Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Lord of Temptation by Lorraine Heath

Lord of TemptationLord of Temptation 
Book 2 in the Lost Lords of Pembrook series
Author:  Lorraine Heath
Publisher:  Avon
Release date:  9/25/12
Author's website:   Link
Once upon a time, he was Lord Tristan Easton—now he is Crimson Jack, a notorious privateer beholden to none, whose only mistress is the sea. But all that will change when exquisite Lady Anne Hayworth hires his protection on a trip into danger and seduction. . .

Desperation brought Anne to the bronzed, blue-eyed buccaneer. But after the Captain demands a kiss as his payment, desire will keep her at his side. She has never known temptation like this—but to protect her heart, she knows she must leave him behind. Yet Tristan cannot easily forget the beauty—and when they meet again in a London ballroom, he vows he won't lose her a second time, as fiery passion reignited takes them into uncharted waters that could lead the second lost lord home. . .
In the 2nd book of the series,  we get to learn more about the middle Easton brother and his past.  After fleeing home that fateful night, Tristan Easton has spent most of his life at sea and has built quite a reputation as a sea captain. When Anne Hayworth comes to him for help, he's intrigued by her fiery personality and can't seem to get her out of his mind.  He agrees to take her where she needs to go and during their voyage they fall for each other.  Tristan is so unlike the men that she is used to be being around.  He brings excitement into her life and there's a tender side to him as well that is revealed.  When returning back home and their life in London, they can't seem to stay away from each other which soon becomes a problem.  Tristan and his brothers aren't welcome in society and are the talk around town.  But Tristan refuses to let that keep him away from the woman that he is falling in love with. 

What I like most about this series is that the Easton brothers are still trying to get to know one another.  They were so very young when they had to separate and each one of their lives went in a direction that they did not anticipate.  They are not what they used to be and it's going to take some time for them to become brothers again.  I find this to be very realistic and am enjoying the brothers getting familiarized with each other. 

I'm giving Lord of Temptation a rating of: 

I am enjoying this series as the brothers are finding their place at home and amongst each other.  I can only begin to imagine how hard it is for the three of them to try to have some closure with all that has happened to them.  Time heals all wounds and I'm happy that they are able to find women that love them for who they are to help with the healing.  I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series that feature the most mysterious of the three brothers who also happens to be the youngest.  Hopefully he will find someone that will allow him to have peace and chase the demons from the past away.  The author Lorraine Heath has done a great job at providing that for the older two brother and I'm quite sure the same will happen in the next book. 

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  1. I'm undecided about this series..I do love books about lost heirs though.