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Heat Wave Blog Tour! Guest Post & Giveaway: Author Alannah Lynne

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Hi!! Thanks for letting me hang out with you today!

This has been a year of exciting firsts for me:

  • ·    My first book signing (Kansas City in May in conjunction with RT – even though I didn’t attend RT)
  • ·    My first time making a bestseller list (#16 on the New York Times extended list in May – Woo-hoo!!)
  • ·    My first reader/author get together in June
  • ·    My first RWA conference in July
My first book signing was exciting, and I had a great time visiting with members of my street team, as well as making new friends! Making the New York Times list was exciting and thrilling and I get a little shiver every time I think about the fact that I can forever say, “I’m a New York Times bestselling author.” The RWA conference was overwhelming, both in the number of people and the information that I tried to absorb, but it was a great time.

However, Lori Foster’s Annual Reader and Author was the most fun thing I’ve done, and not just this year, but in years!!

I was a little nervous (okay, a lot nervous), because going to an event like this alone was way out of my comfort zone. My husband, a true social butterfly, was supposed to go with me, but something came up at the last minute and he had to cancel. I knew several of my readers were going to be there, as well as my admin, Liza, so I pulled up my big girl panties and went.

Boy, am I ever glad I did! A few hours after arriving, I connected with Liza. By the end of the evening, she’d introduced me to a hand full of new friends. By lunch the next day, I’d connected with my readers, who brought along friends, who also became my friends. I met up with Slick Reads, a reviewer who enjoys my book and who had felt like a friend even before meeting face to face.

I had lunch with a wonderful group of ladies, we spent the afternoon hanging out and laughing until my stomach hurt, and then I participated in my second book signing of the year!

Saturday, I had breakfast with my new friends and after that… I lost track! LOL I was exhausted by the end of the weekend, but I was also more energized than I’d been in a long time.

One of the fabulous ladies I met while there is a reviewer who lives in Raleigh. At breakfast on Saturday, I said, “We need an event like this the southeast.” She looked across the table and said, “I agree!!”

And so, preparations began!

We’d set the date for September 26-28, 2014 in Raleigh, NC, but I received word last Friday that another event is planned for that same weekend in the Midwest. Fortunately, we weren’t too far into planning, so we can change the date of ours without any problem.

Since we’re starting from scratch on this, and want to make sure the event not only meets, but exceeds readers’ expectations, tell me…

Have you ever attended a reader/author get together?
If not, would you like to?
What do you look for in an event such as this?
What’s the biggest factor in making a decision to attend?
What is the most important thing to you:  Price? Location? Availability of airports? Time of year?

An event like this is all about the readers, so any information you can give me would be tremendously helpful in planning our event to make sure it’s the perfect experience for everyone who attends.

If you would like to be kept updated on details as we get them put together, please say so in the comments, or email Liza at We’ll be sure to keep you updated as information become available!!

Thanks for adding your comments!! A Heat Wave book of choice will be given away to one lucky commenter. Be sure and follow along on each stop of the hop (go to my blog for links to each stop). One commenter from each day will be chosen, and a grand prize drawing for a “Savin’ Me” audio book will be drawn at the end of the tour.

Alannah’s Bio:

Alannah believes there's nothing more magical than finding the other half of your soul, experiencing fiery passion, and knowing you've found happily-ever-after.

She loves going to work each day (in sweats and a T-shirt) and writing about hot heroes and feisty heroines who torment each other in the most delicious ways before finding their happy ending.

She lives in the coastal region of North Carolina with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest fan. They have two sons, two dogs, two cats, and an outrageous number of ducks and geese that inhabit the pond on their farm.

To stay abreast of her current releases and contests visit her website and sign up for her newsletter, or connect on Facebook and twitter.

Where to find Alannah:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Blog

Buy Links:

Savin Me: Amazon | AllRomance | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords

Last Call: Amazon | AllRomance | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords

Crossing Lines: Amazon | AllRomance | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords

Box Set: Amazon | AllRomance | B&N | Itunes

Title: Savin’ Me
Author: Alannah Lynne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Heat Wave #1
Number of Pages: 168
Publisher: Alannah Lynne

One step away from the coveted Vice Presidency of her firm, the last thing Kat Owens needs is the distraction of a man. Her client, Erik Monteague, disagrees. He’s charming, sexy, seductive, and impossible to ignore or refuse. After succumbing to his advances, Kat’s forced to choose between her career and the man she’s fallen for... while knowing even her love might not be enough to save him from self-destructing.

