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Notes from Karen Marie Moning Facebook Chat!

*Proceed at your own risk*

The amazing Karen Marie Moning had a chat on Facebook today to discuss her amazing Fever series with her fans today.  There really wasn't a set format to the chat, so at times it became a little hectic to see the answers to some of the questions.  But I managed to copy and paste what I could and put it in a post for those that couldn't make it.  The questions and answers are in no type of order.  Some of the questions have multiple answers as she went back and answered other comments, and some just have her commenting or smiling.  That KMM is a sly one!  Also, there's lots of spaces between the questions and answers.  That's from copying and pasting them.  I didn't have time to fix it and make it all look pretty, but I hope it's not too sucky.  :P
Why do we not know what Ryodan looks like?
Barrons is a man who cannot be defined by a label. I want you to get to know Ryodan--for now--without focusing on his looks. No more no less. As a writer, it's too easy to distort the lens. When I begin to write a character I'm crazy about, I'm very careful. Beginnings are fragile things.
I have two questions that can possibly be related to each other... Although the Barrons, Ryodan, and the others were cursed, was the curse just related to them never dyeing? Did they have their ‘super’ powers before they died? Although Dani is a sidhe-seer, her powers seem to be a bit more than your average sidhe-seer. In fact, they seem very similar to Barrons and the others. Is she somehow related to them?
Oh, Pul-lease.  You really think I'm going to answer all that?  :)

I know that you still have two books coming, BTW, did these also come to you as one, complete story, sorry jumped thoughts there. Do you know what your next series will be about? Like the rest of Barrons men? Lor is a lot of fun.
Lor, Lor, Lor. God I love that male :)

Have you had time to read all of our crazy theories we have going on the message boards on your page? We're nuts about this story!
Nice question. I like them obscure :) Possibly!

Where does Dancer go when he disappears for days? and is there anything 'special' about the bracelet he gave Dani?
Excellent question.  No, the bracelet doesn't work like the Nine's cuffs.
- But does it work in any way then?
Sabine, you clever girl...:)

Where does Dancer go when he disappears for days?

Alright this has been killing me to ask but did RYO tattoo Dani? After she wakes up in the basement she keeps talking about how the back of her skull/neck burns and she mentions that a few times after. Then when he used that spell to make her eat a candy bar she says the same thing. I think she is but DID HE?
I would think anytime a person spent time unconscious around one of the Nine and woke up with the back of their skull sore they'd probably want to check it. But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
OHHH!!! Are Jo and Ryodan a permanent couple?!?
Do you guys really need to ask that? Where's the faith? Do you think I don't know you need another epic hot duo? Trust me to get you there. I think a lot of folks expected that ICED would somehow trump Shadowfever which was the climax in a slow, intense four-book buildup. I just started the buildup over again. ICED is more like Darkfever where you aren't sure you like the characters yet...remember how many of you thought Mac was TSTL and Barrons too old?Many people had strong reactions to ICED. I expected you to. I'm trying with 100% of my writing ability to ultimately deliver something that TOPS your emotional reaction to the Fever Series. I won't get there without risk.Jo has her own story of transformation going on guys. Believe me, she doesn't stay the way she is.
Any chance that Dani is Ryodan's daughter??
You guys DO like your spoilers huh? No. Put that one to rest.

What's up with all the Unseelie Princes having wings now?

They always did. It merely depends on the glamour they present.

It seems that Mac's mom is not aware of Dani's part in Alina's death. Does Mac suspect that Dani was somehow coerced?
Hi Brenda! Mac knows Ro.

Alright this has been killing me to ask but did RYO tattoo Dani? After she wakes up in the basement she keeps talking about how the back of her skull/neck burns and she mentions that a few times after. Then when he used that spell to make her eat a candy bar she says the same thing. I think she is but DID HE?
I would think anytime a person spent time unconscious around one of the Nine and woke up with the back of their skull sore they'd probably want to check it. But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Since you wouldn't answer my first, lol, here's another... All of the Barrons-type men have scars on them except for Barrons. Does this have something to do with their ‘curse’? Did something happen to them to make it so Barrons made a deal to save them? And, if so, will this come back to haunt him/them?

It's not that plebian, the origin story of the Nine. 

I was wondering why Christian can never return to the Highlands?
Cause he's being a dickhead right now!

How long does it usually take you to finish writing a book?
4 to 10 months.  Shadowfever was 7

Whats in store for fade and lor?
Dude! All kinds of fascinating stuff. They do love the women but it's not going to be easy for any of the Nine.

Will you please describe Ryo just a little more?
Honey, not even for you .

Ms Moning, are you going to incorporate more of the MacKeltars and Adam into the next several books??? Adam after all was the Blackest Elf, and the love of his eternity was a realtive of sorts to Mac and Dani...
Sometimes there's simply no way to include all the players i would include without the story beginning to feel...contrived or farcical. If I do anything with them it might be a prequel to the Fever Series, the time in between...a Keltar Christmas or something.
Will mac forgive dani?
Would you?

