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Elle Kennedy & Vivian Arend Hot & Cool Blog Tour!


Cool Canadians, Hot Contemporaries

November 20, Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy share a release day at Samhain Publishing: ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL and GETTING HOTTER. We’re stopping off at some of our favorite blogs to ramble for a bit and share some COOL or HOT excerpts, just for fun. The theme for this post?
Hot Bachelors

Elle: OK, what's our next topic? I like it when you spring it on me. It's like a lightning round on a game show.

Viv: Hot bachelors. Your excerpt is...whipped and whipped ;)

Elle: Dylan and Seth are talking about being whipped and yours is JESSE!
Oh, the twins are the ultimate bachelors :)

Viv: I was wondering. What's your experience with listening to hot bachelors talking about...well, anything? Because you’ve got the guy talk down pat, dude.

Elle: Thanks! I love guy talk. My core group of friends have always been more guys than girls, so sometimes you just have to sit back and listen to them as they act like the pervs they are.

Viv: Seriously. All my friends at school were guys. Bunch of potty mouth bastards.

Elle: I got a reader letter from a reader who said guys don't actually sit around and gossip in real life.  Um…THEY TOTALLY DO.

Viv: *jaw hangs open* Where’s she been hanging out?

Elle: An all-girls school? Who knows? But all my bachelor friends? All they do is talk about how awesome it is to be bachelors.

Viv: As they eye the steady sex their friends with permanent girls are getting? Riiiiiight.

Elle: LOL. So true. One dude friend constantly tells me that "single is the new single.” I don't quite know what that means.

Viv: Single is the new single? He needs to get some action. His brains are stuck in his balls or something.

Elle: I think every single guy secretly dreams of being in a committed relationship. Or maybe not. Maybe some guys truly prefer being single.
Viv: I was going to make a raunchy comment, but thought better of it.

Elle: Wow. You restrained yourself? WHY?

Viv: I don't want to traumatize anyone. You? I can traumatize you anytime I want.

Elle: Yep. I look forward to it. So, question: Does Gabe like being a bachelor or not?

Viv: Gabe is the type who wants someone in his life, but he's too busy being in everyone else's life to realize it.

Elle: That was SUCH a good way to put it. It's so true!

Viv: I think there are more Gabes out there in the world than we realize.

Elle: I hope so. I want a Gabe.

Viv: :D And then I call bullshit. YOU go for the bad boys. Admit it.

Elle: Way to out me!

Viv: You’re all about bad boys like Seth.

Elle: I am. I want a Seth. But I want the bad boy with the heart of gold. I don't know if they actually exist.

Viv: They must! Careful now, it's like believing in pixies...don't doubt, or a sexy bad boy vanishes!
Elle: Every time a bell rings, a bad boy loses his bad.

Viv: Heheh. Every time you doubt, a bad boy gets a mullet.

Elle: LMAO

Viv: :D

Elle: Seth can be a real a-hole, though. But he really does have that good heart, if you just give him a chance.

Viv: It takes the right woman to bring out the gold to a high polish.

Elle: Well, in Getting Hotter, Miranda is definitely the right woman :)

Viv: Miranda is perfect for Seth, once they both figure it out. And that's the great part about GH, the HEA is coming for both of them, the bad boy and the…how do we describe Miranda? 

Elle: Hmmm. She's not quite the good girl. More like the realist.

Viv: The woman who deserves him? Is that like clapping for fairies? There's no bad boy like Seth… There's no bad boy like Seth…
Sorry, tangent

Elle: And no good guy like Gabe. Wow. Just realized—our heroes are the complete opposite, huh?

Viv: Hey, you're right. How did that happen? And yet, they are both drool worthy... *high fives*

Elle: Double high fives!

Getting Hotter
“They’re late,” Dylan remarked, glancing up and down the deserted stretch of sand.
Seth shrugged. “McCoy probably couldn’t bear to drag himself out of Jen’s bed. Dude’s whipped, that’s for sure.”
“Yeah, but he’s whipped by the sexiest woman on the planet. That’s not really much of a hardship.”
He couldn’t deny that Jen Scott, Cash’s girlfriend, was stunning, but Seth wasn’t into those perfect California-girl good looks. He was drawn to women with interesting faces rather than classically beautiful ones. Like Miranda, with her big hazel eyes, tilted at the corners to give her an exotic feel. The slightly crooked mouth, a tad too generous for her angular jaw. The unusual combination of olive skin and a sprinkle of freckles. To him, Miranda was more appealing than any cover model.
“Whipped is whipped,” he answered with a shrug.
Dylan grinned. “Cut McCoy a break. And you know what? I’m happy for him. He’s in luuuuuurve.”
“Poor bastard.”
“You know, one of these days you’ll fall just as hard, and I’ll be right there, laughing and pointing...”


Rocky Mountain Angel
Jesse threw back his head and howled. A series of yips answered back from the not-so-distant trees, and the crowd laughed.
Another joy of the country. You didn’t take yourself too seriously.
“Was that a commentary on me?” Steve taunted. “Because you notice the coyotes didn’t start in until you piped up.”
Jesse waved a hand, not letting go of the young lady he had under his arm. “I’m not the singer of the group, just thought we needed to speed things up a little. You were going to put me to sleep with your lullabies.”
“You don’t mind a reason to hit the sack, now do you?” Travis poked his brother.
Jesse shook his head, lifting the woman at his side and depositing her in his lap. “You know I don’t.”
His date giggled. She didn’t seem to mind that he had his hands on her right out in public.


