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Topaz and The Plum-Gista Stone by Pat Frayne Blog Tour!


Second Excerpt
Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone by Pat Frayne

From Chapter Two:

The Gnome Patriarch was seated in a willow chair
under a shade tree by the lily pond. He was dressed in a
long, brown robe. Daisy marveled at his stocking cap. It
had been knitted from dyed yarns in every color of the
rainbow. A carved walking stick leaned against the right
arm of his chair. The wood of the stick had been stained
blue, and the carvings on it appeared to be the faces of
old Gnomes. Daisy was intrigued with the carved faces,
and she wondered if the stick was magic, but of course,
she did not think it would be polite to ask the patriarch
about it.
What impressed Daisy the most was Lome’s white
beard. It was long and wispy, and it had grown past his
knees. That lead Daisy to imagine that Lome must be the
oldest being she had ever seen.
Lome remembered having met the raccoon before.
Dooley had come along with some others a few months
back to bring some Fairy and Elf children to the fortress.
They had been in need of care and lodging.
“It’s about time you came to see us again, Dooley,”
Lome said. “Tell me, how are the children you brought
to us a while back? I hope they have suffered no ills from
their terrible ordeal.”
“They are all happy and in good health, Lome.
Thank you for asking about them,” Dooley answered.
Topaz couldn’t help noticing Dooley’s gracious
manner. The raccoon could be polite when he chose to
Lome smiled, “I am glad to know things turned out
well for them in the end.”
Then Lome turned to Daisy. He praised her for
pulling the cart such a long distance to bring the great
owl to the fortress.
 “I was pleased to do it,” she replied in a shy voice.
Lome leaned forward and gave her a gentle pat on
the head.
“Now then,” Lome said, addressing everyone,
“I have already spoken to the Healing Gnomes this
morning. They tell me the great owl slept well last night
and that he ate a hearty morning meal. He seems to be
in good spirits at the moment, and that may be because
he believes his eyesight will be restored soon.”
Then Lome’s expression became solemn. “I only
wish the Healing Gnomes could be as certain of this
as the great owl seems to be. A cure for the great owl’s
blindness, we fear, may not be possible.” Lome paused,
looking down at the ground for a moment. Then he said,
“All the same, there is no need to upset him by giving
him this unhappy news just yet. We may learn something
more a bit later.”
Topaz stiffened. This was not what he’d expected.
“Please, Lome, tell us; what does that mean? Do you
think you may be able to help Otis or not?” He braced
himself to hear the worst.
Lome hesitated again before speaking. He wanted
to choose his words carefully. “I’m sorry to say that what
ails the great owl can’t be cured by our healing methods.
That is, we ourselves, have no remedy that will help your
friend regain his eyesight.”
Topaz was stunned. Expecting to hear the worst and
then actually hearing it, he realized, were two different
things indeed. “It is as we suspected then; the great owl’s
blindness was caused by a curse.” The words said, Topaz
felt a sudden sense of despair well up inside of him, and
he knew he wasn’t ready to accept this.
“I’m afraid I have to agree with you, King Topaz. I
am sorry for the great owl. I had hoped there would be
something we could do. It seems that the only chance of
restoring your friend’s eyesight now is the Plum-Gista.”
Topaz felt his heart skip a beat. Had he heard right?
“Who is the Plum-Gista? Where can we find him?”
“Not who, but what,” Lome responded. “The Plum-
Gista is not a being. It is a rare mystical stone. It may be
the rarest of all stones.”
“A mystical stone?” Topaz was puzzled.
Lome nodded. “Yes, my friend. This stone has a
most unusual power, the power to undo any evil that
befalls an innocent victim of witchery. Or wizardry, for
that matter. That is to say, the Plum-Gista Stone can lift
the curse on your friend. In that case, his eyesight would
be completely restored.”
Lome sighed, “Nevertheless, we do not have the
Plum-Gista Stone.”

Author Bio: About the Author: Pat Frayne, a retired registered nurse with twelve grandchildren, lives in a small town in Arizona with her husband, Ron and their dog, Charlie, a black lab mix. Her action adventure mysteries take place in mystical lands inhabited by Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Sprites, Ogres, witches, wizards and other mystical beings. While written for children ages eight through twelve, many adults have greatly enjoyed these stories.

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Topaz must find out what evil sickness has befallen his old friend, Otis, the great owl. With the help of his companions, Daisy and Dooley, Topaz takes Otis to the Healing Gnomes at North Fortress. As for Topaz and his raccoon friend, Dooley, their journey doesn't end here. Grim circumstances compel them to search for a rare, precious stone know as the Plum-Gista. Their travels take them to new and mysterious lands where they will make new friends and meet unusual beings. A warning from the Spirit of Amber Tiger gives Topaz reason to doubt his own judgement as life-threatening dangers and dark magical forces close in.

About the Series:
These cleverly woven and original tales of a mystical cat, his friends, and the magical land they live in will truly captivate anyone who loves mystical stories of high adventure. The reader is drawn into the amazing Kingdom of Knownotten and introduced to unforgettable characters. The classic fight of good vs. evil is waged in a world inhabited by Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, wizards and talking animals. All of these creatures coexist in a complex and beautiful land of peril and wonder. The author has crafted a truly well-rounded and enchanting story, rich with suspense, humor and tenderness.

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