Hello, Karen! Thank you for your hard work and new book!
Please tell me, what was the big shadow in the «Bloodfever», which copied the movement Mac? Is it the secret of new books?
Why Mac is not to hurry to make peace with Danny? What is she busy now? Has she a good time with Barrons?
I love very much Mac and Barrons! How many of them will be in the «Burned» and «Flayed»?
Did Barrons loved the mother of his son? I hope not
Mac and Barrons have their hands full right now, that's why you're not seeing them. Besides, Dani is a superhero. She believes in saving the world. Barrons believes in saving Mac and himself. Mac believes in spending as much time in bed with Barrons as possible. :) In between their current quandary. Like the strange Unseelie that are following Mac around. Remember, she has a secret. There's not just ONE Sinsar Dubh in Ireland now. One is ICED. The other is walking around. Pretty in pink and machine guns, LOL.
I am wondering if Aoibheal (sp?) will come back? I didn't know what happened to her, just that she was gone.
There's still story there with the Unseelie king.

Hi Karen!!! :D I need to know something, You say Barrons and Ryordan are diferent, I mean, before they were cursed too? like two diferent species? and, About Iced, Dani will reconcile with Mac? or in the other books?
Barrons and Ryodan and the rest of the men that comprise the Nine are the same...uh...species? Whatever. Same origin.
Mac had all the love in the world but had no spine. Her story was about finding strength. Dani has all the strength in the world but has never known love. Her story is about discovering it.
When Dani was chained up at Chesters and she talked to Mac,was it really Ryodan getting into her head?

Any hints as to what is going to happen with Dani's hand (the one that killed the Hunter)?
No. Not even a single one :)

 I'm planning to go to dublin and i wanted to know why you chose this city for your fever series and what did u like most about it ?
Like New Orleans--everything!
Love love love your books. I have re-read them so many times. Is Christian the same one from the highlander series who decends from Nell and Sylvan? The same christian who has a twin sister?
Thanks and yes!

 Another question,, how the hell did Christian know about K'vruck and Barron's son?!
How does the tooth fairy know to come get your tooth? :)
Point being the behind the scenes stuff is behind the scenes for reasons: either I'm going to use it in the future or its irrelevant.
Will we ever find out what the three problems were that Ryo had with dani drinking Christians Blood?

Don't take this the wrong way but I HATE YOU!.. How can you just leave us twisting in the wind at the end of every book (Secreately love it...) but I have to buy your books in hard back because I am not waiting for paper back lol.... My Question is how long are we going to twist before your next book?

Thanks! Hopefully not too long. I'm working on it:)

I posted this somewhere else but I don't think it is in the right spot. In the previous books of the fever series, you foreshadowed heavily. Is it safe to assume that you will continue to do so in Dani's trilogy?
I already am.
Some folks through the ending of the HFK was anti-climactic. Remember the classic horror movies? The bad guys always dies and gets back up. TWICE.
The comment that Kat made about Dancer, that he has something very dark in him is making me wonder.

This might be too spoilerish... But will Dani's HEA (was it even said she gets one?) at the end of her books be a romantic HEA or more about her finding her place in the world and love (but not in aromantic way)? Am I making any sense here? LOL
*crosses fingers a romantic HEA won't be with Ryo*
Sarah I couldn't be more aware of your feelings about Dani and Ryodan. :) I plan to give Dani the perfect HEA for her.

In the fever series the guys aren't 'allowed' to have girlfriends, right? I mean, that's a pact they made amongst themselves. Now, Kasteo's was killed? He must be vengefull seeing Ryo and Jer with girls of their own? :o
Ryodan doesn't have a girlfriend and they all know it. The reason you all don't like Jo is because we see what's really going on. Sometimes I think I wrote her TOO well :)

Karen, I love your books you are by far my favorite Author, however will Dani be older quickly in the 2nd book?\
She does get older in the second book.

With all the sex the nine (and Christian, too) are having, seemingly spontaneously, all the time, why aren't there legions of little nines repopulating Dublin? If Pop Tarts are running low, surely condoms must be scarce, too!
Gee, could you just have said: Can the Nine make babies? Can Barrons get Mac pregnant? :)

 I really loved that ICED is an adult novel with a young adult as a protagonist. Among many YA female protagonists it seems they are always in conflict with their changing environment. What was new and wonderful about ICED was that after the wall came down Dani FLOURISHED and it seems everyone around her struggled to put her in a certain box. As Dani matures what do you think will be the greatest test to her willfulness that we all love?
There's a reason Ryodan says "One day, kid you'll be willing to mortgage your fucking soul for somebody."

Soo.. i duno about anyone else.. but i was devasted and really mad about this Ryodan and Joe.. is there something else going on there.. please tell me Ryodan is just using his time with her until Dani grows up!
Ok, that's it. I wrote her too good. :) Crimeny. You were SUPPOSED to be irritated by this. Just not quite so bent out of shape. It's intended to make you feel all those things: Ew, Jo doesn't deserve him, Ew, what about Dani, Ew, what about Ryodan anyway because we really can't get a "romantic" feel for him in this book (because you're not supposed to yet.) ICED is book 6 in the series but book 1 in this trilogy. This is the foundation where I lay out the characters, establish their flaws, point you toward the hero's journey. Can't be a journey if everybody's already at the end of Perfect Street.