While Erik’s perfectly executed seduction gets Kat into his bed, the end result is more than he bargained for. Having spent the past ten years wallowing in guilt and self-loathing over his fiancée’s tragic death, falling in love is unacceptable. However, Kat’s passionate, loving nature dissolves the carefully constructed walls guarding his heart, forcing him to face his tragic past and make a decision... spend the rest of his life running, or risk being devastated by love again?

Title: Last Call
Author: Alannah Lynne
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance
Series: Heat Wave #2
Number of Page:  230
Publisher: Alannah Lynne

Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all. His corporate climb has positioned him as the next CEO at Holden Enterprises. He’s financially stable, allowing him to provide for the grandfather who raised him, and his successful seduction of the sexy bartender last night proves his private life is also on fire. Until the alluring woman in his arms turns out to be a serious road-block to his future. One that could bring everything he's worked for crashing down around him.

Sunny Black has spent her entire life tending to the needs of others, caring for her younger brother since she was ten, and serving bar patrons night after night. For the first time in years, she thinks of herself and gives in to her body’s demands, taking a trip to the wild side with a customer whose raw sexuality is too strong to deny. The next morning, however, she learns that in addition to rocking her world, the stranger might cause it to crumble.

A game of sexual seduction and corporate chess ensues, with neither Gavin nor Sunny realizing the ending could come in the form of a permanent check-mate.

Title:  Crossing Lines
Author: Alannah Lynne
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance
Series: Heat Wave #3
Number of Page:  178
Publisher: Alannah Lynne

Bored with her current assortment of vibrating, plastic pieces, Sam Wallace decides to add a new sex toy to her collection: Kevin Mazze. The sexy Italian is more than happy to help her live out her long-held sexual fantasies, and trusting him with her body is easy. Trusting him with her heart, however, is not… especially when he commits an unforgiveable sin.

Kevin Mazze is one of the good guys. He’s spent his life always doing the right things and making those around him happy. When he meets the woman of his dreams, at the worst possible time, he finds himself making bad choices in the name of good and crossing lines he never thought he would… while praying she never finds out.

