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Guest Post & Giveaway: Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie tour!

You're the One That I Want: Best Friends in Love 
By Cat Lavoie

I love romantic comedies. I've sat through countless viewings of movies like Love, Actually, The Holiday and Bridget Jones's Diary and never grow tired of them. There’s nothing better than watching two (sometimes clueless) people who are clearly meant to be together as they navigate the inevitably bumpy road to true love. And when these two people happen to have a shared history, it can make things even more complicated.

In my novel, Breaking the Rules, the two main characters are lifelong best friends whose platonic relationship changes after an emotional goodbye hug turns into a passionate kiss. 

Today I'd like to share my Top 5 Favorite Romantic Comedies about best friends who fall in love. Action!

13 Going on 30 (2004)

I love that—like Roxy and Ollie—Jenna (Jennifer Garner) and Matt (Mark Ruffalo) are childhood best friends. They have a connection that can survive anything—even time travel and extreme diva behavior. The last ten minutes of this movie always brings me to tears. And that scene where Jenna convinces Matt to do the Thriller dance? Pure awesome.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)

A small town girl (Kate Bosworth) wins a date with a famous actor and they hit it off. When her best friend (Topher Grace) realizes that she's the one for him, he must compete against the Hollywood hunk to get the girl. Fun fact: I started writing Breaking the Rules shortly after seeing this movie and—in my early drafts—Roxy was actually named Rosalee, like the character played by Kate Bosworth. This is a very sweet movie. And Josh Duhamel is the hunk. Enough said.

Made of Honor (2008)

When a woman (Michelle Monaghan) asks her best friend (Patrick Dempsey) to be maid of honor at her wedding, he realizes he loves her and wants to stop her from going down the aisle. I love this movie because part of it takes place in Scotland, which is a place I've been wanting to visit for years (that accent! those kilts!) and because I love the chemistry between the two main characters. Fun fact: in Breaking the Rules, Roxy and Ollie joke about being each other's maid of honor and best man. Pure coincidence but it made me enjoy this movie even more. 

The Switch (2010)

Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) and Wally (Jason Bateman) are best friends. When Kassie decides to have a baby on her own through artificial insemination, Wally is less than enthusiasthic because he's secretly been in love with her for years. After getting drunk at Kassie's Insemination Party, he does something that will forever change his friendship with Kassie. I loved this movie. The interaction between Wally and Kassie's son is especially hilarious and heartwarming. And, of course, you can't help but want Wally and Kassie to get it together and realize that they are meant for each other.

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

My list wouldn't be complete without this movie. Julianne (Julia Roberts) realizes that she is in love with her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) when he announces that he is marrying Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) … and the race is on to stop the wedding. Definitely a classic. And a great example that a happy ending isn't always the one we expect.


When twenty-seven year old Roxy Rule’s best friend and roommate accepts a glamorous new job overseas, she expects their relationship to continue as it’s always been—carefree and easy—until they share a heart-stopping kiss moments before his departure. Overcome with mixed emotions, she fights the urge to over analyze the situation and resumes back to her normal life in New York City, working for an intolerable boss at a dead end job, creeping further and further away from her own dreams of becoming a professional chef.

While things become more complicated between her and Ollie, Roxy is sure that nothing can come between two lifelong best friends—not even mild jealousy over a thriving career or a silly little kiss that meant nothing. In fact, it was such a meaningless and forgettable kiss that she convinces herself that it’s not even worth mentioning to her fiancé, although it is all she can think about.

Roxy’s already topsy-turvy life only gets more complicated when her sisters Steffi and Izzie suddenly become her roommates. Steffi is six months into a pregnancy she refuses to discuss and Izzie is in the throes of a premature midlife crisis. Roxy tries to take control of her career, her love life and her sisters – but can she really handle it all? And can the Rule family keep it together – or break under the pressure?

Author Bio:

Cat Lavoie was born in the small town of Jonquière in Québec, Canada. At the age of nineteen, she packed up her things (mostly books) and moved to the big city of Montreal where she currently lives with her tempestuous cat Abbie—who is both adorable and quite possibly evil.

An incurable Anglophile since her university days where she studied English Literature, she can often be found daydreaming about her next trip to London. Since she’s an expert at the art of procrastination, Cat is easily distracted by cooking and home improvement shows—even though she’s not particularly good at either.

Cat grew up watching soap operas and legal dramas and—had she not decided to be a claims analyst by day and write chick lit by night—she would have probably become a designer suit-wearing lawyer. Or a character on All My Children (which is what she really wanted to be when she was twelve).

Cat is not sure whether she’s a geek or a nerd—and is afraid she might be both. Breaking the Rules is her first novel.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! :)

  2. Aw, I love this list, Cat! You named so many great films that I hadn't thought about in a while. And I just saw The Switch on DVD recently and really enjoyed it. My Best Friend's Wedding is definitely one of my fave movies of the "best friends fall in love" sub-genre. I loved that the ending wasn't the typical HEA, but it was very satisfying nonetheless.

    Breaking the Rules has been one of my favorites reads of 2013 and I look more to reading more from you, Cat! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Tracie! :) It's funny because I saw My Best Friend's Wedding recently and it's the oldest movie on my list. I loved the ending! :)

  3. Cat, Breaking the Rules sounds like such a fun, light hearted read! I just added it to my Good Reads must reads, can't wait! And I love your movie list. I'm a big fan of Made of Honor. I haven't seen The Switch, but I may just have to now!

    1. Thank you so much, Courtney! :) I just friended you on Goodreads! The Switch is a really good movie. You should definitely check it out! :)

  4. I did enjoy Made of Honor and My Best Friend's Wedding. I guess I'd also nominate Harry & Sally :)
    Enjoy your tour!

    1. Thanks Pauline! Oooh, that's definitely a good one to add to the list! :)

  5. This was a great list!! Now I have to watch Made of Honor..not sure why I haven't gotten to that movie yet.

  6. Thanks Colette! I hope you enjoy Made of Honor! :)

  7. I actually haven't seen a couple of these. Gotta update my Netflix queue! Thanks for the tips. Always looking for good movies for when the hubs is working late!

    I love a good "best friends fall in love" movie since the hubs and I were friends first. (Although I did have a crush on him. But he had a girlfriend. A bat-$h*t crazy g.f., but still...).

    Like Pauline I'd also add When Harry Met Sally!

    Loved Breaking the Rules. I laughed, I teared-up, I gasped!

  8. I love the post. I love the movie list. I haven't heard of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! yet though.