Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Author Loribelle Hunt

Creating A New Species

Hey y’all! Thanks for having me on the blog today! 

I thought I’d talk about how I came up with my new series. A couple of years ago I found myself wrapping up a long werewolf series. I loved the series (who doesn’t love hot werewolves?), but it was time to move on.  I needed a break from shifters and I didn’t think I could improve on vampires. I wanted something new. Something I hadn’t seen before. First I considered aliens living in secret on Earth, but of course that’s been done, in movies and television at least. Then I considered a futuristic set on Earth repopulated by aliens long after humanity became extinct. But as I brainstormed with my critique partners I realized I wanted to stick with a modern day setting. Eventually the aliens got nixed and became the next step in the evolution of mankind in modern day Tampa. And what’s the point of having advanced humans if they can’t be superhuman?

So I started wondering, what would advance humans? What cool pluses would you add? And there were basically three things on my list.

1.     Smarts. Don’t we all want to be smarter? Well, I do. I’d love to suddenly get math. Yes, I know that’s odd lol.
2.     Health. I’m lumping strength, endurance, not feeling like 40 when you’re 40 into this category. Seriously, can I be 25 again? Because I did not appreciate it nearly enough!
3.     Mental powers. Hello, of course! Super human! I don’t know about y’all but if I was a member of a new species I’d want cool stuff to come with it. Also, scientists say we don’t use nearly all our brains. So what if those unused parts were for telepathy or telekinesis or controlling fire? Endless possibilities for a writer.

So what do y’all think? How would you make the next evolution of mankind different?

About the author

Loribelle is a former Army MP who traded in her combat boots for motherhood, flip-flops and all the Diet Coke she can drink. (She almost misses the combat boots.) She’s the author of more than twenty books, none of which her children are allowed to read. Ever. Visit her website,, or for information on new releases.

About the book

Warrior: The Elect 3

Years ago, former Special Ops officer Carter Owens made the biggest mistake of his life. He met the woman of his dreams—and didn’t fight to keep her. Now that he’s learned Jamie Wade is still alive, and that she bore him a son, Carter plans to protect his family at all costs. Right after he’s rescued her along with several other Elect members being held prisoner in a private hospital.

He isn’t prepared to find her battered, drugged-up, and half-starved. Whatever her captor wanted, the madman hadn’t gone after it humanely.

When Jamie awakens, she’s stunned to find herself free of the abuser who tried and failed to make her admit she’s a telepath. As a police detective, she is driven to join the investigation into the organization that held her and her son captive. But first she’ll have to overcome Carter’s overprotective nature.

Which isn’t going to happen anytime soon, because first she has to recover—and convince him that their out-of-control sexual chemistry isn’t a good enough reason to stay. 


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  1. I'd throw in super powers of some kind!

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