Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy

12368900Midnight Rescue
Book 1 in the Killer Instincts series
Author: Elle Kennedy
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release date: 5/1/12
Author's website: Link
Dangerous. Ruthless. Savage. And she's the good guy.

Abby Sinclair had a desperate childhood until she was rescued and adopted by a retired army ranger who molded her into a master of self-defense. Now, she's a cunning and fearless assassin thrust into assignment after dangerous assignment, using everything she has-nerve, resilience, strength, sex-to come out on top. Her only rule: trust no one.

Abby's latest assignment is in Columbia: go undercover and snuff out a dangerous arms dealer active in the underground sex trade. But when Abby purposely blows her cover in a last-ditch attempt to free the helpless victims, deadly mercenary Kane Woodland is recruited as back-up. His mission: get Abby out of that hell hole.

The last thing Kane expects is to feel a primal attraction for Abby. But when she convinces him to join her on her perilous mission, their newfound passion could put the lives of their whole team at risk.
Abby Sinclair has a past that she wishes that she could forget. She may not have been strong enough to protect herself at that time, but she certainly took care of that problem. By training with one of the best, she was able to transform herself into a woman that can handle complex situations that may come her way.  She's an assassin now and in Midnight Rescue the reader gets to see her at work. She lands in a bit of trouble with her current assignment and needs to be rescued. This is when it gets good as the reader is introduced to a group of exciting new characters.  A team consisting of ex Navy SEAL's, black op agents, and men from other government agencies put together a plan of action to rescue Abby.  Kane Woodland is one of the men that rescues Abby and after getting her to a secure location, he learns of her true intentions.  While working undercover she discovers that something much more sinister is going on during her assignment and wants to put a stop to it.  He agrees to help her once she is done healing from her injuries and it's at this time that they get to know each other better.

There aren't a whole lot of people that know about Abby's past but she lets Kane in and shares it with him.  During this time she not only heals from her external injuries but from the internal ones as well.  She feels something with Kane that she's never felt with anyone else and begins to feel a sense of relief when she realizes that she can have love in her life and that it's a good thing for her.  She's always guarded her emotions and as far as sex was concerned, it was only used on the job to get what she wanted.  Kane realizes this about her and takes the role of teacher to show her that pleasure can be a good thing. They take it nice and slow and there are lots of steamy scenes as Abby gives into the passion that she's never experienced.  I loved that Kane was gentle and patient with her.  It was all about Abby and her allowing herself to give in to passion and enjoying it. 

I'm giving Midnight Rescue a rating of: 

This series is going to be an exciting and interesting one because of the complex characters.  They are more than people that have certain talents, they have feelings and care about others.  They know when something is wrong and want to make it right.  They want to make a difference and set out to do that.  Elle Kennedy does an excellent job with these characters and makes the reader look forward to learning more about each one of them.  I enjoyed her writing style as the storyline flowed from scene to scene.  She left me wanting for more when I reached the end of the book and the it also stayed on my mind for the next couple of days after reading it.  Those are the type of stories that I enjoy the most and I'm looking forward to seeing what the characters will tackle in the next book in the series.

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