Barrons from the Darkfever series. This beautiful man is Eric Etebari, Karen Marie Monings Inspiration For Jericho Barrons. Yummy!

And last but not least my favorite gift of all, photo 5: TAYLOR KITSCH!!! Isn't he beautiful. Sigh. Now Christmas is all about giving. So as much as this hurts he's actually a gift for my good friend Jules @ Merry Christmas Jules!!

So who do you want under your Christmas tree? Let me know. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


  1. Hey sweetie! That's a beautiful line up right there under your Christmas tree :)
    I would wish for the gorgeous Dean Winchester/ Jensen Ackles under my tree, yum!
    Have a wonderful, blessed and merry Christmas, hon!

  2. Best. Christmas. Present. EVER!

    Merry Christmas, gorgeous! <3

  3. Oh I love Barrons ;) Merry Christmas!

  4. many Menz I want as presents! I will start with John matthew and bones! Throw in some barrons and Adam from mercy too ;)

  5. Umm I am a bit late on this but its never too late to comment... I will take a some taylor with a side of Tyrese that is if Jules is willing to share. :)


    There, all is right in the world ;)