Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Welcome to another Monday. *groans* There are 4 book boyfriends on this particular Monday and they are all brothers. They are not just any brothers, they are the Demonica Brothers! Let your pervy minds run wild with abandon!

Book Boyfriend(s) #7
The Demonica Brothers

Doc E., Shade, Wraith, Lore

Choosing a smutty scene from one of these awesome books was such a hard thing to do! I would love to do one from each book, but that is not possible. So I am going to choose my favorite. I choose this scene because it grabbed my attention and I loved that it was right at the beginning of the book.


Scene setup: Tayla has just meet Eidolon and feels such a strong sexual attraction towards him, that she can't help but get a taste of him. *grinning*

The deft touch of the man on top of her was her whole world in her dream, and when his fingers moved to trace the hills and valleys of her swollen sex through her panties, she welcomed the hot tingle of excitement that buzzed through her.

"Yes, oh, yes."

She threw her head back and spread her legs wider. His fingers tunneled beneath the cotton, and when she trembled as he circled her entrance, once, twice, her slippery juices enhancing the erotic message. It was good, so good that she nearly came off the bed when he plunged a finger inside her. He drove it deep, slid it slowly out, and then thrust again, pleasuring her with his finger in a way no man had ever done even with his dick.

"You're so wet." his gravelly voice shot through her like an electric current. "You smell raw, ready."

Oh, god, she was ready. "now." she angled her hips upward, unashamedly inviting him inside. "Please."

The sound of fabric tearing made her heart pound in anticipation. He shifted above her, guiding his erection between her legs. The bed wobbled and her senses did the same as he rocked against her, sliding his shaft between her labia. Each stroke rubbed her aching nub with a perfect amount of pressure and slick, molten friction.

She whimpered, but he smothered the sound with his lips and surged inside her. Her eager walls clasped his cock as it stretched her, filled her until she thought she'd unravel into a quivering ball of lust. Nothing had ever felt so wonderful.


"Harder. More."

He tore his mouth away from hers. "More?" With one powerful, dominating thrust, the bed scooted forward. "Tell me how much more."

Speaking seemed like an impossibility when he lifted her hips against him and rode her harder and deeper, fueling the fire in her blood. "Like that," she said between panting breaths. "Do it like that."


Then suddenly, he was on his feet, still sheathed inside her, and she was wrapped around him as he carried her across the room. Her back slammed against a wall. Medical equipment rattled with the force of his enthusiasm.

The doctor had one hell of a bedside manner.

He rocked against her, sometimes fully withdrawing before plunging inside her again, sometimes going deep and driving short, hard strokes all the way to her womb. Pleasure ripped through her, almost shocking her with it's severity. His fingers dug into her butt where he held her to him, and his teeth sank into her shoulder, holding her upper body immobile.

It was the most erotic thing she'd ever experienced.

Heat spread through her pelvis as his cock stroked and rubbed and if this weren't a dream, she'd not believe how his shaft pulsed inside her.

Pressure built, squeezed her organs, and knotted her muscles. No man could feel this good.

She seized his hair and dragged his head up, made him look at her. Her breath caught. Passion and raw hunger and something even darker lurked in his eyes, but what stole the air from her lungs was the color. they'd been brown before, a bold, rich coffee.

Now, they were gold. Hypnotic, decadent. Twenty four karat sex.

Oh, she loved this dream. This dream where her lover was walking sex, from his magic penis and hypnotic eyes to his skilled lips, fingers, and even his scent, which was something like dark chocolate, as though it had been designed to attract women.

"Come slayer," he growled. "Ride me. Drench me."

He twisted his hips, drove deep, and she cried out, so close to the summit that her entire body shook. There, there...yes! Oh, yes, she was almost there.

*panting* That scene was a panty soaker for sure. Yeah I went there. If you have not read this series, you are missing out on some of the sexiest scenes out there. All of the brothers will make you very happy.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks selection. Now excuse me, I need to cool down. See you next week.



  1. Yes! Great choice, Belinda :) Love this serrrries

  2. Ooooo I love these books so much! Great choice!!!

    *melts into a Minxy puddle*

  3. OH, those guys rock my boat in a serious way!

  4. OooO this series is just so hawt! Hee hee "magic penis".

  5. Good God gurl! I'm going to have to get back into this series!!

  6. Goodness Bells. I need to go take a cold shower now! Looking forward to Sin Undone:)

  7. PHEW!! hot damn, I love those Demonica boys, RAWR!!

  8. We all love the "Guys" in the series but the "Girls" are not too shabby either. I am so looking forward to "Sin's" story, cannot wait for her steamy scenes so we have a new "book boyfriend" to um melt over!!!!

    I had to stop by and check this one out, now my engine is revving up on a Monday afternoon!
    jackie ^_^

  9. OH GOD! That was one of the best scenes ever! I do love this series so much and can't wait to read Sin's book. Amazing. Thanks!

  10. Oh, my Jeezus! I've been skirting around this series, why I don't know, but with that excerpt, I've gotta read this series!