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     Erik stood on Kat’s doorstep, carrying a pizza box and beer, wearing that stupid-ass grin again, and vaguely aware of the self-preservationist frantically waving his red flag. Erik knew this no-touching policy seemed counterintuitive to getting Kat back in the sack, but it wasn’t just a ploy to spend more time with her, as the self-preservationist seemed to think. It was part of the bigger plan. If things went according to plan, by the end of night, she’d be cursing that no-touching policy and ruling in favor of full-on contact sports.
     “Hi there,” she said, opening the door and stepping aside so he could enter.
      His gaze swept over her pink T-shirt, ass-hugging jeans, and bare feet, where a toe ring twinkled mockingly. The self-preservationist muttered, “See, dumbass, you’re in over your head.”
      Erik gulped, finding it difficult to argue. Forcing his gaze away from her, he stepped over the threshold and scanned the mountain of boxes littering the floor. “Holy shit.” Some were open, with newspaper hanging over the sides where she’d rummaged through them; others were stacked in neat piles three and four high. “We’re gonna need more beer.”
     She laughed and shut the door behind him. “Are you sorry you insisted on helping?” Without waiting for an answer, she took the pizza box from him and led the way to the kitchen.
Hell no, he wasn’t sorry. This was even better than he’d expected. With any luck, he’d be here all night, which gave him more time to make her regret that stupid rule. “Maybe,” he said, laughing so she’d know he was teasing. He glanced around the kitchen, which was slightly less disastrous than the living room. “Do you have a plan of attack, or is this a free-for-all?”
     She sat the pizza box on the counter, then looked around. “I think finish the kitchen first, then move to the living room?”
     It was more question than statement, so he shrugged and nodded. “Sure. You’re the boss.”
     She grabbed paper plates and napkins from the cabinet and set them on the counter next to the pizza. “In that case, I say we eat first. I’m starving.”
     “Yes ma’am,” he said, pulling a slice from the box. When she reached for it, he shook his head no and held it up to her mouth. “Open.” She eyed him suspiciously—smart girl—but opened anyway and took a bite.
      “Oh my God. That’s so good.” She grabbed another bite, then closed her eyes and chewed like it was the finest food in the world. With her head tilted back, eyes closed, and pleasure rippling off her, she looked much like she had on the boat. Soaking up the sun, the wind blowing her skirt high on her thighs, her hands stroking her legs… she’d been an erotic vision if ever there was one.
He took a deep breath and set the slice on her plate before grabbing a couple of slices for himself.      “Vinnie’s makes a great pizza. They have killer lasagna, too. We’ll get that next time.”
     She opened her eyes, grabbed her slice, and took another large bite. Between chews she said, “I love lasagna. It’s one of my favorite foods.”
     He grabbed two beers and grinned. She hadn’t flinched at the “next time” part of his statement; he was making progress.
     She hopped onto the countertop and continued to eat while he opened the bottles. As he turned to hand her one, a drop of pizza sauce stuck to her lip caught his attention. Pizza sauce wasn’t sexy. But when she flicked her tongue out to lick it from her lip, a gulp and a groan collided in his throat. A shot of adrenaline hit his system, and blood rushed to his dick.
     He took a long, cooling drink from his bottle and considered his plan—which wasn’t working as he’d intended. In fact, so far, the whole damned thing seemed to be backfiring.
     “This is really good,” Kat said, grabbing a second slice. “Thanks for bringing dinner and coming to help. It’s nice to have the company.”
    “It’s my pleasure.”
     “Did you grow up in Riverside?” she asked.
     “Not in Riverside, but across the river and down a ways. About a mile past the plant.”
     Kat picked up her pizza to take a bite, paused, then set it back down. “I have to be honest. Once I let go of being pissed off…” She smiled sheepishly. “I really loved being on the water. It’s so peaceful out there. I understand why you prefer traveling by boat.”
     Erik’s chest tightened at her soft smile and the sincerity of her words. It shouldn’t have meant anything, but he was thrilled she’d enjoyed something that was such a big part of his life. “We’ll go out again. Soon.”
     She nodded, then grabbed her pizza and took a healthy bite.
     He smiled and did the same, enjoying the moment.
     The self-preservationist dropped his head into his hands and wept.
     General conversation ensued until Kat finished eating. She tossed her wadded-up napkin onto her plate and brushed her hands together. Since he’d finished long before her, she asked, “Ready to get busy?”
      Erik grinned at all the ways he’d love to get busy, but kept the thought to himself. “Absolutely.” He picked up their plates and dumped them in the trash while Kat dropped to her knees and began sifting through one of the boxes. Finished putting the leftover pizza in the fridge and wiping off the counter, he stood next to her, awaiting further instructions.
     She pulled a mixer from the box and turned toward him. “What—?” The question remained unasked as she found her wide-open mouth level with his crotch.
     His dick instantly recognized the advantages of the situation and rose with vigor and enthusiasm.
     Her gazed fixed on his fly, watching the subtle shifts of his clothing caused by all the behind-the-scenes action taking place. She licked her lips and the impact was as powerful as if she’d physically stroked her tongue over his flesh.
     Every muscle in his body tightened in response. Sweat popped out on his forehead and across the back of his neck as her gaze began a slow, leisurely stroll up his body. Her looking up at him—through dark lashes from this position on her knees—caused his cock to swell to near bursting, and its throbbing matched the whooshing in his ears.
     No touching.
    He clenched his fists and closed his eyes. While taking a few deep breaths, he prayed she’d find the good sense to get off the floor before she found herself flat on her back with him buried to the hilt inside her.
     When he finally opened his eyes, he found her standing in front of him, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, a tinge of pink coloring her cheeks. “That was a great view,” she said, smiling sweetly.
      He’d given his word on the no-touching bullshit, but the little minx didn’t realize how close he was to giving his fucking honor the boot. “I’d be more than happy to provide you with an even better one,” he said, his voice raspy, his tone clipped and harsh.
     She sighed heavily as her shoulders slumped. “That would be really nice, but I’m afraid it would be terrible… just terrible”—she batted her eyes and did her best Scarlett impression—“to have something so incredible to look at and not be able to touch.”