COOL CANUCKS, HOT CONTEMPORARIES is brought to you by two writers who are good friends in spite of their extreme opposite lives: big city/small town, west coast/ east coast, married/single.
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GETTING HOTTER, book #8 in the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy is available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain Publishing
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Vivian Arend's ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL (Six Pack Ranch #4) is available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain Publishing


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Book 4 in the Six Pack Ranch series

Allison Parker needs a convincing excuse to come home to Rocky Mountain House. A hopelessly romantic reason that won’t let her mother suspect the truth—that Allison has discovered Mom is keeping a terrible secret from the family.

Gabe Coleman is struggling with two of the roughest parts of ranching: dealing with his bull-headed mule of a father, and making enough to pay the bills. When his old friend Allison offers to help him develop his ideas for organic ranching—in trade for pretending to be her fianc√©—it sounds like the perfect set-up.

Yet the deception leads them in an unexpected direction, where their shared daily hells are erased by nights of heavenly distraction. It’s not supposed to be real, but once the gates are opened, there’s no denying they’ve found in each other a little bit of Paradise.

To break free of the past and face the future, though, will take more than temporary pleasures. It’ll take putting their hearts on the line.

Product Warnings
Tortured hero with a guardian-angel complex, grief-stricken heroine willing to sacrifice everything for family. Break out the tissues, this trip to the ranch is a heartbreaker on the way to the HEA.

Book 8 in the Out of Uniform series

A good bad boy is hard to find.

Seth Masterson has been lusting over Miranda Breslin since the moment he saw her on a Vegas stage. Now that he’s been asked to watch out for her as she opens a dance studio in San Diego, he’s all over it, figuring it’s his chance to get her in his bed. Except the stubborn single mom seems determined to deny their crazy-sizzling sexual chemistry. In typical SEAL fashion, Seth makes it his personal mission to prove her wrong.

Miranda got over her attraction to bad boys about the time one of them knocked her up at the age of eighteen. Seth’s mocking gray eyes and military-buff bod, though, are pure and utter temptation. And when a flooded apartment forces her and her twins to move in with him, she can no longer resist the urge to set off some serious fireworks between the sheets.

But give him her heart? No, thank you. Any involvement with Seth will be strictly physical—and temporary. So when Seth decides permanent is what he wants, Miranda must steel her defenses before she does something incredibly foolish…like fall in love.

Product Warnings
This book contains a bad boy SEAL who knows what he wants and will go to any lengths to get it. Expect some graphic language, hot sex, seduction, hot sex, dirty talk, hot sex, a little man-on-man action, hot sex. Oh, and hot sex.


  1. Channing Tatum, most definitely!

  2. Joe Manganiello though I'm not sure he is single but I hope so! ;)

    claudigc at msn dot com

  3. Channing Tatum. So sexy. :)


  4. Jeremy Renner :) Thanks for the awesome post and giveaway!


  5. Congrats ladies on the new releases.
    Chris Hemsworth, but he's not single I don't think. Thanks for the great post and giveaway.


  6. I'm gonna go with the ultimate bachelor...George Clooney. He'll still be sexy, and probably single, when he's 80 ;)

  7. I don't watch a lot of movies.But I agree with Cheryl's choice-George Clooney.

  8. Not a movie goer per se, so I'm not up on the latest hot guys (being lesbian could be a reason for that)LOL. I do think that every Bond acter to date has been extremely good looking though.


  9. Daniel Sunjata. You probably wont recognize the name, but trust me, google him. He's smokin'.

  10. I'd go with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) but he's married so I'll go with his little brother Liam. He's not married yet. Thank you.

  11. I'm going with Ryan Gosling. I'm really excited about "Gangster Squad."
    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  12. Oh... I so love the bad boys! When they fall...they fall hard! ...hmmhmmm...literally

  13. Robert Pattison from Twilight. I think he is so hot.

  14. I can never tell when George Clooney is single or not!

  15. Hmm... not much of a movie person! Isn't Johnny Depp single again??

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  16. People magazine says Channing Tatum, and I'm tempted to agree... but I think I'll show support for my fellow Ontarian and go with Ryan Gosling. He may not have typical good looks, but he's got crazy talent & loads of sex appeal. Plus, he's Canadian :)

  17. I think Alexander Skarsgard is hot...and I hear he is up to play Tarzan in a movie.

    nancyg5997 at gmail dot com

  18. I'll have to go with Ryan Gosling or Paul walker....although not sure if they're single or not...George Clooney comes to mind as well, but his age kills it for me. beyond my generation...

  19. I'll have to go with Ryan Gosling or Paul walker....although not sure if they're single or not...George Clooney comes to mind as well, but his age kills it for me. beyond my generation...

  20. Hmm. None of the movie actors that first come to mind when I think HOT are actually bachelors. Is Robert Downey Jr. single now?? :-)

    PolarisGreen at gmail dot com

  21. Hot bachelors: joe manganiello, alexander skatsgaard, taylor lautner, robert pattinson, ryan gosling, and henry cavil. Joe & alex are my favs.
    Love elle's books-love her sexy seals and viv is a new author.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Christinebails at yahoo dot com

  22. I'll take George Clooney thank you. He has aged VERY well.


  23. Um after googling a few I'll go with henry cavil :D

  24. After googling a heap of these i'll go with henry cavil

  25. Hard choice for me but I'd pick either Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth.

  26. Channing Tatum, most definitely!

  27. I have no idea so I will pick George Clooney.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  28. I loved your interview and excerpts. I have to go with George Clooney.

    kscathy AT yahoo DOT com

  29. That is a hard question!! I would say Channing Tatum right now. If Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Craig were single they would be on the list too.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  30. Got a serious Alex Pettyfer fixation these days, and Nicholas Hoult grew up very nicely, too!