Karen, I love your books you are by far my favorite Author, however will Dani be older quickly in the 2nd book?
She does get older in the second book.
If you're trying to force the story to be a straight up romance, it's going to be weird for you. You have to suspend that need and read the story for what it is. I believe that--in the end--what I'm writing will prove an even better love story than Mac & Barrons. With all the hot sexy stuff. Keep the faith.Remember the risks I took with you in the Fever Series. You're facing new risks. Same writer, same ultimate goal: to tell you a kick ass good story with an amazing romance at the core of it. But you guys who are struggling have GOT to lose your fecking preconceptions. Stop labeling. Stop trying to force things into assumption boxes. I thought Barrons taught you something LOL!

My question is on an inconsistency in Iced. In the Fever series, Cruce was the only Unseelie prince with wings. In Iced, not only is Christian growing wings, the other princes have wings too. What changed?
They always had them. Cruce has an enormous wingspan. The others don't come close. Yet. Cruce doesn't come close to the UK. yet. ;)
I'm very excited about this chat as you are my all time favorite author!! What inspired you to write Iced?
I had a crazy 14 year old stuck in my head and it was either write her out or be stuck listening to her for the rest of my life. I figured better you than me.:)

What are those things following Mac and why? Do they sense the book?

Everyone is in Ireland but while reading it, I didnt feel like any one had an Irish Accent. was I reading it wrong?
No. Stylistic choice Diana. (Hi, gorgeous!!!) I had to decide whether to try to make it feel distinctly Irish or not. For accessibility I decided to keep it simple.
Is Christian Mackeltar going to take the place of V'lane in the next book as our sexy-by-death Fae but without the scheming?
Here's a bone: transformation. That's what fascinates me. As much as you currently struggle with what Christian is you will one day love him.

The MacKeltars are all about their clan. Why aren't they helping Christian try to reverse the change?
Because Christian isn't cooperating. There's a lot that goes on behind scenes that you haven't seen yet. ICED was actually a pretty long book. I can't put everything in right away. Or I'd have to just keep writing. And writing. And 1000 pages and five GRRM years later you'd get a book. haha.

Why are the nine ok with Dani knowing about them..fangs,not being able to die,etc. But Ryodan said they would kill Jo if she knew?
Great question!

 Who bottled up the Crimson Hag? can Dani's sword kill her?
The Crimson Hag has lurked in my mind for years with her knitting needle appendages. It was so good to finally write her out. Fewer nightmares :) The UK bottled her. Great question about Dani's sword.

Will Jo still be alive at the end of Dani's series?

LMAO! I've never had people ask me that when I could tell they were hoping I'd kill a character off. From where I'm standing, I think Jo is pretty much your average everyday person right now. Spent most of her life doing The Right Thing for everyone but herself. Researching, studying, helping, trying to be good. But bowing to the shoulds has begun to build up pressure. She wants her freedom. She wants to know if bad boys really do taste better. And now that she knows, who knows what she'll become....
It was weird for me to know that all this stuff was going on in Dublin but to not see Mac & Barrons out killing along side everyone else, will we see more of them in the next one?
Yeah, you guys are on the right track.

When Dani allows the observer to take over in there a danger of Dani not being able to come back?or is Dani strong enough to control it?
Always danger.

Is Lor going to be taking on a teacher/big brother role to Dani (big brother as only one of the 9 can)?
Well he sure isn't going to be having sex with the 14-year old. Or even blowing her a kiss. Not even looking at her sideways. I probably end up lynched and in prison. Probably in that order. :) On a more serious note, Lor is very protective of her. He loves her youth, her innocence, her balls, her need for constant stimulation. He'd be watching over her even if Ryodan hadn't put him in that position.
Last Q - will there be a time when a woman brings Ryo to his knees? Not literally. LOL!
Great question, Paris: The bigger they come the harder they fall...

One last note about Ryodan: He will eclipse Barrons. Blot him right out of your soul's sky. That's the challenge I've set for myself as a writer. (God, I hate it when I do this to myself.) It won't happen in the first book, or the second. But it will happen. And the gauntlet is flung...:)
Wow that is long!  And there you have it folks! I for one can't wait to see what she has in store for us with the next 2 books in Dani's trilogy, as well as the remaining 2 books for Mac and Barrons! GAH I could read these books forever! BARRONS I LOVE YOU! *ahem*  If you want to see all the questions and answers, here is the link to the page that held the chat:  Live KMM chat

So what do you think? 


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    Cheers, Michelle

  4. Since I'm in the middle of Iced right now, I was hesitant to read this post. Didn't want to spoil myself more than I already had by reading reviews of it. BUT I had to know if there was something between Ryo and Jo. KMM is right - she wrote her TOO well. I sincerely hope that Jo does a significant amount of her transforming in the next book because at this moment, I want to stab her in the uterus.

    I don't much care for Kat either. I tend to tune out when she starts talking (audiobook) but I struggle to pay attention cause I'm sure there's something that will be important later on.

    Thank you for somehow managing to follow the insanity that was this chat and posting the wrap up for us. xoxoxo PIC

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