    Without waiting for his response, she turned and bent over, reaching for the goddamned mixer she’d left on the floor.
    “Jesus Christ!” A man could only take so much. She yelped as he snatched her up around the waist and sat her on the counter. “Sit there and don’t move. Don’t bat your eyes. Don’t lick your lips. Don’t get on your knees. And for God’s sake, don’t bend over.” He snatched the mixer off the floor. “Where the hell do you want it?”
     The little she-devil clapped her hands together, threw her head back, and laughed with abandon.    
     The act was more threatening to his emotional stability than all her sexy moves put together. Laughing like this, she was absolutely radiant. And he wanted her more than he’d ever wanted anyone.
     Including Lindsey.
     Over the next hour, Kat sipped her beer and did a point-and-direct, while Erik stashed everything away in the cabinets. How it went from him trying to make her regret the no-touching rule to him skating the slippery slope of becoming a liar was beyond him. But sure as shit, it happened.
Kitchen finished, they moved to the living room. Putting together a bookshelf kept his mind occupied while she unpacked books and knickknacks. He made like a pack mule and moved the remaining boxes to the guest room, then they arranged the living room furniture to take advantage of the exceptional view her upstairs apartment had of the river.
     While Kat refolded and stacked the used newspaper for recycling, Erik broke down the empty boxes and carried them to the recycling container outside. When he returned, he didn’t see Kat, so he followed the sounds coming from the back of her apartment.
     As he approached the end of the dark hallway, she burst from her bedroom, rounding the corner at a fast clip. They collided, hard.
     He threw his arms around her waist to keep her from stumbling back. In the process, every perfect curve and dip of her body molded against his. The heat of her palms pressing against his chest was like a sizzling brand, as she gasped to catch her breath.
     “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t hear you come back in. Are you all right?”
     No, he wasn’t even close to being all right.
     Through the filtered light of the living room, he watched her eyes go from wide with surprise to a heavy-lidded forest green as he continued to hold her tight. With each labored breath, his chest brushed against her breasts. His palm rested on the small of her back, and he fought the need to pull her tighter against his jerking, straining erection.
     “Fuck.” What was supposed to have been a muttered curse came out sounding like a plea.
     Her throat bobbed as she swallowed hard. Her body melted further into his, and the pulse in her neck fluttered wildly.
     All the way to the dumpster and back he’d lectured and coached himself like a parent would an unruly teenager. Come in, make sure she didn’t need any more help, then get the hell out before something like this happened. But right now, primal instinct was in control, overpowering his good intentions and his word, demanding he take what he wanted.
     He thrust his free hand through the hair at the nape of her neck and yanked her head back, careful not to hurt her, but forceful enough to let her know she wasn’t going anywhere. Surprised by his aggression, her eyes snapped wide and her mouth dropped open, giving him the access he craved. His assault on her mouth was as ferocious as a lion attacking its prey.
     Rather than push him away, she accepted him fully by wrapping her arms around his neck and dragging him even closer. He backed her against the wall, wedged a knee between her thighs, and with a feral growl, deepened the kiss even further while she rode his knee.
     And it still wasn’t enough for either of them.
     Their tongues clashed, twisting and tangling, frantic for even deeper contact. His hand snaked up her side until he reached the swell of her breasts. He used his thumb to tease her taut nipple, and she arched her back, pressing her body more firmly into his grasp.
     His heartbeat pounded in his ears as his body stretched tight as a rubber band about to snap. He wanted to eat her alive, and if he didn’t stop now—which was already way beyond the promised boundaries—he wouldn’t stop until he’d stroked her, eaten her, and buried himself in her warm, wet body.
     It was one of the hardest things he’d ever done, but as his words—no touching—thumped inside his skull, he forced himself to pull back and draw in a deep, shuddering breath.
     Her eyes screamed don’t stop. But he had to; this wasn’t right. He’d given his word that he’d behave, and although he may have a reputation for being a lowlife scoundrel, he always kept his word.
Of course, when he made that promise he hadn’t counted on extenuating circumstances making it impossible. But he could still walk away at this point and not feel like a total sack of shit. The look in her eyes, her response to his touch all told him that one day soon he’d strip, lick, suck, and fuck her senseless.
     But it wouldn’t be tonight.
     “I’m sorry,” he said, his voice raw and choppy. “When I made that promise, I hadn’t considered the possibility of you literally falling into my arms.”
     Eyes wide and glassy, she ran a finger over her lips and took a few shallow breaths. “Is it always going to be like this?” Her voice was soft, desperate. “Every time we’re together is it going to be a constant battle, like horny teenagers trying to keep our hands off each other?”
     He scrubbed a shaky hand down his face, then proceeded to stare a hole in his shoes as he honestly considered the question. He wanted to tell her no, that it was just a phase. He wished he could give her a smooth-talking sales job that would get her into bed and stick with his plan of working her out of his system. Then, they would both move on with their lives. Separately.
     The problem was, he no longer believed it would be that easy. His cat scratch fever was back with a vengeance.
     “I don’t know,” he said, running a thumb across her red and swollen bottom lip. “All I know is that I want you with a ferociousness I have never felt before.” And with that admission, he turned away and headed for the door. “Maybe I should swim home to work off some of this pent-up frustration.” He stopped at the door, turned, and winked. “Sleep tight, baby.”


  1. Love this series ...Mmmmm Kevin! Alannah you are amazing

  2. I'd love to go to a reader/author get-together, but with my income, I'll never be able to afford to travel. I live vicariously through FB. I love Alannah and all her books. ♥

  3. Thanks ladies!!!! <3

    Becki, Kallypso Masters and I have talked about trying to arrange a trip above the border for Canadian readers. You were one of the main reasons I want to do that, so maybe someday we'll be able to work it out and I can get up there to see you.