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Guest Post: Steve Theunissen/Through Angel's Eyes Blog Tour


I'm happy to welcome author Steve Theunissen to the blog today!  Since I'm such a huge movie lover,  Steve is doing his guest post about who would play his characters if his book was being made into a movie.  I'm going to include links to the IMDb page for each actor.  Just click on the actors name. 

If Through Angel’s Eyes were to become a movie here’s who I would choose to play the main characters: 

Angel Dunbar - PaigeHurd

Angel Dunbar is a 13 year old Black girl from Harpersville, a small town 13 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama. She is an inquisitive, precocious child who, once she has her mind made up, will move heaven and earth to make things happen. She is also sensitive and questioning. A good student who listens and obeys her teacher, she strives to do her best at school and has a higher than average level of intelligence. She loves writing but isn’t too keen on reading, mocking her brother for always poring over books about Gandhi.

Miss Hattie - Oprah Winfrey

Miss Hattie is a spinster in her 60s who lives around the corner from the Dunbars. She has known Angel all her life and the two have a close, easy relationship the likes of which Angel has never been able to develop with her parents. Miss Hattie is a sounding board and a source of advice and deciphering of the world for Angel. She is a natural teacher and often takes the opportunity to spin complex analogies in order to make her point.

Ronny Jackson - Michael B. Jordan

Ronny Jackson is a bold independent thinking 15 year old who speaks his mind and loves being the center of attention. He is a natural leader among his peer group. Part of his appeal is his knowing exactly what he wants and his willingness to reach out and take it. Ronny is quick to question authority and is used to speaking his mind. He has a quick mind but his weakness is his desire for approval. This makes him susceptible to peer pressure.

Jimmy Dunbar - Mehcad Brooks

Jimmy Dunbar is Angel’s 17 year old brother. He is a determined, intelligent young man who is dedicated to fighting in the struggle for freedom. Jimmy is a moralistic dreamer who models himself on Gandhi and King. He is bold and brave, prepared to face up to white supremacy,  doing so with respectful non-submission. Jimmy is protective over his little sister. He teaches and guides her but shows impatience when she refuses to listen to his advice.
Title: Through Angel's Eyes 
Author: Steve Theunissen 
Genre: Young Adult/Historical Fiction 
Publisher:  Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co
Number of Pages: E Book, Aprx. 192 
'Through Angel's Eyes' is the first person account of a 13 year old Black girl as she experiences the pivotal events of the 1963 civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama. The book is a Young Adult historical fiction that infuses the timeless wisdom of Martin Luther King into an intriguing narrative that takes readers on a roller coaster of emotion while they learn about a time when a group of courageous young people quietly said 'Enough!" and stood up for what they believed in.

Buy Links: Amazon | BarnesAndNoble.com

Author Bio:
As a middle school teacher, I have had the pleasure of sharing the love of literacy with hundreds of 11 to 13 year olds, many of whom had never read a book in their lives. I have derived much pleasure from seeing the awakening of the reading and writing bug in these kids and it's flow on effects into the areas of self esteem and positive attitude. Over that period, I have written a young adult novel which, I believe, presents a powerful role model for today's youth - one who isn't a wizard, a vampire - no not even a kid killer. She's a 13 year old Afro-American and 50 years ago she took on the might of a system that told her she wasn't good enough. She tells her story in my novel Through Angels Eyes.

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